One question I’m dying to ask Nandan Nilekani

Like Arvind Kejriwal overshadowed Anna Hazare leaving the old man suitably stumped and stupefied, Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani has taken a giant leap into electoral politics that should leave his former colleague, N.R. Narayana Murthy, moaning in his majjige-huli.

By joining the Congress a day after he was named the party’s candidate from Bangalore South, Nilekani has put his political money where his voluble mouth is, a far cry from Murthy, who after aiming to be the President of India, said he was happy to be India’s ambassador to the US, before finally returning to his parent—and sneaking in his son Rohan Murthy in a fit of meritocracy.

But parachuting in politics is the easy part, especially if you have the ear of Sonia Gandhi and the earpiece of Rahul Gandhi. The difficult part is landing, and in a few weeks from now, Bangalore South will show (and Nilekani will learn) if the “urban, educated, literate, middle-class” truly wants change, or if it is happy with Ananth Kumar.

On his YouTube channel, paid twitter messages, and super-soft interviews with business correspondents whom he courted in his previous avatar, Nilekani paints himself as a son of the soil, being born to a Minerva Mills employee, in Vani Vilas hospital, who lived in BTM layout, etc.

He even tries to speaks in Kannada.

But there is plenty Bangaloreans do not know of Nilekani. So, what is the one question you are dying to ask the Bangalore South candidate?

Like, have his number-crunchers already computed the victory (or defeat) margin on their computers? Like, will he run away, as NRN did from the Bangalore international airport project, at the first hint of criticism? Like, all Congressmen, does he too think Rahul Gandhi is god’s gift to Indian politics?

Like, does he see Rohini, Nihar or Janhavi taking over from him, should he win, in the best traditions of the Congress?

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101 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask Nandan Nilekani”

  1. Girish Hampali Says:

    I dont think NDN and NRN can be compared with AK & AH. AK was just a follower for AH but NDN was a peer to NRN.

    One takeaway for me from Nandan’s entry into active politics is that I now have a hope that many such guys will get into politics instead of cribbing about politics over a cup of tea.

    Ananth is an old horse from here and knows how to play his cards close to his chest. Nandan may just not be able to win on his current strenghts. Hope he doesnt do the same mistake in election that late shivarama karantha did.

    I am not sure if this is going to be serious contest or not!

    One question I am dying to ask him is will you continue in active politics even if you loose or try for a background entry again?

  2. Kempaiah Says:

    The Bangalore South Lok Sabha constituency is one of the largest in Karnataka, stretching from Govindraj Nagar to Vijay Nagar to Chickpet to B. T. M. Layout to Jayanagar and the new real estate gold-mine called Bommanahalli!

    I assume Nandan will tour the constituency extensively instead of AAP style publicity stunts or mere speeches.

    Some key issues/questions:

    • There is no drinking water! The tanker water mafia that is actually run by a bunch of Congress-I corporator’s who is in league with the corrupt officials in BWSSB and a ‘noted’ minister, charge an exorbitant rate of Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1500 per tanker, especially to the helpless apartments.

    • The constituency has the second highest no of land encroachment cases.

    • The so-called lakes are now tech parks or sewage dumps!
    All the lakes and storm water canals which were supposed to connect the lakes have been encroached with massive apartments and tech parks that have swiftly come-up. Added to the misery, a few the remaining lakes and canals have been turned into sewage canals. The few surviving lakes are now used to store sewage water!

    • Corruption is extreme and completely open, in all aspects of daily life.
    A well-known BBMP clerk in the bommanahalli BBMP office is now a multi-millionaire who owns 4 big bars, many corner sites, 2 shopping complex’s close to theBBMP Kudlu office apart from various apartments.

    • We have had multiple deaths due to the massive pot-holes on our roads. To add salt on the wound, the current Govt and BBMP, recently spent a shocking Rs 3 crores to cover just two potholes!

    • When can we really see some progress in crucial Infrastructure and Power? And a total stop to the pot-holes and road asphalting scams?

  3. Arvind Swaminathan Says:

    1) Don’t you think your candidature runs counter to Rahul Gandhi’s claims of democratising the party? I mean, you have suddenly landed in a constituency and deprived old Congressmen who have presumably been working to getting a ticket. If there had to be a primary to decide candidates, why not Bangalore South?

    2) Without the billions in your bank account, would you have been considered for a ticket? How much have you “contributed” to the Congress kitty to get this ticket?

    3) Can you honestly claim your election campaign will be within the stipulated EC ceiling?

  4. Fernandes Says:

    Just saw Nilekani’s interview in ‘Election Nama’ with Cong-I’s unofficial spokesman called Barkha Dutt on the unofficial Cong-I channel called NDTV!

    Except praising the Aadhar card project repeatedly, Nandan had not a single idea for eradicating the many lacunae’s of Bangalore and Karnataka. What’s more, to Barkha’s glee, Nilekani was cozying up and went on to even praise Aravid Kejriwal! Barkha Dutt was annoying at certain times, especially when she repeatedly asked if Nandan could be a PM?

