If Kejriwal is ‘anarchist’, how about L.K. Advani?

VIKRAM MUTHANNA writes: Ever since AAP came to power in Delhi, they seem to have become the favourite punching bag of the media, intellectuals and politicians.

Arvind Kejriwal was declared a threat to Indian democracy — an ‘Anarchist.’

Yes a dose of criticism is healthy, but to speak in a tone suggesting that voting for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was a mistake and that they have become a menace is not only unfair, but also a disservice to a nation that is in the threshold of change. It also reeks of fear and propaganda.

All this sudden blaming and name calling of AAP by many Indians makes one wonder if most Indians really want a corruption-free India?

It seems many want AAP to fix just enough corruption to make life convenient?

Convenient enough that they don’t have to bribe to get a Driver’s License, but then not so efficient that it becomes impossible to bribe a Policeman when caught riding without a helmet or jumping traffic lights. Is that what it is? Selective anti-corruption options.

First, the Congress and BJP called Arvind Kejriwal’s two-day protest an anarchist movement. Really? For starters, where was this fear of anarchy when L.K. Advani took his chariot of fire all the way to Ayodhya and the BJP lotus bloomed from 84 seats to 183 in 1999?

Where was this fear of anarchy when Bajrang Dal ran amok beating up young girls across the nation on Valentine’s Day teaching them lessons in morality?

As for Congress, where was their fear of anarchy when Sikhs were massacred? Has any party even apologised for these acts? Where was the Indian upper middle class and intellectuals’ fear of anarchy then?

Now, a party very different, has come to power in the capital. It feels helpless as it is unable to control its own Police force and stages a peaceful dharna because the Union Government is unwilling to even discuss the issue and every one calls it ‘anarchy.’

Yes may be there may have been a slight traffic inconvenience to the Delhi citizens, but can’t a citizen handle being inconvenienced a little by a protest which will give him better policing?

We always want someone else to fight out fights, to make our lives better, without inconveniencing ourselves. How selfish is that?!

Indeed we want AAP to work within the framework of the law, but isn’t peaceful dissent within this framework as well? Yes, when it comes to politics, everyone suffers from amnesia. Indeed two wrongs don’t make a right, but still, to call AAP’s protest in Delhi ‘anarchy’ is just plain unfair.

While they say Kejriwal is turning India into a Banana Republic why is no one asking about the Bill to bring Delhi Police under the Delhi Government which has been pending for 15 years? What is waiting for? Is it on purpose?

After all ‘timing’ of passing certain laws or bills is in fact a political strategy. More than to benefit the citizens it is meant to win elections. This what creates a Banana Republic, not a government that sits in peaceful dharna.

The Delhi CM wants to give good governance to his people and good law and order is part of it. So he wants control of law and order, which he is not being given, so the protest. Is that wrong?

In that case, when H.D. Deve Gowda, a former PM of this country sits in dharna on Mysore-Bangalore road to get us Cauvery water for agriculture, drinking and cooking, does it make him an anarchist?

Now the Delhi Police say they act only upon issue of a warrant, but still when a crime is underway do they need a warrant?

Everyone in Delhi knows the area between Saketh and Malviya Nagar has had issue of prostitution. The residents of Hauz Rani which lies between these areas, had complained repeatedly for months and no action was taken.

Finally when a Minister goes to have a look, orders the Police to act, it is termed ‘vigilantism.’

How would the upper middle class “cultured” citizens react if they had a “Service Centre” next door? We are sure, they would have called the Home Minister and warrant or no warrant it would be cleared in a jiffy.

The details of the Delhi incident of course were made murkier and louder by now what seems like an anti-AAP media.

The same media which went hyper and showed us doctored tapes of AAP reportedly accepting cash, which some say cost Shazia Ilmi of AAP her seat, who lost by just 326 votes. But then once it was proved the tapes were doctored the raw footage was never shown.

The man who made it, earlier was given ample screen, but was never brought back to be grilled. In the Delhi incident a media that gets a sound byte from all and sundry did not get too many residents’ opinions. There was also no clarity and consistency in reports, why?

So while the media says the AAP Minister Somnath Bharti has brought bad name to India internationally, maybe selective journalism did too?

The same media just before the elections said AAP will not get more than 6 to 10 seats, in a way encouraging voters not to waste their vote and stick with the winning horse, the BJP, only to be proved wrong.

Is the Corporate owned media with other varied interests suddenly scared that too much anti-corruption may come knocking on their own doors or are they trying to play ball with BJP which is sure to win many more seats than any other party right now?

