Thank god, you don’t need Aadhaar for bus ticket


Infosys co-founder, outgoing Unique Identity Authority chairman, and prospective Congress candidate from Bangalore South, Nandan Nilekani, takes a bus ride as part of the pre-poll schmoozing exercise, in Bangalore on Tuesday.

Ironically, the photo-opportunity happened on the day angry commuters were demanding increased bus services and not just in the IT-BT corridor which gets most of the attention.

Thankfully, the bus conductor did not holler out to the wannabe-MP to keep his legs in front of him.

Hopefully, the ace quizzer remembers the bus number.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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19 Responses to “Thank god, you don’t need Aadhaar for bus ticket”

  1. ARK Says:

    nice article… loved it

  2. NS Rao Says:

    I would love to see this person doing something for Bangalore with all the influence he has, apart from his NGO – be or be not a MP.

    BTW, do I see a disconnect in his sitting style and Body Language? Or, am i imagining?

  3. DHL Says:

    They are making syntheic Blended Diesel with waste plastics. Your Aadhar cards can be of use here.

    Please visit a little bit of some sense prevails.

  4. Mithila Says:

    The photo epitomises what’s in store for Infosys co-founder and outgoing Adhar Chief, even if he manages to win from Bangalore South. Looks like Nandan Nilekani is tolerantly accepting the rigour of Bangalore bus travel, considering Congress is staring at bleak prospects. And nothing great to achieve in the national capital after lok sabha elections.


  5. asha Says:

    The Nautanki has started. Churmuri will also post a picutre of Nilekani doing the rounds of mosques in Bangalore South wearing a skull cap and bum chumming with muslim voters..just asking. Nilekani after these mosque rounds has been certified “Secular” :)

  6. Nastika Says:

    Why does a billionaire take local transport? Obviously not to get from place to another.

    I hope he doesn’t resort to fallacy of ‘faulty generalization’ – believe his 1 time experience is the way things are in Bangalore public transport scene.


  7. asha Says:

    Here is a picture of Maulana Nilekani.. at a Bangalore South Mosque..getting his “Secular” certification :)

  8. babuds Says:

    There is nothing unique about Aadhar, the UID, other than probably the size of the card.

  9. pseudo Says:

    Dual standars of churumuri. Once you were behind demoting Yadiyurappa by posting funny picture with funny titles. Now you are promoting Nilekani.

  10. Ram Krishna Rao Says:

    He has been talking about mass transport systems. Why must you see it as an election gimmick?

  11. chanakya Says:

    And what about the nearly 50 lakh imported SUV that reportedly followed to pick him once he alighted? India is haunted by election time dramas… we will see political leaders sitting with slum dwellers, mechanics and others. Our country is full of hypocrites

  12. Rahul Says:

    Talking about transport, you should write about how Mr. Ananth Kumar the current MP is trying to appropriate the Metro and the Airport as things he did for Bangalore. He had nothing to do with both these projects nor did he move a finger as an MP. It amazes me to see people appropriate the hard work and effort others. Hope Mr.Nilekani genuinely works towards improving transport services across the city.

  13. Prof. Krishnamurthy Says:

    After flying in first class and private jets at Govt (helpless tax payers) expense all these years, Billionaire and Aadhaar Scam Nandan needs to first learn how to sit right in a BMTC bus, even it is a mere once-in-a-lifetime, publicity stunt.

    Perhaps he needs to instruct the ‘Socialist’ CM and Corrupt Transport Minister to induct more of the ‘Chinese-built’ BYD electric buses on Blr’s pot-holed, deadly roads, a white elephant battery-driven vehicle that costs a shocking 2.7 crores while a domestic Tata costs 45 lakhs and a Volvo costs 70 lakhs.

    Pls read some more excellent revelations in Churumuri from readers:

  14. Suma R Says:

    While the common man is left high and dry by our politicians and their publicity before elections, local papers mentioned that a Range Rover Evoque costing 2.8 crore’s, picked him up, immediately after the BMTC bus trip from Bommanahalli to Lal Bagh, that had paid media & photographers scrambling for snaps!

    BTW, when really local and Kannada speaking JDS Leader YSV Datta or BJP’s Suresh Kumar and a few others take a bus or Auto regularly, why did Nandan invite the press in advance, for a bus ride?

    Also considering the fact that Nilekani can’t even read Kannada (nor speak it fluently) did he board the correct bus?