    It was most obvious that the overnight technocrat to Congress-I neta, is not surprisingly, completely aloof from the problems and aspirations of the average Bangalorean or Kannadiga for that matter.

    For the forthcoming elections, on one hand we have a canny, anti-modi BJP crook that changed colors overnight when he realized his Jinnah-fan patriarch is a loser, while on the other hand, we have a billionaire non-local Pappu stooge who pays his way through all odds, including a buy-out and fixing of the AAP top brass!

    Well, the paid media and 4th estate may try their best to hoist all sorts of politicians but end of the day, the hard truth is that the poor, helpless voter in Blr is again caught in a completely futile scenario.

  5. asha Says:

    My questions to Nilekani:
    1) How much of your vote share is coming from the Illegal Bangladeshi voters provided with “Aadhar card” aka greencards for Illegal BDs?
    2) You represent a so called secular party, then why are you sporting only Fez caps and visiting Mosques in South Bangalore?
    3) How much money did you make out of the Aadhar card sti(u)nt and is it being used for election expenses?
    4) Why did you chose a tainted journalist and tainted media house known to whitewash congress misdeeds/corruption for your first TV interview?
    5) You are from IIT and how much of compromise did you have to make to accept a retard and his mother as your supreme leader?
    6) Some 30,000 Aadhar cards were found in a dustbin in Hyderabad, a state ruled by Congress and nobody claimed responsibility for this. Any comments?

  6. Shemej Says:

    9900 searches for “nandan nilekani” per month, (same as that for “yeddyurappa”) where as just less than 2000 searches for “ananth kumar” (even “veerappa moily” was searched more number of times – 3600 per month) Former never fell below 8000 and latter never went above 2000. Google trend shows a similar result-

    How many of those “nandan nilekani” searches were for business purpose?

    But “Nandan Nilekani” discussions didnt attract much facebook sharing in Churumuri. When one of Kejriwal discussion was shared more than 280 times in Churumuri, even a yechury related article was shared 24 times, “nandan nilekani” articles were shared 2 or 14 times. It shows “nanandan nilekani” doesnt inspire much enthusiasm among people, though the name was searched more online. In case of Ananth Kumar articles in Chrumuri, it is worse.(he was not focus point recently).

    ಅನಂತ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ಏನು ಇಲ್ಲಾಂದ್ರೆ, ಕನ್ನಡ (ಯಾವುದೇ ಸ್ಥಳೀಯ ಭಾಷೆ) ಮಾತನಾಡುತ್ತಾರೆ. ಆದರೆ ಅನಂತ ಕುಮಾರನ ಭಾಷಣಗಳು inspiring ಅಲ್ಲ. ಯಾವ ಭಾಷೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಇವರು (ನಿಲೇಕನಿಯವರು) ಮತಗಳನ್ನು ಕೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ?

    ಇವರಿಗೆ ವಿಶ್ವ ಬ್ಯಾಂಕಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಕೆಲಸ ಸಿಕ್ಕಿದೆಯಂತೆ. ಪ್ರೊಫಸರ್ ಕೆಲಸ ಸಿಕ್ಕಿದೆಯಂತೆ, ಆದರೆ ಹೋಗಲಿಲ್ಲ. ಮತ್ತೆ ಪ್ರಧಾನ ಮಂತ್ರಿ ಖುರ್ಚಿ ನೀಡಲಾಗುತ್ತದೆಯಂತೆ….

    If World Bank and America wants to push more and more technocrats to political leadership and as government heads, let World Bank also conduct some vernacular language training camps.

    If a candidate asks votes in some local language, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi or anything… people would consider him/her as one among them. If candidate asks votes in their own mother tongue (in majority of the cases, it is Kannada here), then people would love it. But if some one lived for decades in a city, but never learnt that language, then he/she is a misfit to represent that people. (I am not advocating language chauvinism). Remember, an MP is representing people. How can some one represent a people, without knowing their emotions, their feelings, their dreams, fear and anger? Well, I am not insisting he should learn local language to run a business or to reside in a locality– we are talking about representing the people of a locality….

  7. NS Rao Says:

    Will you be able to stop the Roll Call that your esteemed MLA from Chickpet does whenever a new construction is starting in his constituency? Standard fee is Rs.10 Lacs.
    Taking money to provide Bar Licenses in Residential Locality of Jayanagar (right next to houses near Madhavan Park)!! Excise DC, MLA, Corporator – all in cahoots!!!

  8. K Laxminarayana Rao Says:

    Knowledge of Kannada alone cannot be a qualification to ask for votes? Religion, language, cast should not be the criteria for electing a candidate. Ability, and Human nature only should be the criteria. Keep away such candidates who ask vote in the name of language, cast and religion. These are enemies of the country.
    Elect people like Nandan more and more so that we have people with ability to lead the Nation and not people who talk about religion, and talk in your local language. After all the language is only a tool for communication.