Also interesting is the fact that as one watched the AAP Minister wagging a finger at the Policeman, the Policeman too wagged his finger right back! Wonder if he would dare to do so at a BJP or a Congress Minister?

No way.

He knows very well what will happen. It seems it has not sunk in the officialdom that an aam aadmi has come to power, because AAP does not project power like traditional politicians do, which can be brutal and leave one in a perpetual vindictive legal limbo.

In fact, our politicians follow the same principle as that of the British. Independence ushered in only a change in management and not swaraj. No wonder the laws that British used to suppress us is still in use and no party wants to change it.

Forget the laws and attitudes; even the residences did not change. Soon after independence Nehru moved into Flagstaff House (Teen Murti Bhavan), the palatial residence of the former British Commander-in-Chief, our President moved into the palace built for the then Viceroy of India.

This is why it is said, “Democracy did not adopt India, Indians usurped democracy because it could be moulded to fit earlier structures without threatening them. It caught the popular imagination not for the new values it symbolised, but for the possibilities it opened up for the consolidation of the old. The miracle of India is that the practice of democracy has flourished within its boundaries for over six decades in the absence of a democratic temperament.”

AAP, it seems is here to rewrite democracy and they must be critiqued but not shouted down into oblivion and death.

True, AAP is in a hurry to become a National Party without getting its structures in place. They are advised to prepare well, for they need to survive, grow and deliver us not just from corruption, but help us rewrite our democracy, that will allow us to transcend into pure patriotism.

(Vikram Muthanna is the managing editor of Star of Mysore where this piece originally appeared)

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20 Responses to “If Kejriwal is ‘anarchist’, how about L.K. Advani?”

  1. Abhi Says:

    Vikram, none of the above were in power as decision makers when they led the agitations. SMK led the agitation for cuavery a d was reprimanded by SC.

  2. Vinay N. Says:

    This is a wonderfully written and argued piece. I enjoyed reading every sentence of it.

    I completely agree with your thought that India needs change. A whiff of fresh air can change more than a gust of dust in politics! AAP is trying to change the course of the nation but progress lies not just in measure but also pace. I hope the AAP slows down a bit even if they are on the right track. Their bandwagon must slow down to carry more people rather than giving people the perception that they have missed it. As a common man I am getting the feeling that they want a revolution when in fact reformation would do. Lets just hope they learn from each action they take and progress.

  3. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    I really wonder how you people are supporting such a brazen act
    a). a minister with a gang of people force enter a house, ask the women there to give urine sample after their search of the house yields nothing
    b) the C.M. is blocking the heart of the city, forcing his own people to have number of inconvenience, then charging police as enemy of public, then calling the public also to dharna and finally instigating his followers from Haryana and U.P. to throw stones on police
    c) the spokespersons all talking rough languages against media, political leaders of BJP, Cong. And even court lawyers. Is it educated people reaction.
    Please do not support. Instead advice them properly.

  4. debasisha mohapatra Says:

    gives your superficiality away.An honest policeman should be able to wag his finger.congress.BJP or AAP,he should be empowered to do it.

  5. Melanie Says:

    A great piece by Vikram Muthanna. I do believe that there was an attempt by the corporate media to turn the public against the Aam Admi Party. Yes, like the previous poster, I think that a little circumspection on the part of AAP will help in avoiding future controversies. Hopefully, the party will throw up new possibilities for the way that the country will be governed in the future. I wish them all the luck in their endeavours.

  6. Shree Parashuram kalki Says:

    Shree Arvind Kejriwal , a common man of hero of “A Wednesday” . Naseeruddheen Shah , the common man Hero who took bold initiation to clean his kitchen from the cockroach. He took destroy the cockroach with poison, but kejriwal not poisoning any, but he is cleansing through his broom only. The “Broom” is also a weapon and the man wishes to enjoy Saturday movie with his family but entered in to political activities due to the worst system he saw resulted in AAP. He is doing his best, and e- media or print media should think of his best work and ideas as well as best thoughts. Even the existing political parties too should think of nation and people for the better governance._Shree Parashuram Kalki

  7. Iqbal Singh Says:

    The problem with people of this country is that they are naturally inclined to some ism and therefore, they can’t accept any view point which is contrary to their perception. This reflection is seen in parliament where whip is precedent.

    The statement is made about AK is not liked by any one who supports AAP.

    There are examples which show no relevance.

