Is ‘Modi Media’ partisan against Rahul Gandhi?

In a cash-strapped election season which has seen “corporate interest and media ownership” converge, it is arguable if Narendra Modi is getting a free run. Every whisper of the Gujarat chief minister and BJP “prime ministerial aspirant” is turned into a mighty roar, sans scrutiny, as the idiot box ends up being a soapbox of shrill rhetoric.

In marked contrast, there is only grudging media adulation for the Congress’s Rahul Gandhi even on the odd occasion he does something right, like two Fridays ago, when he barged into a Press Club of India event to stymie an ordinance passed by the Congress-led UPA government, intended at shielding criminal Members of Parliament.

What’s up, asks Malvika Singh in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

“The press and the Opposition leaders began to pontificate on the language used by Rahul Gandhi. They spent hours damning the use of the word ‘nonsense’, which only meant that something makes no sense.

“They were clutching on to whatever they could find to ensure they gave no credit for Rahul Gandhi. The bias was crystal clear and gave the game away.

“Why is the press distorting the simple truth? Is it because the press would have to doff its hat to Rahul Gandhi, about whom it has been rude and sarcastic? Why is the press being partisan? Why the double standards?”

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Photograph: courtesy Press Brief

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12 Responses to “Is ‘Modi Media’ partisan against Rahul Gandhi?”

  1. Saif Says:

    If wishes were horses, then…

    Likewise if foreign based Modi trollers and Media could deliver votes, then…

    Go back to the recent by-election results in Karnataka as well as the successive wins of Congress over the past 3-4 years like in Assam, Uttarakhand, HP, Karnataka etc to better understand what I mean.

  2. Prof Upadhyaya Says:

    First of all, it is important to note that Malvika Singh belongs to a special circle of journalists who have extreme hatred of anything Modi!

    Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s so-called great act, viz., public humiliation of PM, at the Press Club of India: it is now well-known that it was all carefully stage-managed in advance, by Digvijay & team. Rahul was totally silent and suddenly woke-up, only after President Pranab Mukherjee refused to approve the ordinance! Possibly the President didn’t want to face the indignity, which former President APJ Abdul Kalam had to face in January 2006 when the Supreme Court indicted the government and termed the notification that Kalam signed to dissolve Bihar assembly as malafide and a subversion of the constitution.

  3. Gaby Says:

    What the media and the Clown Prince want is reminiscent of the Kiplingesque dictum: power without responsibility, the privilege of the harlot throughout the ages. What prevented his acting when it was being moved in Cabinet- even if he isn’t a member of the Cabinet, tough to say he didn’t know unless he as blind or a fool or both.

  4. Vandana R Says:

    OMG…Modi media or Rahul media?

    Well, Modi is at least a humble, from rags to chai stall to a CM and a good administrator, always open to journo’s and press conferences. On the other hand, a old yet juvenile, golden spoon Prince Rahul is always secretive with no one having any idea of his views on key national issues….

    While a catastrophic storm and awesome floods is now a certainly, TV channels are all about Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Gandhi, Namo, Raja Bhaiya..etc! In fact, Diggy Raja is now live on TV praising Rahul as the ultimate PM candidate!

    Meanwhile, the doomed UPA Govt has a major meeting…err…on Telangana and aid for Phailin!

    Obviously, the next major cabinet meeting will be on post-cyclone, reconstruction plans! After-all, billions of dollars is waiting to be looted by the Italian Gandhi clan, in cohort with Naveen Patnaik’s cartel, in the most honorable name of ‘aid and reconstruction’ al, thanks to the most destructive Phailin darling ;-)

  5. Faldo Says:

    Some people in the media seem to think that providing a level playing field means not asking anything that a politician’s education or experience does not prepare them to handle.
    So if a person just has only passed high school or has not been part of any government, he or she cannot be held to the same standards that apply to better educated or experienced people .
    This is not aimed at any individual in particular but is just an observation.

  6. shiv Says:

    “Go back to the recent by-election results in Karnataka as well as the successive wins of Congress over the past 3-4 years like in Assam, ” – no sir,,don’t gloat on small wins, the real battle will be 2014 loksabha elections,,,, if BJp+KJP had been togather and if anath had a kick at his backsides, cong(i) would still be in opposition in our blessed state.No wishes and horses from outside, we are right here , we are going to vote in numbers, we want change from the old ways,, this time the congis goose will be cooked royally and will gets its final rites when the crooks at the very top start eating pasta at tihar.We have had enough of this nonsense from the dubious gandu family.Time to move on.

  7. NS Rao Says:

    I think we have enough of RaGa support on this site – nor do I think it matters with the common man since he doesn’t go with the Electronic Media or Internet. As Mr. Ram Jethmalani mentioned, RaGa is not fit to do even a Clerical Job, let alone rule the Country. God Bless India if we all make him our PM!!