  9. Harkol Says:

    I do have a question that I’d like to ask Nandan, but I am certainly not dying to ask it!!

    What exactly was he thinking when he said he doesn’t mind ‘Rahul being his boss’ and “rahul being an agent of change”? How a person whose only qualification for the job is that he grew from the right sperm, can be an agent of change, when he represents that status quo of G-Family that’s ruled India for almost all of its existence post-independence?

    I like him as a candidate, but, won’t the voters be cheated when he is forced to vote (using party whip) for brain dead schemes? How can he implement his ideas, which may be liberal & pro-growth, when Congress stands for the 1970s crony-socialism?

    I don’t even want to discuss corruption, because there isn’t much to choose between Congress and BJP there. But, surely it is a shame that one of our best examples of meritocracy, needs to cow-tow to our worst example of aristocracy!

    He could’ve done much better.

  10. Harkol Says:


    Nandan speaks Kannada. Not the fluent Bangalore Kannada that we are used to, it sounds a bit like a non-kannadiga speaking Kannada. I find that strange, as he was born and brought up in Karnataka and even his father hails from North-Canara.

    I guess speaking only Konkani (Very much a Karnataka Language) at home, and english in school never helped!!

    But, I am one of those who think language is for communication, and as long as you can communicate, it doesn’t matter how ‘pure’ is your language.

    I am not particularly fond of pure Kannada speaking folks, who spew “ಭೋಸುಡಿ ಮಗ” every now and then!

    I vote in Bangalore central, so I don’t have the dilemma. But, if I had to chose between Ananth and Nandan, it’d be Nandan Nilekani – Hands down.

    But, If I have to choose from Congress and BJP, it is BJP in this election.

    I suspect a lot of Bangalore south folks will do NOTA or AAP this time!!

  11. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I am with Shemej on this!

  12. Mithila Says:

    Who cares how our political parties pick their candidates? A standard reaction of any party worker. Because he is helpless having absolutely no role in the selection process. And also because his party is an empty shell in which it is hard to make a big noise. But he is supremely aware that: unrepresentative cliques fix the candidates and his leaders are dependent on dubious sources of funding. If you agree with this,then the obvious question is: will Nandan Nilekani accept party funding to run his election campaign. Or will he burn his own money? ( Forbes puts Nilekani and family’s worth at Rs 8,600 crore).The general belief is that Nilekani is a clean candidate against BJP’s five-term MP Ananth Kumar.


  13. asha Says:


    Nandan is a Teflon Kannadiga..who can utter these golden words..”Namma Bengaluru”…that should :)

  14. dr ramesh Says:

    CONGRESS agreed to extend nightlife in Bangalore yielding to TECHIE LOBBY, resulting in nonstop booze and disco parties. Congress saw votes in the decision ….this implies
    Techies in Bangalore are booze,drug hungry species who can be made to vote for a political party enmasse by giving booze and disco parties…….
    BPAC and other technocrats organisations are damaging the city, tearing the cultural fabric of city….
    Kannadigas beware, think or else …. no home for kannadigas in Bangalore….

  15. Manava Says:

    I do not know Nandan Nilekani. Nehru used to utter the word “tamamsha” pointing out the machinations of other parties, which his party seems to be practicing by parachuting this person. I do not care about him as I left the country long time ago. But I do care about those hapless folks in this large constituency amidst with whom I lived once and who used to wave me with friendly smile when I was bicycling to work as a young engineer.

    My one question to him Just what is in it for you?

  16. M Says:

    People are DYING from the QUESTION Nandan asked: Why not Adhar? Our gas supply was disconnected despite getting Adhar number and registering it with the Oil Companies online.

  17. Goldstar Says:


    I vote from South Bangalore, and I am going to vote for slimy Ananth Kumar, only because that’s the only way I can show support for NaMo. Though I respect Nilekani ( I am an ex-Infoscion ), I cannot in my right conscience vote for UPA… no way !!

    @dr. Ramesh,
    your rants about the so-called techie community never ceases to amuse me… If only those things were true.

  18. Yella Ok Says:

    Sorry, nandan. not this time. another election, another party, maybe. this time is modi’s time.

  19. Vinay Says:


    Dr. Ramesappa prefers that all Kannadigas should eat Ragi Mudde and soppu saaru, and drink local arrack instead of going to pubs. If a mannina maga in some halli gets drunk on arracks and rapes some cycle-borne girl, it is acceptable, but if a male and a female get drunk in a pub and get into a hotel room and have sex, it is unacceptable.

    That is Dr. Ramesappa for you.

  20. Shemej Says:

    I was shocked when two of my good friends (Doddi and Asha) endorsed my views. I realized I made some big mistake somewhere. Went straight to home. Looked at the mirror. Realized, I need to correct myself.

    Clarification: When it comes to election, I don’t distinguish between cobra or a viper. I don’t vote for any of these two parties. Just because I said something against Congress doesn’t mean I support BJP. No offence meant against poor reptiles. Even if respected individuals like BK Chandrashekar, Jairam Ramesh or Yeshwant Sinha joins these parties, such parties don’t become less harmful. Anant and Nilekani are respected people, but am I the only person who doesn’t see any special virtue in these two gentlemen?