    Making someone Messiah and worship him is one’s personal choice. The fact remains that there is a lot contradiction in eradication of corruption. Corruption is DNAcally intervened into gene. It is indeed a genetic problem and can’t be solved in manner a CM of Delhi wants to claim.

    A supporter of AAP can’t shift his paradigm of AK.

    This is the real problem.

  8. Shemej Says:

    Who created Arvind Kejriwal and who is destroying him now?

    It is none other than the greed of a self centered Indian woman. Who is that woman?

    From 2009, it was clear that, next govt at center would not be one which is controlled by BJP or Congress. (This was stated by none other than L.K Advani a few years back). Corporates, especially Mukesh Ambani led Reliance and Global capitalists led by British Petroleum had their own agenda here. 80% of Mukesh Reliance revenue comes from Oil business. And he plans to expand oil/natural gas business — both production and refining— on a global level. That needed huge finance. When he signed contract with govt to supply Natural gas at 2.34 Dollars but later forced UPA govt to change that to 4.3 Dollars, they were only trying to loot India’s natural resources and find wealth. Now he forced India govt that Natural gas would be paid 13 to 14 US Dollars. And whose money it is? According to Supreme Court ruling, it is the property of the people of India. In short, Mukesh Ambani has bribed everyone to loot India’s resources and sell to Indians and find enough money to start new Oil production projects and refineries all over the world. His wife, who claimed herself growing up as a middle class woman (#*$#???) now wants to be the world’s richest woman. (If Ambani’s wife wants to take me to court, please do. I am prepared.)

    If Congress and BJP –neither of these are in power, any democratically elected govt will stop Mukesh Ambani from looting India. Remember, it was only last year that one of the richest Indian business man in Oman was put in jail by that country. Reason? he tried to bribe an official. Read here — http://gulfbusiness.com/2014/01/omans-galfar-md-hit-corruption-verdict-resigns-board/#.UuSZL_vhVkg

    Jayalalitha has declared that, if she comes to power, she will stop Ambani swindling public money. Read here– http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/jayalalithaa-protests-cabinet-nod-to-raise-natural-gas-price/article4868918.ece

    CPI’s Gurudas Das gupta is fighting court case to send Ambani to jail — Read here — http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/gas-price-hike-to-benefit-ril-scrap-kg-basin-contract-cpi-leader-tells-sc/1215818/

    Every one knows that Anil Ambani (who has better equation with Samajwadi Party) group is suffering because, his company is not getting Gas from Mukesh Ambani for the price agreed earlier. Anil Ambani has no other way but to close down his business. Read here — (this only explains the original case. But simple to understand) — http://business.rediff.com/slide-show/2010/may/07/slide-show-1-sc-to-announce-ril-rnrl-gas-dispute-verdict-today.htm#3

    Devegowda (not his son) is known for fighting against such corrupt business interests.

    In short, if Jayalalita, Left or Samajwadi Party comes to power, Mukesh Ambani’s wife wont be able to become world’s richest greedy lady.

    All surveys were predicting BJP led NDA and Congress led UPA were disintegrating and Third Forces surging ahead in Indiann political scene a few years back. Exactly at this point, Anna Hazare’s movement was funded by Corporates to take up the struggle against the Corruption at Govt level. The idea was Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi would be able to guide the anti govt sentiments to the pocket of BJP….. BJP and RSS in consultation with Reliance Ambani encouraged (and not started) a series of Civil Society movements to attract these protesting angry Indians into their platforms and movements. Mukesh Ambani and greedy wife thought, these middle class Indian voters would ultimately come back to BJP led NDA as Anna Hazare movement was not planning to participate in active politics earlier.

    The whole game plan collapsed when Arvind Kejriwal was inspired by Prasant Bhushan to launch a political movement. This upset the plans of greedy rich woman.

    We all know that all major News channels and media in India are controlled by Mukesh Ambani group. We all heard this rich greedy woman screaming in Radia Tapes that, if any news editor or media owner is refusing to crawl, then deny advertisement to that media.

    Read Churumuri’s own blog here — http://wearethebest.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/the-sudden-rise-of-media-mogul-mukesh-ambani/

    In short, with the help of media controlled by her, the greedy rich woman would portray anyone who helps her to become the richest woman in the world, as demi-God. Kejriwal was playing according to her plans earlier. At that time Kejriwal was an Angel.

    Now kejriwal is questioning the vested interest of Mukesh Ambani group. Now he is the villain.

