An open letter to Rahul Gandhi from an Editor

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K.B. Ganapathy, the editor-in-chief of India’s leading English daily evening newspaper, Star of Mysore, pens an open letter to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.


Dear Sri Rahul Gandhi

Let me come to the point, for you are a busy man. And it is the busy man who has time to spare. Please spare a few minutes to peruse what I have written here concerning Karnataka, my State and its Chief Minister of a little over 100 days old, Sri Siddaramaiah.

I know him from the day he was a lawyer, law teacher and then an angry young politician inspired by Jayaprakash Narayan and the socialist leaders of Nehru-Gandhi years. Hailing from a backward village of an industrially backward district Mysore, he had the dream of ameliorating the living conditions of the oppressed and the have nots.

Since you will have a dossier on Siddaramaiah, I will not dilate.

However, what prompted me, rather provoked me to write this letter of appeal to you is the news that broke out last evening on TV channels and that appeared in cold print this morning saying that about 20 Congress MLAs have sent a complaint against Siddaramaiah to the Congress high command.

As if to prove the blind belief of many earlier Chief Ministers of Karnataka that whoever visited Chamarajanagar — whose inhabitants are mostly Dalits and Scheduled Tribes — would lose power, these 20 MLAs must have submitted their complaint.

It may be their belief that the bold decision of Siddaramaiah to visit the “cursed” district could be an auspicious moment for them to conspire to bring down Siddaramaiah and then allow the TV and the Press to go to town saying, “didn’t we say he would lose power after visiting Chamarajanagar?”

Dear Sri Rahul, I want you to congratulate Siddaramaiah for his deliberate, daring visit to Chamarajanagar despite advice to the contrary. In doing so, he has led the motley crowd of people steeped in superstition from the front urging them to give up such blind belief. Siddaramaiah, thus, has set a personal example, unlike other Chief Ministers. Now, it should not be shown as if he made a mistake by going to Chamarajanagar.

I will only say this. If you listen to these disgruntled MLAs and sack Siddaramaiah, it will tantamount to yourself subscribing to the superstition and thereby perpetuating the same in this century of reason and scientific temperament.

And in any case, the people of Karnataka know what could be the nature of their complaint. The MLAs generally want their favourite (read corrupt) officers to be posted in most ‘revenue” generating departments like police, revenue, PWD and zilla panchayat. The deputy commissioners (DCs) are tough nuts, being IAS.

So these MLAs want the Chief Minister to give them their favourite police inspectors, tahasildars, executive engineers and CEOs of ZPs.

Totally self-centric, not Karnataka-centric in their conduct as MLAs.

In the past, the Chief Minister, in order to remain in his seat, used to oblige these MLAs. But, have we seen corresponding increased development in the constituencies of these MLAs? No. Reason: Self-aggrandisement.

However, there is another complaint tagged on to the first one, “that Siddaramaiah is ignoring the MLAs’ requests and he is surrounded by his old friends and old gang etc.” This one is to provide a moral facade to an untenable complaint. They alleged that Siddaramaiah goes by their advice.

So what?

Ramakrishna Hegde had his “Brains Trust.” Every Chief Minister will have to consult, apart from the Cabinet colleagues, somebody in whose wisdom, expertise and experience he has trust.

According to reports, Siddaramaiah has five such advisors. I understand they are not only committed and loyal to Siddaramaiah but also to his party, Congress. They are: 1. Kempaiah, IPS, retired. 2. Ravi Bosraj. 3. Chenna Reddy. 4. Konanakunte Laxman. 5. MLA Bhyrati Suresh of Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore.

If it is true, it will be perceived by the people, not by politicians and bureaucrats, that these five will be like ‘Pancha Ratnas’ similar to the ‘Navaratnas’ in the courts of Ashoka and Akbar. Like your mother listened to her inner voice about 10 years back, you had better listen to the voice of the people of Karnataka.

More importantly, development of the State is possible only if the Chief Minister is allowed to complete his term, unless he is incompetent or corrupt. For now, Siddharamaiah is competent, what with many years of experience in the earlier governments of JD(S) and he is our Mr. Clean.

For Kannadigas, development is more important than 2014 Parliamentary election.

Yours faithfully,

K.B. Ganapathy

File photograph: Karnataka governor H.R. Bharadwaj administrating the oath of office to Siddaramaiah during the swearing-in ceremony at the Sree Kanteerava stadium in Bangalore on Monday (Karnataka Photo News)

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14 Responses to “An open letter to Rahul Gandhi from an Editor”

  1. Hanumae Gowda Says:

    It is indeed true that the ‘socialist’ CM’s coterie consists of none other than retired, controversial and highly corrupt IPS officer Kempaiah, K R Puram MLA Byrathi Basavaraj, and few others who are now running the government like their fiefdom.