    I don’t support language chauvinism in any way. Remember VK Krishnamenon didn’t get a Congress ticket from North Mumbai constituency, just because he was South Indian. If the candidate and his political vision is good, then he/she is okay. My emphasis is only this, if candidate do not know the local language that is definitely “one negative”. But here, this gentleman never learnt the language spoken by people in the street, despite living here all these years ! So many people blame Sonia Gandhi that she is Not Indian etc. But I salute, she speaks Hindi. (Kannada, Tamil or what ever …) And this gentleman who lived decades here, had to take a private tuition during the last two months !

    Tuition Classes for MPs—

    Okay, I am going to start a tuition class to teach what are the problems faced by ordinary people—Yes, voting Aadmis are also welcome !

    Lesson number 1- How to control anger and Not to join Maoists, when you stand hours in a queue to get enrolled for Aadhaar Card and later, when you don’t have 1300 rupees in hand to pay advance and have no other means to cook daily food. Lesson number 2- How to remain a patriotic Indian to support India’s IT revolution, when your farm land was forcefully acquired for throw away price and later allotted to IT company. Lesson No. 3 – How to change a country’s National anthem, if our business clients consider it as boring, old fashioned, husky chanting and growling of meaningless words.

    Fees- You can pay in US Dollars, under the direct cash transfer scheme, you can credit that to my bank account. No receipt would be issued. Thanks and Get lost !

    “Keep away such candidates who ask vote in the name of language, cast and religion. These are enemies of the country.”
    I respect that view. Fully endorse what Sri. K Laxminarayana Rao said. (Though, I would never, never and never ask anyone to vote either Nilekani or Ananth Kumar).

    “language is for communication, and as long as you can communicate, it doesn’t matter how ‘pure’ is your language.” — To admit the truth, my written Kannada is poor. (English too). Hence, I would never say some one should speak good Kannada ..(Tamil, Hindi etc. ) Thanks Harkol, for giving better clarity.

  21. Faldo Says:

    He says that he could be effective in the Parliament irrespective of which party comes into power. If so, why did he not choose to contest as an independent supported by Congress or any other party? One feels that such a move would have gained him more credibility without the voters associating him with all the sins of the present government.

  22. dr ramesh Says:

    These despots do not raise their voice for providing drinking water to fluorosis affected people of karnataka, but want 24 hrs non stop booze, drugs and disco. Next in line may be sex bars…
    If these these corporate tsars are encouraged , the days when kannadigas will be kicked out of Bangalore, Mysore by nefarious designs by BPAC, ABIDE, VISION GROUPS are not far off…

  23. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Kudos to Nandan Nilekani for subjecting himself to the electorate. That takes a lot of guts and conviction.

    Also kudos to him that he isn’t trying to give a non-answer on “why Congress?”. Unfortunately for him, the Congress stopped standing for the values it claims to stand for sometime after independence.

  24. asha Says:


    I would like my representative in Parialment to speak the local language fluently and also participiate in the LS debates speaking in the local language only…he is representing my state and not some corporate house to talk in english which half the people in LS do not understand anyways. Nandan’s language skills however, are least of my problems, I am worried about his insincerity and dishonesty and recklessness in fathering Aadhar card and putting the country’s security at stake..for this alone he should be made to lose his deposit and I will do everything in my power to this end.

  25. Vishal Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    Who are you voting for?? Your favorite candidate will be in Hassan. Btw, please dont give ideas like sex bars….they might actually work in favor of the party that allows them.

  26. nilesh Says:

    My question –you are speaking of change, will you kindly support my demand for changing infosys software installed in BESCOM as it is not working for the past 18 months, Please stand near the BESCOM bill counter and you will get a good tuition on spoken kannada

  27. Suma Says:

    One key question, I would like to ask the Billionaire:

    Can you successfully ride a two wheeler for a mere 2 KMs in the deadly roads of Blr South at peak hour and use it as a media pho-op?

  28. Lobo Says:

    Pappu and the Congress-I’s last hope is illegal immigrants and vote banks! Tragically, Nandan’s pet baby, the Aadhar scheme cost the country and tax payers, a shocking amount of Rs. 30,000 crores.

    My question is:

    How much of the massive amount went into the coffers of #10 Janpath?

    How much of it is being splurged on the elections?

  29. Kamath Says:

    Key Question:

    When will are these elitist, non-kannadiga AAP dodo’s trying their lottery for a MP ticket from the 2-3 seats across real-estate & IT boom town Blr, going to come to your help (in-sync with what is happening everywhere, not just Delhi), especially when you consider the fact that the only reason for AAP to hoist or rather forcefully impose, Tamilian’s, Telugu’s and Mallu’s on the educated middle-class of Jayanagar, Chickpet, Banashankari…in-fact, whole of Bangalore & Karnataka, is a totally futile attempt to split the BJP votes.

