A bird’s-eye view of Metro through fish-eye lens

Photo Caption

A panoramic view of the ongoing metro project near the Krishnarajendra (KR) market in Bangalore. In the background is the Victoria hospital. (Click on the picture to view a larger frame.)

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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5 Responses to “A bird’s-eye view of Metro through fish-eye lens”

  1. babuds Says:

    Beautiful hi-res photograph, but when will we see Metro trains starts running there? It is ages since the metro works started in Bangalore.

  2. Anand Says:

    Thank you. Great photograph.
    Namma Metro is an amazing feat of civil engineering; Indians should pat themselves for accomplishments like this!

  3. M Says:

    @ Anand. “Indians should pat themselves for accomplishments like this!”

    Metro’s in London, Paris and New York were built more than a 100 years ago. The suburban railways in Mumbai is a relic of the British Raj. In post-independence India, first underground urban rail system was built in Kolkata when KA’s IInd CM Kengal Huanumanthia became the Railway’s Minister. For the next 50 years we had to make do with tin-bodied state run buses. Even on that front, we now have Volvo.

    Victoria Hospital in the background of the pit and KR market which is behind the photographer are public institutions of over 100 years of heritage. The first hydroelectric power project in India was at Shivanasamudra (in 1902)
    The generated power was transmitted to Kolar Gold Fields via Bangalore. The first electric bulb in India was lit in the KR Market building in 1905.

    Though the civil part is amazing, it wasn’t something impossible either in India or elsewhere in the world. There is no justification for a self-pat. However, we may finally exhale seeing that the stagnant air of 60s-90s has begun to recede.

    PS: I found these nice pictures of Shivanasamudra on the net. It brought back memories from my childhood when my mother took us there on a road trip after SHE bought (with self earned money) her Maruti 800 in 1988. (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.488491717842878.114986.480156825343034&type=3). A comment in the blog says this is the II project in India not the first. Can someone please confirm.

  4. ambuga Says:

    In the background is Vani Vilas Hospital, not Victoria.

  5. Manava Says:

    Speaking of engineering feat, just look at the Channel Tunnel under the sea through which trains run from London to Paris and Brussels. By 2015 straights trains run between London and Germany both ways. The Chinese are building much longer tunnels and their transport system is getting awesome.

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