  15. Shemej Says:

    “BTW, do I see a disconnect in his sitting style and Body Language? Or, am i imagining?”

    1. When people cross their arms across their chest, some times that indicates they are “defensive” or “hostile”.

    Nandan Nilekani knows this better than anyone else, as he might have interviewed many job candidates during his earlier career.

    I dont want to conclude that he could be “defensive” or “hostile”.

    2. He may be just “uncomfortable” to this new, slightly hostile environment. (Any unfamilar/new environment would make people defensive or slightly hostile.). Yes, Nandan nilekani has no need to feel comfortable in a BTS bus. This is not a natural act. As NS Rao indicated, no one sits in a BTS bus that way, unless, he is aware that he is the focus point of so many eyes. (And that exactly why he is sitting there– to become the focus point of voters).

    3. But, in this situation, his fists are not folded– That means, he may not be exactly hostile. But his face is firm (not exactly frowning.) — it is definitely not a smiling, pleasant, face of some one who enjoys the ride. His legs are not crossed. But he would fall down if he sits like that, in a moving bus…hence “wide open legs” dont convey any particular meaning…

    4. He could be just uncomfortable about his pot belly. When he sits in a car, or in a business suit no one can really notice that pot belly. But if he removes those cross arms, there would be nothing visible, except that pot belly– And he must be just doing that– covering that pot belly.

    5. In Indian context, crossed arms has other meaning. Vivekananda has his very famous photo– And most convent school teachers train the kids to sit in that position. By sitting in that position, one is supposed to exhibit that he is a “disciplined” kid. (But the impact of such disciplining would be just opposite ! ) He knows Bangalore south voters really like such “disciplined” kids. For many years there was one Root Number in Bangalore majestic BTS bus stand where people always stood on queue to take the bus– Jayanagar bus route. (Now a days, I cant see that– probably more and more south Bangalore house owners rent out their houses to undisciplined —Oh yes! but strictly vegetarian– North Indian/Mumbai/Gujarati kids to make quick money. No offence meant against North Indian vegetarians. Not all North Indians believe in untrained civil behaviour, mobocracy, communal riots etc… Many of them really have better civil sense than South Indians. )

    There is a problem with predominantly middle class voters– they give too much attention to what people show outwardly. If their candidate goes a cycle ride, or piggyback on a scooter, some of us assume he is the best candidate. We never understand why the same candidate later dance and drink with Niira Radia. We never inquire what is the motive? Most respected middle class voters would respect the privacy of others. We would never like to discuss why a man abandoned his wife and had a secret time with a young girl during Diwali. Yes, most of our Indian urban middle class members are so sophisticated and civilized that we forget to ask, why crores of rupees of Solar project contact was given without tender, to some one who stays during a Diwali with our leader. I am sure, our urban middle class voters would love to vote such a “disciplined kid” who sits crossed arm in BTS bus.

    I remember another South Bangalorean, who liked wine, would do quite unconventional things as a minister– mingle with low rungs of society more easily.. was a film star.. but got just a little over 5000 votes when contested in the same constituency….

    There was another famous Kannadiga who would attend Cabinet meetings and press conference with wrinkled kurta- when all other ministers were helped by media managers and professional make-up artists to wear their carefully chosen political uniforms– that Kannadiga had to migrate to north India to get elected, he would have never got elected from Bangalore South– More migrant labourers got benefited because of Konkan railway than business executives. So, why should we ever remember such leaders who from a rabble rouser of Railway workers, went on to become the most successful railway minister of Independent India… and became corrupt too, with the influence of a more urbane lady friend.

    Can we ever imagine to get a rabble rouser like Arvind Kejriwal as our candidate, to fight along with us to express our suppressed anger against the establishment, to be humiliated by every head constable, even when he is a Chief Minister, so that we would realize– here is a man– no different from us…..

    Just a dream…

  16. ERR Says:

    First came Ration card;then Seshan (voter ID) Card. Now it’s Nandan (UID) card :)

  17. Rajesh Hegde Says:

    A lot is being said about Nilekani being unable to read or speak Kannada. We must at least congratulate Nandan for having hired a professional Kannada language trainer for the past 2 months, ever since he was positioned as Rahul’s candidate.

    Consider the AAP’s candidates:

    • V Balakrishnan, former Infosys executive, will be fielded from Bangalore Central.