    Regretfully, it is considered normal and an accepted fact that a lot of money has exchanged hands during the recent transfer of government employees.

    Kempaiah was part of the team that nabbed Rajiv Gandhi’s killers (Sivarasan killed himself before he could be captured), based on definite and pinpoint information provided by RAW. It helped him get promoted internally and was the ticket to massive wealth! Many years ago, Kempaiah’s house was raided by Lok Ayukta sleuths who reportedly unearthed unaccounted-for wealth which included dozens of gold bars! Today as one of the key members of the coterie around Siddu, the ex-cop who was charged with misconduct while in service, literally calls the shots in all transfers, not just among the cops.

    Byrathi Basavaraj is the undisputed real-estate tycoon and land-mafia fixer of Bangalore East! The spectacular land boom and mushrooming of IT parks, Apartments, Gated Villas..etc in the area, helped Basavaraj become the don. It is rumored that he is the benami for a lot of Rakesh Siddaramaiah’s recent ill-gotten wealth spread between Mysore and Bangalore.

    The editor of ‘Star of Mysore’ which now gets major advertisements from the state Govt, and considered to be unofficially sponsored by the CM, perhaps forgot to mention Siddu’s key aides, Viz., former Union Minister C M Ibrahim, H. C. Mahadevappa and R. Roshan Baig. In the corridors of Vidhana Soudha, no deal or license or transfer file gets approved by the CM or key ministries, without these politicians and advisors involved!

    Like all past CM’s who have done yeoman service for the welfare of the people, the other shady figures in this ‘socialist’ CM’s coterie like Ravi Bosraj, Chenna Reddy, Konanakunte Laxman and M Venkatesh..etc..along with a handful of select officials, personal assistants, special officers..etc, are part of a slimy, stealth inner-circle that ensures another corrupt CM makes massive money for himself and his cronies only!

    Perhaps a look back at some revealing details in an earlier, interesting article will enlighten more about the reasons for a brewing revolt to share the spoils!

  2. Reddy Says:

    Siddu is safe in his throne as long as he continues the monthly pilgrimage and roll-call to the madam. Some party leaders suspect the CM’s bravado and dictatorial style to be the result of the monthly dakshina to #10 Janpath in Delhi, facilitated by the royal butler called Digvijaya Singh and ever present Gandhi family hundi called Ahmed Patel! What’s more, whenever the Prince summons Siddu, he rushes to Delhi at Jupiters ‘escape velocity’ and fills the family coffers!

    The so-called MLAs revolt is nothing but another attempt to unseat him by the group led by D.K. Shivakumar and G. Parameshwara. The anti-Siddu group are disgrunted and restless with the former colleague Deve Gowda and recent entrant to the Congress. G. Parameshwara (who incidentally has ‘officially’ released a statement that all Cong-I MLA are happy and united, as if the people are blind fools) wants the real, original congressmen to control the loot from all ATM ministries like public works department, excise, commercial taxes, police and revenue.

    To make matters worse for the MLAs, well known corrupt leaders who followed Siddaramaiah to the Congress, including C.M. Ibrahim and Dr H.C. Mahadevappa (belonging to erstwhile Janata Dal), are calling the shots in the government.

  3. nilesh Says:

    Chamcha Editor?

    Karnataka Centric!

    Clean and competent!!

    Competence: first stopped video gambling games for 15 days then reopened, will the Editor do some snooping to bring out a good story.

  4. The Ringer Says:

    Nothing new about corrupt CMs, corrupt ministers and corrupt politicians, as we are talking about Mysore , in India. India is the citadel of corruption in politics, in education, and in every area one cares to name it.

    Fantastic achievement indeed when the world sees India today as the citadel of corruption of every kind!! Well done, India, in your 66th year as an independent nation for breeding these wonderful leaders! Every person from Gandhi downwards who fought for independence, many of them happily went to jails, some even sacrificed their lives to free their country, will be proud to see this achievement of their younger generation of leaders in 2013!!

  5. Socialist Says:

    Go Siddu Go! Socialism, Rationalism to the Fore!

    From the hills of Malnad to the mines of Raichur, let your call of social justice be heard!

    To the bonded laborers in feudal Belgaum and the kaadu kurubas in Nagarahole let your Anna Bhagya feed!

    To the Devadasis of Bagalkote and the manual scavengers in Kolar let your policies liberate!

    From the shores of Mangalore to the Churches of Bidar, Let communal harmony and secularism rule!

    Empower the Dalits, Liberate the women and protect the weak and decimate the superstition.

  6. The Three Just Men Says:

    “According to reports, Siddaramaiah has five such advisors. I understand they are not only committed and loyal to Siddaramaiah but also to his party, Congress. They are: 1. Kempaiah, IPS, retired. 2. Ravi Bosraj. 3. Chenna Reddy. 4. Konanakunte Laxman. 5. MLA Bhyrati Suresh of Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore.