  8. Prof Upadhyaya Says:

    The media (including vernacular) in India is or never wanted to be partisan or biased, but fact is that it is either paid or sponsored or literally struggling to survive. Period!

    (I hope the editor of Star of Mysore will confirm this bare fact)

    The two would-be PMs need to get more savvy and smarter I guess.
    Obviously, they both lack a supremely tech savvy backup in this new information age.

    Hurricane Katrina was a crucial decisive factor in the US elections. It appears like none of the political parties in India or political pundits do any research or proactive strategy planning.

    While the Golden Spoon Prince, a.k.a Rahul Gandhi visits Bhatta Parsaul (stage managed by Diggy Raja) or Muzaffarnagar (where there were shocking interactions with Muslims only)….with his black-cat commandoes, once the dust has settled down.

    Cyclone Phailin was a historic opportunity for Modi, his army of fans, BJP and Sangh Parivar to volunteer ‘in advance’, sincerely help and get the goodwill (aside to global limelight) among the poorest and always neglected in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, two states where the most-corrupt politicians of Cong-I and its secret ally: the Biju Janata Dal, have been literally taking the public for a ride. Apart from opportunist double-cross, pseudo heroes like YSR Congress, TDP..etc who have been doing ‘so-called hunger strike’ stunts (Google the web to see the video of a much relieved, youngster Jagan smiling when taken to hospital, within just 4 days while someone much more aged like Mahatma Gandhi or most recently Anna Hazare ‘sincerely’ fasted for so long) and scrambling to get in front of live TV reports!

    Talking about the Govt and central ministers, despite multiple cyclones every year that acutely destroy local economies, none of those in power have an answer as why India still does not have at least one of the Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules aircraft (it penetrates tropical disturbances and storms, hurricanes and winter storms to obtain live data on movement, size and intensity) or any other similar aircraft to better track and predict killer cyclones (apart from stealth spying on neighbors from within India!), since satellite reports are never precise, when it comes to cyclones, hurricanes or such natural disasters. Perhaps the relevant minister, Swiss bank accounts and Pappu were not offered an acceptable kick-back?

    Sadly the paid and biased-media ignores the harsh and tragic truth that an average coastal village, including all villages on eastern coast and also around Gopalpur with a population of 50,000 have just 1 or 2 cyclone shelters (shocking indeed), designed for 250 people, although they can accommodate a maximum of 1000 people like sardines! Obviously the massive reconstruction budget of the Congress govt after the post-1999 killer cyclone was for a dozen shelters in each village, 10 of which were gobbled overnight by the politicians and local crooks in power!

    BTW, can’t the Cong-I get a professional and better spokesman for the Indian Meteorological Department? The live reports in all TV channels and press conferences are a shame on India’s scientific & executive talent with a Govt Babu, obviously a Cong-I flunky, performing as a disgusting spokesman (as expected familiar only with Hindi) who should have retired long ago but is now totally confused live on TV while ‘entire families’ are at stake! Apparently, the initial plan was to have ‘legal hero’ Abhishek Manu Singhvi, manage all the media briefings on the current weather crisis. But after the Madam was shown a shocking video (available on the web) by a loyal sidekick with major ambitions of becoming the chief-spokesman, the party decided to ignore ‘most-talented’ Singhvi, without any explanations, whatsoever!

    Finally, while the eye of the storm has just crossed the coast, the trio of IMD director, Sarat Sahu, Revenue and Disaster Management minister SN Patro as well as the extraordinarily foxy and now considered highly-corrupt Andhra CM and ex-cricketer; need to be sacked immediately!

  9. babuds Says:

    Majoriy of voters in the country, as a rule, elect the most criminal and most corrupt candidate or party, with the hope to get freebies. Otherwise how could one explain the Jagan phenomenon in AP. People in Karnataka voted last time for Congress thinking it is more corrupt than BJP. Voters are feeling at loss after the criminal candidate ordinance was botched up by RaGa, as they have now to elect only among yet to be convicted criminals and not the hardened ones.

  10. s k muthanna Says:

    Damn Modi ! But damn Rahul ( hell with his Gandhi surname) first. He knows not what he utters – its tone and tenor, because the Italian articulates his boopers. But the blooming words of Modi are professionally articulated and and appealing to the sensitive intelligentia!!

  11. Deepak Says:

    The article by Malavika Singh and the intro by Churumuri is the joke of the year. Whole world knows that media is a slave of the Italians. To even suggest that media favours Modi is not just hilarious but ridiculous. You just switch on any news channel and watch the respectful adulation of anchors for the first family and their blind hatred for Modi.

  12. sundar pichamuthu Says:

    rahul is not related to mahatma and his surname cannot be attributed to m.g.gandhi and modi who claims to be a bachelor is an utter lie and we cannot expect truthfulness from a person who does not have clean life

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