    BTW, I am ignoring the persistent rumors that AK & his north Indian goons, had sold-out all the tickets and already earned massive black money, running into unaccounted millions, much before the elections!

    While time is running out, is it a mere coincidence (or a fixed match?) that two former colleagues (both billionaires) who were on the board of one of the world’s biggest legitimized slave-trade operator, are now working hand-in-glove for the Congress-I’s Team A and Team B?

  30. Rajesh Says:

    @ asha

    Let me salute you for the inspiring comments!

    Indicates that despite repeated setbacks, the majority of locals and Kannadiga’s in/from Blr in-particular, who nowadays feel so isolated in their own soil and environ, are not that meek or retarded or forever resigned to fate!

    Well, people need to be made aware that Nandan’s futile run to be a MP, is just another pseudo-local, billionaire’s fancy adventure….remember he can do it a 100 more times on his own (in fact, he admitted it on Friday to TOI) when questioned about his fortune.

    Finally my one single question to Nandan is:

    Can your next photo-op be on the roads of Bommanahalli where a 4-year old, innocent child was run-over when she fell off a two wheeler driven by her dad, due to a massive pot hole, right in the center of the arterial road? A pot hole that has only been temporary repaired by a so-called poor ‘socialist’ CM, ever since.

  31. dr ramesh Says:

    For me, Kannada comes first… rest follows…. regional parties, only solution to India’s problems.
    Bangalore south— however good credentials of a candidate may be, if he is anti- kaannada, he belongs to dustbin for me…….
    My vote is for a kannadiga or for a person who respects Kannada sentiments..

    Group of CORPORATES consisting of TECHIE tsars feel EXTENDED NIGHT LIFE IN BANGALORE with DRUG SHOTS, BOOZE AND VOLUPTUOUS BLONDES AND BABES…is a way of development. Its a way to inculcate values in youth….
    Big chunk of misguided youth fed on CAPITALIST JIHAD support these corporates….

    but…there are hundreds of kannadiga youths including me trying hard to rescue misguided youths from CORPORATE JIHAD… give them a comforting shoulder to rest upon and come out of this quagmire ….

  32. the colonel Says:

    dear nilesh,

    i support your demand on bescom. i just does not work, when the same Govt can make BWSSB work a breeze.

    as far as BSNL is concerned if you pay in advance the money gets lost somehere, and they cant find it.

  33. nilesh Says:


    last time i voted for p.c.mohan, have not heard seen him. This time will not vote for wastebodies. Maybe will try aap

  34. rajesh kumar Says:

    churumuri, your mix of churumuri is not right,

    NN was pulled out of infosys by luring him into Adhaar project, to weaken Infosys leadership, if NN had continued in Infosys, it would have reached greater heights. What is adhaar project, just like your ration card, it is meant to cut subsidy of middle class (gas) and give money to labor class (mnreg).

    who is getting benefit out of it, all the MNC companies involved in the project like NEC (japan), computer H/W manufacture companies by supplying server, computer, nodal agency which collect data, this project is not for the development of Indians, it is for the development of MNC companies and for vote bank politics of political parties.

    Also the database on which the data is getting stored is provided by an american company, which has been VC funded by CIA, now tell me why CIA is intrested in Adhaar project,

    They can get all the ready data of Indians (eye, finger print, bio-metric data, bank usage details, gas usagae details) now connect the dots and with all the data they will use it for pushing US based MNC company into india or steal data of our defence personnel and use it against us ……..

  35. Shreekar Says:

    @Shemej and Harkol

    2 small points…

    One of the successful Chief Ministers, Naveen Patnaik of Orissa, did not know Odissi language when he became the CM. Even today he reads out his speech in Odissi written in the Roman script.

    Konkani is not a “very much Karnataka Language. It is the State Language of Goa and is spoken in coastal Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala.

  36. Satish Says:


    While your modi-baiter, most crooked-flunky of Advani has not done an iota of tangible or really useful work all these years, don’t you think, the Millions you are spending on your campaign, could be better utilized for some noble projects in Blr south, or Karnataka, especially in infrastructure, power, safe roads, water..etc.

    How do you justify the Rs. 30,000 ponzi-scam called Aadhar? With the BJP promising to stop it as soon as they come to power, aren’t such massive expenditures a cruel joke on helpless people?

    Thanks to you connections, financial clout & support, both your children prefered the US to settle down. What is your commitment to Karnataka & India?

    All the best.

  37. DHL Says:

    I just saw an interview on Rajya Sabha Channel while channel surfing. The claim is China is going away from Globalization, building, catering to its own Country. Chinese IT is actually bigger than Indian IT.

    Sold people can cater to Urban, which very much also needs attention, but vast majority of Indians are Rural.

    China may be Communist, brutal, corrupt Dictatorship, also with Urban Aparthied. They have a Vision for One china, and are not selling out on their Nationalistic Ideals.

