Why your TV couldn’t show you this ‘mega rally’


Sitaram Yechury addressing the Left rally in Hissar, but without the “Jimmy Jib” cameras

The point has been made before, that the current political coverage, especially on television, is more than somewhat skewed, tilting unabashedly towards Narendra Damodardas Modi of the BJP vis-a-vis Rahul Gandhi of the Congress.

Now, the CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechuri explicates it a bit more in the Hindustan Times, comparing the TV coverage of Arvind Kejriwal‘s Aam Aadmi Party vis-a-vis the Left parties and unions.

“Two days ago, the Left held a Haryana-level people’s rally for a political alternative at Hissar. On the same day, AAP held a rally called much after the Left rally announcement at nearby Rohtak. The latter was widely covered by the corporate media while the former was hardly mentioned notwithstanding larger participation.

“This is not surprising. Earlier, when Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement was on in the Capital, over two lakh workers organised by the central trade unions had converged at Parliament against corruption and price rise. While the former hogged 24/7 media coverage, the latter hardly found any mention.

“Clearly, for the corporate media, a so-called ‘morally’ upright alternative that does not adversely affect profit maximisation is always better than an alternative that aims at improving people’s livelihood while not excessively promoting profit maximisation!”

For the record, though, Kejriwal launched into the media at the Rohtak rally, inviting a statement from the editors guild of India.
Photograph: courtesy Ganashakti
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9 Responses to “Why your TV couldn’t show you this ‘mega rally’”

  1. Mithila Says:

    Media in India reflects and projects the view of those people who own and control big industries and business. Since survival of news media depends completely on advertising funds, news organizations will think twice before publishing or airing negative stories about big business houses. When that is the reality, no space absolutely for left thinking political parties. A representative of corporate capitalism is the present hero on our television screens and news sheets. Even a Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal are ok as long as they are in tune with private capital.
    So, who should own Indian media? It’s time for a national debate on this most important issue.


  2. Vinay Says:

    Good. The leftist scum need to be totally marginalized and ignored.

  3. asha Says:

    This Sitaram Yechuri is delusional. When he claims Communists are improving people’s livelihood..it is a cruel joke. We have all seen what Communist rule of 25 years did to West Bengal..it became Waste Bengal and also the communist rule in Kerala has converted it into a Devil’s Abode from God’s Own country. Communism is pass’e..wake up and smell the fresh coffee Yechuri and Churmuri..hey that rhymes :)

  4. Aadiwadi Says:

    Anybody who has witnessed or experienced the havoc created by the trade unions in the 80’s and 90’s will not hesitate to side with the corporate media now for its least or no coverage of their unproductive activities. The 1982 Bombay textile mill strike, which destroyed the industry and the livelyhoods of nearly 10 lakh people, is a grand testimony to their achievements. The industrial backwardness of West Bengal and Kerala and the closure of a large number of once-healthy PSUs and other private corporates across India are only few of the other grand achiements of the short-sighted trade unions.

  5. Shemej Says:

    These are images of Gulf of Mexico Oil spill.


    In the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, estimated 210 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Oil corporate BP was responsible for this environmental disaster. Interestingly, soon after the disaster, a group of 32 scientists found out a bacteria that would eat the oil. According to them, Oil-eating bacteria became natural inhabitants of the Gulf ocean because of abudance of Oil was available as food. Enviorment is saved. People no more worry about Oil spill.

    The twist of the story is that, 31 of the 32 scientists were given half a billion dollars by BP (earlier known as “British Petroleum”). Did the BP funding help scientists to discover bacteria or did BP also give the idea of “oil eating bacteria” to scientists along with the finance package?

    BP is the partner of Mukesh Ambani group in KG basin. One of BP’s earlier avtars effectively played Oil hoarding tactics in Iraq (till 1970s). No wonder Mukesh is a champion of it now.

    Well, coporates can create “mass awareness” using its media power. That is why people stopped worrying about the environmental disaster due to Oil spill.

    It is less than 200 Director Board members who control most media and it is the same group of Directors who led big conglomerates of the world.

    In India, Mukesh Ambani controls most of the media houses and he is the biggest Corporate head.