    If I too get the opportunity to control NDTV, Times now, CNN IBN, Aaj tak, India TV, Vijayvani, etc, I would make our beloved friends in Churumuri — harkol, vinay, doddibuddy and angry women bloggers (I respect all of them– both men and women. Sincerely) to write about the virtues of V.M.Shemej. They would fight tooth and nail against anyone who point a finger against this moron, Shemej….. Every day when I go to sleep I dream that, I control all these Chrumuri foot-solidiers, with my media empire, and they would keep campaigning for me to make me the darling of India and to project me as the next Prime Minister and…. But alas ! I dont even own an “old-newspapers-scap angadi”…

    So now, I am the villain in Churumuri, who torture other readers with 1 kilometer long boring posts.

    Welcome Kejriwal to the gang of Cursed desperados… You are no longer a cynosure in the eyes of Indian urban middle-class.


    Anarchism is a political vision- That is not equivallent to terrorism or Naxal movement. Read here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism

    And this person is an admirer of Anarchist philosophy– http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/1992/citation-0415.html

    L.K. Advani challenged the constitution of India. Anyone who challenges the constitution of india are Anti-National. To call them an Anarchist is equivallent to call Godse as Mahatma. Or to call a leech by the name dove.

    “Anarchist” is not a foul word. It has a beautiful meaning. But not all anarchists are good. It is similar to the word “Corporate”. Not all Corporates are evil. But most corporates are evil. Anarchism is not practical in today’s world. Hence, we term anyone who question present power-structure as anarchist. I dont want to say Kejriwal is good or bad. That is not my point. Anarchism itself is not bad and not good.

  9. Deepak Says:

    The author seems to another of the shameless media PRs of AAP. One finally joined the party, but other ‘disgraces to journalism’ continue to wear the mask of journalism and do propoganda work. Obviously the author didn’t watch the Arnab show where dictionaries and thesaruses were bandied about. The meaning of anarchist was clearly explained in the show. If the author still persists in calling Advani anarchist, it exposes him as a AAP PR. But thankfully, despite the desparation of these lunatic, anarchist elements, India will be saved from AAP. As polls suggest this bunch of loonies is unlikely to get more than 4-5 seats. That should hopefully shut them up and make them concentrate on governance and give up the nautanki.

  10. R Prasad Says:

    Khas Aadmi Party in action.
    Hey Mr. Future PM of India, Hon. A. Kejriwal?
    What are you and or the Khas Aadmi doing to control rocketing prices of everything, at least in the state of Delhi which you govern since a month?
    Delhi Police and Hon. Modi have been blamed for everything going wrong on this earth. Any thinking beyond setting up call centres or complaint websites. Even these do not respond! Maybe Gherao of Paliament of India or better still Gherao of all Italians in Delhi will help!
    Rajinderyah Prasad

  11. Vinay Says:

    According to Shemej, Ambani is the greatest villain in India, and Ambani control is the biggest issue that the nation faces. And what’s preposterous is that he expects that Devegowda, Commie thugs and people like Jayalalitha will destroy Ambani and save the nation!!


    Please spare us this nonsense. Jayalalitha and the turd front coterie is notoriously corrupt, they are the most corrupt people on the political scene. You need to be laughed at for propagating such notions.

  12. FirstReality Says:

    Some dumb internet indians have heard a new word called anarchy and going ballistic over it.

    Ak is rightly taking on infamous indian bureaucracy. Holding them accountable is more important than building roads and river fronts at the moment.

  13. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    What shocked the nation was the dharna by the chief minister. CM is disturbing the normal life of his own people of his own state. Please do not diver this to rth yatra by a party. CM called out his own citizens to come our to street and revolt against police thereby creating law and order. Advancing has not invited people to follow his rath and fight with people.

    On Saturday, January 25, 2014, churumuri wrote:

    > churumuri posted: “VIKR

  14. poli hudga Says:

    Chaddi’s will never learn, they think being alternative to congress is their birthright – they have wanted two party system with them alternate for a long time now. Modi has been the most polarizing political figure of 21st century, he has both qualities to be and not be the PM of India. BJP with out Modi will not even get 50 seats, but emergence of AAP has become nightmare for them. They are so scared of AAP that they running helter-skelter media programs against them, ably supported by croony corporates.