  38. debasisha mohapatra Says:

    I am dying to ask what is that Ananth Kumar has to make him a candidate.LKA should not be able to save him after the election.Bur who knows the wily rodent,could lick NaMo’s shoes and strut around again.

  39. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Ramesappa:

    What “comforting shoulder” will you give the youth of Bangalore? You will give them joblessness, not even enough for one ragi-mudde per day.

  40. Shemej Says:

    “One of the successful Chief Ministers, Naveen Patnaik of Orissa”


    He has done better job for the Adivasis for sure, compared to Gujarat and some other states. Still large number of Tribals are evicted from their land to allow the Corporates to loot minerals and natural resources. No one asks where they go and how they survive.

    Naveen Patnaik brought in development to Odissa for no doubt. But that is not inclusive growth. Tribals and other poorer sections are suffering in Odissa.

    Large number of Tribals are losing their land in Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat as the governments are forcefully evicting Adivasis from their land, and these poor tribals are forced to work as agricultural workers with meager wages in others’ land.

    From 2001 to 2011, in the seven states – Gujarat, Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra , Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha, over 5.6 million tribals joined the ranks of agricultural labourers, while another 1.6 million shifted to non-agricultural work, abandoning cultivation.

    In Gujarat the number of tribal cultivators declined by over 15% in the past decade while the number of tribal agricultural labourers went up by 41% . Despite being a highly industrialized state, the tribal employment in non-agricultural jobs increased by only 12% in Gujarat.

    Dayabhai Jadav, a social activist from Modasa in Gujarat’s Aravalli district, says that tribals are forced to leave their lands and seek other work because they can’t afford to buy fertilizers and seeds, and also because often their lands are degraded, with no irrigation. “Rich farmers send contractors who give advances to poor tribal families, and then escort them to big farmers’ lands for farming. Usually the tribal family gets paid one-fifth or one-fourth of the share for their labour,” Jadav says.

    -Times of India, 10th Nov, 2013.

  41. harkol Says:


    I believe it is a mistake for India to have division of states on the basis of languages. This has caused chauvinism. The division should’ve been more from perspective of administrative efficiency rather than language.

    Reality: Konkani, Tulu, Kodava, Barry, Marati, Telugu, Tamil, Kshatra, English (and others) are as much Karnataka languages as they are of different states, because there is a substantial number of speaking these within state territory.

    For eg. In Karwar taluk Konkani is spoken by 78% of people. Should they be called Goans?

    There is substantial number of people speaking various border languages as their mother tongue, but have for generations (i.e. hundreds of years) lived in what is now Karnataka, thus making their languages part of state’s languages & State’s heritage.

  42. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Ramesappa:

    The capitalists whom you are ranting against, are the only hope for youngsters all over the nation. People need jobs. Socialist retards would throw some ragi-mudde and soppu-saaru at the youth and leave them to fend for themselves.

    What can you do for the youth apart from ranting on blogs?

  43. Nastika Says:

    Some questions, I can answer :)

    @rajesh kumar
    MongoDB is a open source project. Anybody can donate – you, me or CIA. That is the way open source community grows. Glad that UIDAI chose ‘free’ software (free as in free speech) than a white elephant (like Oracle database).

    1) If NN spends 1 crore on election, with that amount he can lay 1KM tar road or dig 20 bore wells. How much infrastructure can you build with campaign money?

    2) UIDAI is not ponzi scheme, because nobody is investing. Goal of UIDAI is to provide ID proof to those who don’t have ID proof. Aadhar is redundant document for you & me. And each ID provided costs Rs 100 to Govt. Hence for 1 billion people, it costs 10,000 crores.


    BTW, I have no questions to NN, since I know if he wins he will warm the benches of Parliament. Not sure how good his Hindi is, but he won’t debate or discuss, since Parliament is not board room.


  44. Goldstar Says:


    Please don’t bother about Dr. Ramesappa. He is living in the past, where the IT guys were being paid in spades, and they were of the partying, boozing types.

    I joined the IT industry in one of the biggest services company in 1998. The joining pay of a fresher in the same company has just doubled of what I used to get in those days, 16 years earlier.

    These days I go for recruitment to colleges around KA, and hundreds of Kannadigas are getting jobs in IT for the past 5-6 years. Many companies including mine celebrate Rajyothsava day also.

    Dr. Ramesappa doesn’t know these facts… As I said he is a relic of the past. Let him be.

  45. naaga Says:

    Appending appa/iah/anna/avva/akka/amma to a name makes him/her if you want make someone sound like a bumpkin? whats next ? append hindi names make you sophisticated?

  46. dr ramesh Says:

    Relic of the past may be, but relic is time tested, durable… not brittle like the present ones.
    CONGRESS, BJP immediately sanctions the wants of CORPORATE TSARS but lakhs of kannadigas have demanding the implementation of sarojini mahishi report since 30 years ……no interest.
    Jayanagar has big craters in its streets from past 5-6 years, no interest.
    GERIATRIC POPULATION will be affected by LATE NIGHT Rave parties, disco dhamakas in their neighbourhoods…people in their 70-80 ‘s , what can they do…. protest….. no chance.
    CORPORATE TSARS wanted to satisfy their lust….. extended night life……

    What about a simple inflation hit kannadiga doctor’s voice… it useless in this democracy ?
    PUTIN is far better, a mahatma when one sees what’s happening in India.

