A private zoo owner climbs up Forbes celeb pole


Celebrities live in a strange and nearly unbelievable age of make-believe, where often times bad news is good news.

For all their cinematic talent and box-office success (and, on top of it, demonstrated decency in public life) neither Dr Raj Kumar nor Vishnuvardhan ever figured like or towered over their peers and compatriots in the national consciousness.

But Darshan Tugudeep (in picture, left) is a different kettle of fish.

The “challenging star” of dozens of execrable films which strangely seem to have a magnetic hold on moviegoers; the “challenged star” who beat up his wife, stubbed a burning cigarette, tore her dress, bit her ear, threatened their son, and pulled out his revolver sparking homas and processions from his equally challenged followers, has made it to Forbes India magazine’s list of the top 100 celebrities in the country.

In fact, the Mysore-born star debuts healthily at No. 65, three places lower than Sudeep at No. 62.

The accompanying text for Darshan reads:

65. Darshan

Earnings: Rs 24 crore

Fame rank: 98

“The Kannadiga actor [who has a private zoo] is among the highest paid stars from the South Indian film industry…. Darshan won the best actor award at the south Filmfare awards for his role in 2012 historical biopic Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna. Like many of his other peers, Darshan too is attempting to build a business that is independent of his acting skills. His family currently owns a a shooting unit…. Apart from a production house, Darshan has started a film distribution business, giving a boost to his earnings.”

In contrast, the text for Sudeep, who earns less and is apparently less famous, is positively bland.

62. Sudeep

Earnings: Rs 13.50 crore

Fame rank: 61

One of the few Kannada actors to have successfully transitioned across language barriers, Kichcha Sudeep had a pretty varied and fulfilling year. He won a slew of awards for his role as the villain in the Telugu-Tamil fantasy movie Eega.

The only other Kannadiga celebs on the list are Deepika Padukone who is at No. 11 with earnings of Rs 39.50 crore, Rahul Dravid who is at No. 30 (Rs 7.66 crore), Aishwarya Rai who is at No. 51 (Rs 13.50 crore), Prabhu Deva who is at No. 90 (Rs 8.50 crore).

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8 Responses to “A private zoo owner climbs up Forbes celeb pole”

  1. chidu22 Says:

    Since when did Aishwarya and Prabhu Dheva (tamilized version of Deva) became domicile of Karnataka? They should be counted among their respective states they reside in.
    As for forbes list, its celebration of wealth, hence you will find crooks as well among the hard workers and talented people.

  2. Siddalinga Swamy Says:

    It is not surprising that the Forbe’s list does not have any of our most corrupt politicians who are multi-billionaires in spot-less white dhoti’s and shirts!

    The son of actor Thoogudeepa Srinivas who himself amassed a fortune during Dr. Rajkumar’s hey days is in reality the undisputed and #1 villain of Kannada cinema and culture.

    His abhimanigalu are all the rural and illiterate poor gowdas in Mandya and Mysore districts who had none other than the aging, pot-bellied Ambarish (now a minister in the pseudo-socialist CM’s cabinet!) until recently.

    In Gandhinagar circles of Blr, it is well-known that “Thoogudeepa Productions” and “Toogudeepa Distributors” are nothing but blade companies with the main purpose of converting black money to white apart from massive investments into prime real estate in Bangalore and Mysore.

    Incidentally, Darshan’s demands for daily sex from co-actor Nikita Thukral became public just before he was arrested on the charges of torturing with a cigarette butt, threatening and beating his wife Vijayalakshmi and son Vineesh with a gun..etc. Regretfully it was Nikita who was banned by the crooks running the Kannada Film Producers Association lead by none other than ‘noted criminal-politician’ Munirathna, for “creating marital discord” in actor Darshan’s family!

    Like all film stars and politicians in this country, the criminal charges and controversy created by Darshan, ended with the Judge negotiating a so-called compromise (involving hundreds of crores) facilitated by whisky Ambarish with Darshan finally laughingly apologizing for his misconduct.

    We can soon expect this real-villain of Karnataka to soon get the Karnataka Ratna award, especially with a doomed Congress-I and election fast approaching!

  3. Hanumae G Says:

    Don’t be surprised if Darshan the so called “successor” of Ambarish, gets a Congress-I ticket in the upcoming elections!

    After all, the “challenging star” turned ‘challenged star’ and indicted wife-beater is exactly the kind of obnoxious personality that the ruling party selects. A party that has a sex-obsessed (see video on the web), bespectacled, baldy lawyer as the party spokesman! A party that has notorious stars on its fan list, including match-fixing cricketers, billion-dollar scam tainted ministers, rape-accused editors and sexual harassment indicted SC judges!

    No wonder, all the Mallu’s from Kerala, Reddy’s or Naidu’s from Andhra or Patel’s from Gujarat or Yadav’s from UP and Mudaliar’s from Tamil Nadu…the so-called new-age Bangalorean’s, happily say that Kannadiga’s are so nice and of the “forgiving nature” while our largely illiterate, star-struck, caste-blinded electorate, can barely make out the difference between art and life and justice and corruption or probably selfishly doesn’t even care!

    Howdu, Swami!

  4. harkol Says:


    >when did Aishwarya and Prabhu Dheva (tamilized version of Deva) became domicile of Karnataka?

    Being Kannadiga or Indian can’t be about their domicile. Person living outside of Karnataka/India continue to have their identity. At best you can say they are Non-Resident Kannadiga.

    Both Aishwarya and Prabhudeva were born in Karnataka. Prabhudeva speaks Kannada at home (with his parents), and Aishwarya in Tulu (a Karantata Language).

    Would you say a Kashmiri Pandit who is away from Kashmir for reasons forces by life – looses his Kashmiriyat?

  5. Not a FB Admin Says:

    @Siddalinga Swamy, must be an expert in cyber crimes such as tapping of cellphones, hacking of emails etc. How else does he know what happened inside Darshan’s house? I doubt he is one of those Kannada Facebook page admins who have been busy since the past one year in tapping cellphones and eavesdropping on conversations between husband and wife. These FB admins have also been hacking email accounts to know everything about other’s private lives.

  6. srivathsa Says:

    What secret? Do you mean the bedroom secrets that we eavesdropped on? Yeah, I wanted to get inspired for that night. Now stop cribbing that you can’t hear clearly. You should turn on the mic in the cellphone, but the cellphone should be fully charged. IF the girl finds out our little secret and commits suicide, let her, I anyway have the power to escape the police

  7. Facebook Kannada Sampada Admin Says:

    Tapping of cellphones to eavesdrop on a conversation is very old technique. Try something new like stealing session cookies by adding a Youtube link in your Facebook page. The victim will login to like/dislike the video. In the meantime, you can steal her cookies and login into her Gmail account.

  8. Mnadya Gowda Says:

    siddu samy : “His abhimanigalu are all the rural and illiterate poor gowdas in Mandya and Mysore districts who had none other than the aging, pot-bellied Ambarish (now a minister in the pseudo-socialist CM’s cabinet!) until recently.”

    when extra terrestrial brilliance of Bramhins, Lingus and other ilks are running for “consensual acts” invented by Taruni tejpal and injustice Ganguly… should’t a Mandya Gowda absolve a one time excess of a self confessed brother ?! Surely we do !

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