Karanth & Bendre in the hands of Muthappa Rai?

Photo Caption

The Frontline page which called him one of Karnataka’s “most elusive criminals“ who “allegedly operated extortion rackets”, no longer exists. His once-colourful Wikipedia page has been cleaned up to state dryly that Muthappa Rai is a “former underworld don and entrepreneur“.

But can even the convenient company of such literary diamonds of the land—K. Shivarama Karanth (left, bottom) and D.R. Bendre—give the Jaya Karnataka chief, the man Wired magazine called “The Godfather of Bangalore“, the kind of lustre and legitimacy he seeks?

Here, Rai and gang take part in a rally to demand impartial education.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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2 Responses to “Karanth & Bendre in the hands of Muthappa Rai?”

  1. Jayanth Says:

    Here is the frontline article

  2. Amit Pallavoor Says:

    Why does not the Chennai based publication focus on the machinations of Tamil Groups like PMK, which are carrying our honor killings in South TN. Better said about the family squabbles of Maha Vishnu of Mount Road.

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