    If it is true, it will be perceived by the people, not by politicians and bureaucrats, that these five will be like ‘Pancha Ratnas’ similar to the ‘Navaratnas’ in the courts of Ashoka and Akbar”

    Can’t get any better for Siddaramaiah, when he is compared to Ashoka and Akbar! Rahulji, you better listen to this!

    We can visualise the durbar of Siddaramaiah, seated in his golden throne, and listening to the above song rendered by K B Ganapathy in the raag Malkauns!!

  7. Seema Says:

    To current rate to get a transfer to a plum post in any of the ‘ATM’ dept, the so-called ratna’s like Public Works Department, Revenue, Excise, Police, Housing & Transport..etc is now One to Three Crores!

    All that the greedy-corrupt official has to do is approach one of the following: H. C. Mahadevappa, C M Ibrahim, Kempaiah, Byrathi Basavaraj, Ravi Bosraj, Chenna Reddy, Konanakunte Laxman or Roshan Baig. The ‘Socialist and Mr. Clean’ leader of the backward classes and poor, retains a massive cut of 50%, 25% goes to the madam controlled Cong-I’s so-called election fund while the remaining bounty is shared appropriately by the privileged fixers.

    And all this is only with regard to transfers, which is just a tip of the corruption ice-berg in Karnataka!

  8. s k muthanna Says:

    Siddu, now or never! You have taken the cudgels and stop not till u eradicate the blind superstition. 20 MLAs or 40 u have the courage of conviction and the strength of character to march forward and hammer the lousy MLAs who are up against u !!!

  9. babuds Says:

    If the editor is true about what he said, then Sidhu will be replaced soon, not because he visited CR Pet, but for not letting his MLAs eat. People and their reps want a CM who is either corrupt if not, at least blind to corruption. On the other hand, if what HG, (@First comment) says is true then Sidhu will rule for the next 10 years.

  10. Mysore Bennae Says:

    A man rooted in ‘Janata Pariwar’ for two-and-half-decades and known for strident anti-Congress stance from the early 1980s to 2005, until his ouster from JDS of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, never hid his ambition of becoming chief minister and had repeatedly stressed on it apologetically and unhesitatingly. Today he appears to in great hurry to mop-up the maximum moolah while the sun shines, at least, until the next Govt in center.

    It is shocking to see people facing charges of looting precious, natural mineral resources like iron ore, granite and illegal stone quarrying..etc, against whom Mr. Siddaramaiah had threatened action when he was in the Opposition, are now part of the ruling clan!

    The former Justice Santosh K Hegde’s report on illegal mining, suggested the Govt to initiate internal inquiry and take strict action/prosecution against 72 corrupt officers from the ranks of the IAS and IPS apart from ministers and politicians from all parties. On July 12, the CM announced that there are 130 major cases pending for sanction. After obtaining a report from DPAR, the ‘announcement CM’ said that the ‘clean’ Cong-I government will give the nod to prosecute them all asap. Sadly, there has been no major action until today. Only the Reddy bro’s got into trouble because of their BJP connections.

    The mines and geology department even named six of its former directors and joint directors — ME Shivalingamurthy, Gangaram Baderia and KS Prabhakar (all three IAS officers), Basappa Reddy, DR Veeranna and HM Qayum Ali. Instead of speeding-up the process against the accused, all the officials have conveniently paid massive bribes to the CMs coterie and enjoying their loot. While most have retired and invested heavily into real estate, a few got promoted and are in power, in fact, the present director of ports Capt R Mohan was one of the accused!

    Regarding the corrupt politicians, despite allegations and clear documentary proof furnished by Santosh K Hegde’s investigators and crusaders like social activist S R Hiremath, Siddu personally defended key aide and Minister Santosh Lad on 12th Oct. The CM said that there was no need for fresh investigation by any agency into V.S. Lad & Sons, of which Minister Santosh Lad is a key partner. While Lad is holding the ‘Infrastructure Development’ dept, Satish Jarkiholi who himself is into a major liquor business was personally selected as the ‘Excise’ minister by the CM! Another key culprit, former BJP minister and Hospet MLA Anand Singh, successfully escaped abroad recently, apparently by greasing the inner circle!

    Well, with the major elections ahead, party and Madam’s coffers need to be filled-up ruthlessly. Keeping this in mind, the ‘announcement CM’ has already indicated a new round of re-tendering process for ‘C’ category mines whose licenses were withdrawn earlier.

    The CM also ‘announced’ a Rs 908-crore package for the capital with absolutely no details of where the money will come from or deadlines! “Most of the main roads in the city are in the worst possible condition. I am told the authorities were actually busy in asphalting interior roads & by lanes all these years! Now, the time has come for us to focus on main roads,’’ the chief minister said. Fact is the deadly craters in interior roads and by-lanes of Bangalore have absolutely no asphalt anymore! CMs, Governments and BBMP budgets of the past too have had such massive multi-crore packages ‘announced’ for Bangalore, especially with elections round the corner, only to see the politicians and Babu’s looting the state exchequer dry!