  47. Vinay Says:


    Dr. Ramesappa has old and long-standing connections to churumuri, and by extension, to the rest of us. Don’t be too hasty in your pronouncements and conclusions. And how does Hindi come into the picture here? Why so much “complex”?

    Dr. Ramesappa:

    If you are a “simple inflation hit Kannadiga doctor”, everyone else it “inflation hit” too. Even the people who go and dance in discos and drink in pubs. Yes, believe it or not.

    If you are an “inflation hit Kannadiga doctor”, try to find out the reasons and causes of inflation. Try to find out what the problem is. If you do your study diligently enough, you will figure out that your constant rants in favour of “socialism” are worsening the problem instead of solving it.

    Even the people whom you hate, the new middle-class of India, are as affected by potholes in Jayanagar, as geriatrics and “inflation hit Kannadiga doctors”. The question is, how are pubs and discos related to these governance and implementation issues?

    The problem with you is that you ignore the real issues and solutions in your rants against IT, techies, middle-class, etc.

  48. Meena Says:

    You guys are not asking the right question! Here it is:

    You say, you started with Rs.10000/-.

    Is it not true that you team walked off with orders from Patni and with that in hand, got bank working capital? One of the order was from Reebok..

  49. Basavaraj Says:

    Making the first ever public declaration of his wealth, Congress-I’s Nandan Nilekani said he and his wife Rohini hold assets worth Rs 7,700 crore, by far the highest for any Indian candidate in the upcoming general election!

    Speaking to Economic Times at the Jayanagar BBMP office, Nandan said ‘More than 80% of my wealth is in the form of shares of Infosys, so I am actually not that rich and have no black money’.

    Well, whatever is his definition of being rich; the pseudo Kannadiga who has so far managed to memorize just 2-3 lines of Kannada and uses his wife as a translator during the campaign in Blr South, has according to his official declaration, strangely got poorer, after heading the mega Rs. 30,000 crores Aadhar project!

    One of the innumerable mega-scams of the UPA Govt, the controversial ponzi scheme now has a 600 million biometric database, that has been executed without a single law to protect privacy. Talking about beneficiaries, today, a suburb in Delhi called Gurgaon alone has around 50,000 illegal Bangladeshis with a genuine Aadhar card! It is the same across India, thanks to the billionaire elitist’s master stroke, under the patronage of Rahul Gandhi.

    According to Forbes, Wikipedia and multiple other sources, Nandan has had a steep and incremental rise in his wealth over the past five years and is among the 22 billionaires who has massively benefitted during the Cong-I’s rule. Despite his claims and ‘official declaration’ of personal wealth of around 7000 crores, the reputed Forbes magazine has estimated his personal fortune in 2013, at a staggering $1.6 Billion USD!

    BTW, just to give you a better idea of what the Don Quixote, probably means by “I am actually not that rich”, the Election Commission will spend Rs 3,500 crores in conducting #Elections2014. Even if we were to believe his official declaration, Nandan Nilekani can easily finance 2 nationwide elections & still have 700 crores of pocket change left to splurge!

    Key Question to Nandan: What exactly are your plans and how much are you planning to splurge for improving Bangalore’s pathetic infrastructure and the common man’s daily needs?

  50. Nagi Says:

    the Aadhar project is an identity project i.e it is to be used by people who otherwise are ineligible for some basics of life eg. banking services etc simply because they do not for eg have a permanent address.It is to be used by service providers of all kinds,bot govt as well as private sector to determine the identity of the person and then provide the service.An example is the issuance of a mobile SIM card-todya the cost of enrolling a person as a customer is Rs100-this will come down to rs5 with Aadhar besides saving paper which means saving the environment. Any government that discards Aadhar is dumb-You have 600mn people of India with unique ids-it is not very smart to dump aadhar.My own view is that a non-congress govt will definitely deploy it but possibly,under a new name!

  51. Manohar Says:

    I would have respected Nandan if he had gone with any party except the looting congress, or even if he stood as an independent candidate. The words coming out of the mouths of people like Nandan and Rahul are 180 degrees opposite to what their party does.

  52. misguiding comments Says:

    Is interesting that no one is concerned about Palmer, Phanish or VISA scandals and the ratio of non-Kannadiga at top hierarchy and Karnataka not even having a IIT till now just because these IT czars wanted to rule at the top!

  53. misguiding comments Says:

    harkol is such a oppurtunistic that to speak Tulu he politicizes 78% of karwar’s konkani. he does not speak kannadigas in goa, bombay and tamil nadu and campaign for them in those parts but comes here to spread anarchy. mir sadiq and tughlaq had their own ways of conversion – much better than these turds – shows why kings calculated how these type of mogrels begging for power can be subsided.