  15. hnhegde Says:

    In your urge to defend AAP, you are jumping the gun. People of Delhi voted AAP because they are fed up with the anarchy, lawlessness, crony-capitalism, corruption and everything else that’s wrong with our present day democracy. The same sentiment is true elsewhere in the country, for that matter. India has degenerated into a functioning anarchy.
    AAP’s behaviour post their taking over the reigns of Delhi has been immature & uncivilized, to say the least. If AAP resorts to the same reckless, high-handed behaviour, that people are fed up seeing with other parties, how can AAP claim to be different than other parties?
    Somnath Bharti & Rakhi Birla episodes have exposed the ugly underbelly of the party which a lot of people in this country, myself included, looked up to as a ray of hope to fix the broken system. However, AAP is on a demonstration spree to show the country, that it is not ready go govern, with not just these two episodes, but also with their populist and socialist schemes that may soon start draining Delhi’s coffers.
    For the sake of fact checking, its Arvind Kejriwal himself who claimed to be an Anarchist. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuHqBYabQHI
    Do you seriously believe that resorting to dharna is the way to wrest control of Delhi police? It seems more like a child throwing tantrums that he didn’t get his choice of candy. Again for the sake of fact checking, the dharna started with the demand to dismiss the police officers who didn’t obey the law minister. And suddenly, the clever Prof. Yogendra Yadav, a master spin doctor, put in a favourable twist that this dharna is for gaining control of Delhi police! Well, did the CM of Delhi exhaust all other parliamentary means of taking control of Delhi police before sitting in on a dharna?
    If all the dharana is for the good of people of Delhi, why demonise and insult the law-keepers whom you want to listen to you? As this Indian Express report says, the dharna was not as peaceful as you claim.
    A lot of people in our country want AAP to succeed. But, for that to happen, AAP should quickly stop its suicidal acts and go through the steep learning curve of governance. Otherwise, AAP will sunset into oblivion with the same pace that it came to power.

    – Harsha Hegde

  16. satish Kaveri Says:

    Be reasonable, give APP time to show its performance, many situations happens everyday and we have accepted them for many decades, why not give this guy a chance to prove himself with some reasonable time.

  17. the colonel Says:

    at first please go through the 3 acts pertinent to this case, that of the delhi police, prostitution and narcotics.

    the media doesn’t have the time and the brains to do so.

    those of you can, do so, and you will find the police amiss.

    lets stop calling names, verbs, adjectives.

    just tell me the way to get the law become applicable for all.

    and finally the President came to know who is AK in his garden at rashtrapati bhavan, when all but the polticians mobbed AK on his arrival at the glistening gardens and where with him throughout his stay. So much for his R-Day Broadcast, that he was shaken.

  18. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Daily life in India is anarchy. Kejriwal is just doing his part.

  19. nparamasivam1951 Says:

    //politicians mobbed AK// even bafoons always mobbed instead of circus artists. Can we take it that way?

  20. babuds Says:

    AAP knows well that giving a bigger lathi to lokpal will not solve corruption, but they know that promise of a bigger lathi against corruption will get them votes. Corruption at lower echelons thrives because of lack of resources and its distribution. Have anyone, in recent times, heard of bribing somebody to get a land-line. It was so some decades ago, before the mobile phone revolution. Automation and use of technology and web will avoid direct contact with the Government offices replete with corruption virus. Ruralites are using internet cafes to get land related documents and receipts, without going to the revenue office. Still corruption is rampant in offices where public contact is necessary, like Govt hospitals, Sub-registrar offices, PDS, Sops and subsidy schemes, etc. If AAP is intent on eradicating corruption, let them take on the revenue department, which is under their very nose, unlike the Delhi Police and declare it as “now corruption-free”, like they say the country is polio-free etc.

    Instead what it is doing is to resort to gimmickry of night rides on prostitutes (alleged or otherwise), dharna against police officials, Justifying Khap panchayats (haryana elections in view), making who-is-who list of corrupt among non-AAP parties. The Dharna against police is a very intelligent measure to insure AAP from public wrath against all future crimes such as riots, rapes, and lynching of outsiders. Poor Sheila Dixit could not sit in Dharna against the police under the center ruled by her own party and she had to face the public wrath for crimes in Delhi.

    AAP’s executive committee do not contain a single face from the south or even a Delhite of south Indian origin, if otherwise I am still to see one on TV. As of now it looks like Aam Admi party of Delhi’s North Indians.

    AAP has to now choose between a) slogan-baji or b) doing some solid work which will be remembered by people, even if the rug is pulled off under their feet in the next 3 months by the Hand party.

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