    • Ravi Krishna Reddy who had hopped over to the Aam Aadmi Party from Lok Satta is expected to contest from Bangalore Rural.

    • Babu Mathew will stand for AAP from the Bangalore North.

    In a nutshell, it is either billionaire Mallu’s or real-estate Telugu Reddy’s!

    While it is doubt full if any AAP candidates will win from Karntaka, key issue is that the fledgling party had the 3rd highest financial contribution from Karnataka, yet it does not have a single kannadiga in the fray!

    The fact that AAP could not find a genuinely ‘local’ Aam Aadmi from Bangalore or Karnataka, speaks volumes of how the original AAP has not only been infiltrated by politicians and North Indian goons but has rapidly metamorphosed itself into a party (suspected to be financially promoted by Congress-I) that is nothing but a bunch of crooked, cheap publicity-hungry anarchists who are now sadly guided by money pots.

    With a Mallu home minister in the Govt, I think the day is not far away, when we will have a majority of Karnataka ministers who are actually non-kannadigas! What a tragedy….

  18. Somaya Gowda Says:

    Finally the gloves are off and the AAP being a B-team of the Congress-I is completely exposed in Karnataka!

    V Balakrishnan, the former Infosys executive and venture capitalist wanted to stand from Blr South, a constituency that has the highest percentage of Infosys employees and former employees, apart from IT and BPO employees, many of whom are from North India.

    Under pressure from #10 Janpath House, the AAP high command in Delhi decided to agree and tangibly help Nandan Nilekani. To everyone’s utter disbelief, Aravind Kejriwal shifted Balakrishnan to an adjoining constituency where he has absolutely no chance of even retaining his deposit!

    Although by now, people are aware of Kejriwal’s soft corner for the Congress-I, it is a pity that instead of fighting the two big parties with a well-known candidate, he decided to boost Nandan Nilekani’s chances by fielding a low profile and unknown child rights activist called Nina Nayak in the prestigious Blr South constituency, instead of V Balakrishnan.

  19. Kalpana Says:

    The wannabe-MP from Congress-I is probably dreaming on the bus ride about his election prospects and the possibility of laughing his way to the bank!

    Bangalore South would have been the ideal platform to launch AAP in South India. The new party’s chances of a few genuinely good MPs in the next parliament would have been great had it retained the original ethos, spirit, image..etc and finally selected a few local, intellectual and iconic candidates.

    Sadly, with almost all the reputed, local and Kannadiga leaders including core members of the original anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s team, keeping themselves a mile or two away from the rapidly evolving AAP, including very popular and well-respected personalities like Mohandas Pai, Santosh Hegde, Azim al, the AAP regretfully, appears not only doomed but risks being branded as a Delhi dhania-jats-street-brats party that was a mega opportunity missed and a mere flash in the pan, thanks to the dictatorial antics of its leader, who is now getting exposed by the day!

    Instead of fighting the massive corruption, high command culture, dynastic rule, double talk and mega-scams by the ruling Congress-I for over a decade, the caste-based politics or internal warfare within the BJP and others like SP, RJD, DMK, TC, AIADMK, JDS..etc who all thrive in dividing us on caste, creed, religion, reservation and regional affinities, and also in the midst of tainted or criminal candidates from every single party across the spectrum, Kejriwal and his blind cronies in the AAP HQ, have off late, desperately thrown all the common man/aam aadhmi’s dreams, aspirations, ethics and accepted constitutional norms to the wind and shockingly ended-up doing a stupid, media-stunt-a-day exercise with a myopic vision.

    Meanwhile, talking about headline grabbing, photo-opportunities, will Nandan’s next PR stunt be to:

    Pump contaminated drinking water from a illegal bore well into a pvt water tanker or ride a BBMP garbage truck in Mandur or

    Issue a instant Khata certificate in Bommanahalli’s BDA office or

    Hand over a black-market LPG cylinder or

    Gulp a patiala in a extended hrs late night pub on church street or

    Asphalt on a pot hole in BTM Layout or

    Handover a apartment to a Dubai NRI in Sobha Global (owned by Minister D K Shivakumar) or

    Cut a ribbon for another tech park by Embassy Group (jointly owned by Home Minister K J George) or

    Pump adulterated moily oil in DG petrol bunk in Banashankari or

    most probably stand in a long queue at the illegal Bangladeshi/Bihari slum in Padmanabha Nagar for a Aadhar card?

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