    He projects his slaves Murli Deora, Veerappa Moily and Narendra Modi as the best leaders of this country.

    Also see these two videos –

    The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

    Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media? (USA centric)

    And when was Yechuri a leftist last time? It was Yechury who revealed to USA diplomats (according to Wikileaks), that he (and his Bengal Corporate Dallals – if we take Abdur Rezzak Mollah’s words) was/were supportive of Nuclear deal. And it was his Dallal friends who appointed Niira Radia as the head of West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation which leased the land to Tata’s Nano Plant. In short, allowed TATA’s corporate lobbyist to sit on both side of the negotiating table and fix a price according to TATA’s wish. That is known as Crony Capitalism in this part of the world. In which part of the world, are Corporate Dallals called Leftists? His other friends from Kerala, are busy assassinating true Left activists (and Court confirmed that there was a political conspiracy)….

    Yes, it is true that, comprehensive land reform, panchayat raj institutions radically improved the life standards of people of Kerala and Bengal. Though, alternative terms Congress tries to undermine all big reforms of Left govts, Kerala is number 1 in terms of Human development indices and one of the best three in terms of individual income and business development in India. But the other side of the story is, there was a huge flow of finance capital, especially in the form of gold import and immigrant laborers’ remittance. Compared to all the Eastern Indian states, Bengal developed greatly during Left front rule. It stood number 1 in Agriculture produce during Left rule through out India. But compared to Kerala, its development in health and primary education was poor (though impressive compared to the rest of the states in the region.). CPM can always cite the excuse of migrant problem from Bangladesh and that Bengal was actually feeding Bengal and Bangladesh. Unlike in Kerala and to some extent in Andhra pradesh, CPM in Bengal failed to politicise the cadres in the grass root level. One of the biggest irony is, though Bengal stands one of the very few states of India, where there was absolutely no discrimination of /attacks against Dalits, CPM in Bengal failed to empower Dalits and lower caste people in Bengal. In short, Bengal was just following the development model of Maharashtra, Gujarat or Tamil nadu where most of the fruits of development went to a small minority – yet there was an over all development. If Kerala’s case is different the present day CPM leaders are no way responsible for that. Yechury and Thomas Isaac are the best Capitalist Intellectuals of India. Perhaps that is why Indira, Sonia and Manmohan rang up/rings up Yechury or Late Jyothi Basu seeking advice. Yes, they are scholars. But how can they be called Leftists?

    Oh, yes ! In a country where Manmohan Singh heads a party which swears in the name of Gandhiji and Nehru, Yechuri is true Marxist. Red Wine salute comrade !!

  6. Nastika Says:

    Good that Communists & the Aam Admis held the rally on Sunday. These rallies are out-dated concept. Who has time & enthusiasm to
    – travel to to the rally location
    – hear something they know
    – sit/stand in sun
    – fight boredom listen to a boring lecture.

    So this boils down that you have to pay for someone to attend the rally to compensate for their time & effort. Who pays more gets more people.

    The parties should focus on conducting web casts and let them share the numbers.


  7. DHL Says:

    For Whom the Universe recoils

  8. DHL Says:

    Since you’re gone
    There is an empty space
    Since you’re gone
    The world is not the same

    I go back to the places we’ve been
    It feels like you’re still there
    I live all those moments again
    Wishing you were here

    Since you’re gone
    There is an lonely heart
    Since you’re gone
    Nothin’ is like it was

    There are memories all over the place
    Bringin’ it back all so clear
    Remember all of those days
    Wishing you were here

    All those lonely nights
    I gotta fight for you, yes I do
    Yes I do

    Since you’re gone
    There is a heart that bleeds
    Since you’re gone
    I’m not the man I used to be

    I follow you steps in the snow
    The traces disappear
    We know what we’ve lost when it’s gone
    I’m wishing you were here

    All those lonely nights
    I gotta fight for you, yes I do
    Yes I do

  9. Swamy Ram Says:

    Dear asha….I belive, here churumuri is talking about the Media /TV coverage on the rally not about communist rule or Party. churumuri goes well with (old Mysore) filter cofe…

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