    Incidentally, AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently described the dalits as “reed ki haddi” (spine of the Congress) and said they required the ‘escape velocity of Jupiter’ to achieve success. But the Jupiters among the dalits in Karnataka have never been allowed to rise because political mobilization of dalits, especially by the Cong-I, has always been by holding an elusive carrot! Capitalizing on Rahul’s speech, the smart CM has now planned another massive multi-crore ‘announcement’ for the dalits, just before the next crucial elections!

  11. A JOURNALIST Says:

    Perhaps, this K B Ganapathy is hoping that Siddaramaiah will make him chairman of some corporation or more advertisements for his unreadable newspapers.

    He should quit journalism and join Siddaramaiah’s coterie as 6th man. He can prosper more there.

    Siddaramaiah is honest. My foot.

  12. Arif Says:

    The ‘Socialist’ CM who often speaks about Basavanna and Ambedkar..etc, always tries hard to give a ‘Mr. Clean’ image to himself while his now famous inner-circle and coterie, is happily looting the state through stealth licenses, massive contracts, paid-transfers..etc.

    It is well-known that Rakesh Siddaramaiah, the eldest son, is the key fixer and prefers to be in the background. He was specifically told by the CM to orchestrate all the corruption behind-the-scenes after public outcry in Mysore over the suspension of Inspector G N Mohan, based on direct orders from the CM’s office. The Inspector had booked prime-accused Rakesh and 10 others under various sections of the IPL for brutally attacking the KJP candidate Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy, who had contested from the Varuna constituency.

    Politicians of all parties, always use their children with help from an experience coterie, for nefarious activities. It is more noticeable in the Cong-I perhaps because of the dynasty culture. All the corruption and deal-fixing is considered to be part of the much-need grooming in order to finally become a minister or CM…etc.

    While the case of Jagan is famous in neighboring Andhra, here is another stealth example:

  13. Shiva Kumar N D Says:

    Depressing to read this from an editor. Sample these:

    * K B Ganapathy: He had the dream of ameliorating the living conditions of the oppressed and the have nots.
    He has held power in the past, as minister and deputy chief minister. Please mention a few path-breaking initiatives he has taken to help the poor?

    * K B Ganapathy: Bold decision of Siddaramaiah to visit the `cursed’ district
    It is the duty of the lawmakers to break superstition and promote scientific temper. The Constitution mandates it. And by the way, he is not the first CM to visit Chamarajnagar. H D Kumaraswamy had visited Chamarajnagar when he was the CM.

    * K B Ganapathy: 1.Kempaiah, IPS, retired. 2. Ravi Bosraj. 3. Chenna Reddy. 4.Konanakunte Laxman. 5. MLA Bhyrati Suresh of Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore, are like ‘Pancha Ratnas’ similar to the ‘Navaratnas’ in the courts of Ashoka and Akbar.

    Those who know the background of these people wouldn’t even dream to equate them to `Pancharatnas.’

    * K B Ganapathy: He (Siddaramaiah) is our Mr. Clean.
    Even Mr Siddaramaiah himself does not agree that he is Mr. Clean. He has said several times that he gets funding from people during elections. He has said that he is not 100% honest.

    Mr Ganapathy is a journalist, that too an editor. If he believes what he has written is true, he can’t be more naïve. If he has written this to please his friend (CM), then he has kept aside the basics of journalism. Sad.

  14. Gowda Says:

    Having completed six months, the CM is now very ambitious, indeed.

    He has just ‘announced’ that potable water will be supplied for every house at a cost of, hold your breadth: Rs. 25,868 crore in the next eight years! Now his thirsty ‘inner circle’ will be busy, working hard for the next few years.

    In Bangalore, Mysore and many cities, huge high-rises continue spurting; the deep borewells are drying due to indiscriminate drilling for illegal tankers and every other apartment complex shells out at least Rs 8 lakh per month to pvt. water tanker suppliers for unhygienic water!

    Apart from the CM, Congress-I MLAs and Ministers are also busy making false promises on mitigating the water crisis and the water mafia which is conveniently exploiting the situation by squeezing the residents to pay through their nose; that too without guarantee on the quality and quantity of water.

    After ‘helping’ helpless residents for decades some of the water tanker cartel members like M Muniraju of MMR Water Supply from Vignananagar and T Babu of Megha Sagar Water Supply from Domlur are now planning to contest the next elections with their own black money. Their argument: 90% of the water tanker’s are owned by the ruling party MLA’s, so we too want to become elected representatives and prosper more!

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