Picture No. 34 in the world’s best BSY portfolio

Photo Caption

Former Karnataka chief minister and the president of the Karnataka Janata Party, B.S. Yediyurappa, with KJP leader Shobha Karandlaje  during the fledgling party’s indefinite strike at Anand Rao circle in Bangalore, on Tuesday, demanding the rollout of the ‘Shaadi bhagya’ scheme for all communities.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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India’s most photogenic former CM strikes again

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4 Responses to “Picture No. 34 in the world’s best BSY portfolio”

  1. sheshadri Says:

    Grow out of your yeddy fixation! this is worse than flogging a dead horse( even if it was an insane one). Surprsingly haven’t seen much on Siddu’s idiosyncracies -shaadi Bhagya, Ban on lighting lamps and guddali pooje etc. OOPS! forgot it was Chrumuri gang(aka the ‘Stars of Mysuru”) who catapulted Siddu to CMs kurchi.

    Atleast have some pretension of being free from bias. Don’t make it look like you have some personal agenda on a certain lingayat leader. (before any missiles come my way, cant really understand/appreciate caste politics)

  2. asha Says:


    Look at Churmuri skirting the issue for which BSY is fasting..minority appeasement scheme of congress Shaadi Bhagya..not a pip squeak about that by Churmuri..

  3. Rizwan Says:

    For once BSY is indeed fighting for a fair & undisputably just cause!

    The ‘socialist’ CM ought to be ashamed of his vote-bank based, caste-obessed political decisions that are actually aimed as well as timed: to divert the helpleess masses from massive corruption in all the key ATM ministries.

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:

    sheshadri, asha, You cheddis more than make up for the imagined unfairness of Churumuri in the comment section.

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