Sachin Tendulkar is so sweet you can eat him up

Photo Caption

A life-size cake of the only cricketer in the solar system to win a Bharat Ratna, made of sugar, cream and eggs, at the annual Christmas-eve exhibition at St. Joseph‘s Indian high school grounds, in Bangalore on Monday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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9 Responses to “Sachin Tendulkar is so sweet you can eat him up”

  1. DHL Says:

    You Scream; I Scream; We all Scream for Ice Cream

  2. richardws Says:

    Is the poster behind saying “Photography strictly prohibited” ? ;)

  3. Nastika Says:

    It is Indian culture to break laws. So nevermind the signage & notices.


  4. the colonel Says:

    so how do you cut sachin up.

    sorry, i mean the cake.

    and the no photo sign. some stupid put it up. doesnt make since mobiles are a dime a dozen.

    mobiles click.

  5. Shemej Says:

    When noticed that image, my first impression was it was the photo of a mentally retarded man. Well, in a country of Intelligent Captains like Sunil Gavaskar and Sourav Ganguly, we always have some Sachin Tendulkars. Of course, no one disliked Sachin much. When you never create an enemy in your life, doesnt that indicate you are too flexible? According to me, if some one who has no enemy, some times he is “nirguna” , and if some one has too many enemies then he must be a “Durguna” character like our beloved evil prime minister candidate. Most of our Cricket Captains have no opinions about the huge corruption that is happening in Indian Cricket. I wish we have more Jwalas in our men’s team. We have presently a Nirguna Para-Dadda captain, who never heard of betting and corruption in Indian cricket. Poor soul !

    Ganguly, of course is having a brain and own firm opinions, that could be the reason why “mentally retarded” political parties want him in their side.

    Aam Admi Party wont invite Sourav Ganguly to their party. They have India’s top brains like Yogendra Yadav (wow! if I ever have 10% of his brain !!! and 2% of his open-mind and 1% of his maturity !!! ), and Prasant Bhushan…. I dont know if Kejriwal himself is intelligent or not. But if we observe the way, Anna Hazare did all the fasting and who reaped the benefit, I should be forced to think, Kejriwal is not a Tendulkar or Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Dadda. He should be having a good IQ, but till he came up with this Lokpal Campaign, I never heard of him. (how poor my General Knowledge is)…

    The other day, India’s superior brain (CNR Rao) was commenting in NDTV chat, most of the research students were from Bengal and Bihar. Ganguly belongs to Bengal and Sachin is from Maharashtra. Are Bengalis more intelligent than Maharashtrians? Or if I can ask Churumuri editor’s favourite question, are Bengali Brahmins more intelligent than Maharastrian Brahmins? If I can add one more question, is South Indian Brahmins (Anil Kumble) superior to all others when it comes to IQ? (I am sure, churumuri editor wont ban this comment).

    But, I have to say this– wonderful wonder ful work.. Who ever has made that cake. Kudos to him/her !

  6. M Says:

    I do not understand why photography is disallowed in many places in India. Most of the large museums in West like British Museum , Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and many others have no issue with it.

    Photography, particularly at a time when there is one even in the cheapest mobile phone has become a component of sightseeing. I have noticed in UK, France and USA that Chinese students always carry a large SLR and pretty much shoot everything they see. And I have never seen them being stopped.

    In India there are more ‘No Photography’ signs than sights that can bee seen!

  7. Vinay Says:


    Congratulations, you win the award for most incomprehensible comment of the year.

    Finally, are you speaking in favour of AAP or against them?

  8. Shemej Says:

    “are you speaking in favour of AAP or against them?”

    I once again went through my posts. I cant see a single sentence which supports AAP or oppose it.

    I was talking about those who have good IQ and those who are less intelligent, if not MID/BI. (Only when I mentioned about the life-size-cake, I really meant to use “mentally retarded” in its actual meaning. On all other instances, where I mentioned “Mentally retarded”, I meant less intelligent or MID/BI

    By “mentally retarded political parties” I meant parties that are led by people with MID/BI. Also vicious and perverted political vision.

    I dont think, I need to give this explanation. However, “deliberate confusion” is infectious. Hope this explanation will help.

    Interestingly, MID/BI may lead to difficulty in social relationships (I would argue, with other communities also), and that may lead to aggressive behaviour. And you build “collective aggressive behaviour” , then, you can run a political party.

    Hope this will explain why you have certain political parties with tens of thousands of aggressive followers. But that doesnt explain why the leaders also have aggressive behaviour. On more than one occasion, I commented why some leaders have certain behaviour patterns, and they didnt find place on this forum. I can only mention here that, people with certain types of brains, always become aggressive individuals with evil minds.

    Here, I have a lot of respect for Sachin. i dont consider him as less intelligent. But of course, as a captain, he was not known for his strategies. But Sourav and Kumble– yes.

  9. Eavesdropping Specialist Says:


    Both Tendulkar(Konkani Brahmin) and Ganguly(Bengali Brahmin) have one thing in common and that is both consume fish which makes them more capable than Anil Kumble. Kannadiga brahmins are capable only in divide and conquer rules based on caste. Beware the cake may have a fishy smell and taste.

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