  54. Shreekar Says:

    @ Harkol
    As usual, I agree with most of your views.

    Reg ” In Karwar taluk, Konkani is spoken by more than 78% of people. Should they be called Goans?”

    As your very first para itself states, division should have been made based on administrative efficiency. Thus, it would make sense if Karwar were to become part of Goa.

    Panaji is so near than Bangalore for Karwaris among whom I was one for some time.

  55. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    I dont think Bangalore IT guys on this forum are unsympathetic to your problems. You are blaming the wrong people.

    Late night parties are part of a lifestyle many youngsters in cities aspire to. Like it or not, lifestyles are influenced by West ideas. Socialism which you seem to respect is essentially a Western idea too.

    The solution to minor problem of loud parties is not making war on IT or techies. Sure ban disco damakas at people house’s and allow it to happen in youth centers which are in non-residential areas. What would the problem be with that? Why blame youngsters if our system cannot plan for basic things like providing space for recreation of youngsters?

    Loudspeakers and overcrowding from temples, mosques, shows etc. are a much worse problems for geriatric residents of Jayanagar. You have written supporting such activities by ‘local youth’. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Please see other side of problem.

    Inflation has hit everyone, including friends, relatives and acquaintances of techies. They are not unsympathetic. They are Indians and kannadigas too. I bet they are willing to make sacrifices if they can see a good solution. Initiatives like BATF however imperfect, are moves in the right direction. And they have active support of IT people. But will others, including government employees and politicians be willing to rise above dysfunction, make sacrifices and plan for the future in return?

    About corporate tsars, you have a point, but how different are they from any other leaders we have – political or film based?

    Please read about Putin’s relationship with the current oligarchs in Russia. Not saying that it is bad or good, but what has he got to do with anything?
    Putin wont solve our mess. He wont know where to start. Our leaders will never to be able to act like Putin since they are leading Indians, not Russians.

    Boss, I bet every Karnataka person on this thread will understand your struggle with inflation. They are not from some other planet.

  56. Anonymous Guy Says:

    “UIDAI is not ponzi scheme.”

    What sort of scheme is it then?

  57. Shetty Says:

    We all know that the only key benefit of the Aadhar project has been illegal Nepali, Bangladeshi’s, Pakistani’s and Sri Lankan’s across India. No wonder we even have a sting operation on the subject.

    Considering all this, the key question to Nandan is:
    Forget about becoming a MP, apart from refunding the helpless tax payer of the massively ridiculous expenditure, don’t you think you deserve to be in the confines of the Tihar Jail?

  58. Nastika Says:

    @Anonymous Guy,
    Who are the investors in UIDAI ponzi scheme and how much did each invest?

    FYI, Aadhar card is not proof of residency. Aadhar is just a number for a set of bio-metrics. The key idea of Aadhar is to uniquely identify an individual. So with Aadhar, the bluff of Ram of Ayodhya & Krishna of Mathura can be called, since they are in fact Vishnu’s identities.


    So the question you guys need to ask is,
    Should India spend Rs 100 per citizen and achieve the capability of uniquely identifying all the people withing its borders?
    And is that capability useful & worth it?


  59. Suma K Says:

    Thanks to his billions, the ‘Aadhar’ villian may not lose his deposit; but considering the latest SC ruling as well as TV channel stings, Nandan truely deserves to be thrown into the parappana agrahara central jail in Blr.
    Atleast, the convicts & fellow scamsters out there, will force him to learn Kannada, rather than repeating a single word called Bangaloru, in his English vocabulary.

  60. Vinay Says:

    Anonymous Guy makes a good point. Dr. Ramesappa has great concern for the “geriatric population of Jayanagar”, but if Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations with loud music and processions on the street are organized in Jayanagar, he will clap his hands in glee and vilify anyone who dares speak against it.

    As though “youth” are going to dance and drink on the streets or in parks. Huh. On the contrary, “youth” are going to dance and drink in pubs and discos, in closed soundproof structures from where the sound won’t even escape. Whereas Dr. Ramesappa’s beloved Rajyotsava celebrations are going to take place in public, and are a real disturbance to “geriatric people of Jayanagar”.

    The hypocrisy and double standards are evident here. The fact is that Dr. Ramesappa has some weird hate for “IT people”, “techies”, “corporate culture”, and so on. Everything he says is just an extension of this hate.

  61. Prakash Says:

    Can some one explain as to how on earth is this slave-trade-IT tsar turned Rahul flunky, qualified to become a MP?

    Incidently, the skeletons are already falling apart, much before the obvious collapse of a mega-scams UPA rule.

    Check this out:

  62. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Nastika, I have written about my thoughts about Aadhar in this thread, and how bad it will likely be in the long run:

    I didnt say it was a ponzi scheme, you did. I think it is in a different league. If you get some time, please read the thread comments, and let me know what you think. I would be interested to hear what good you think will come out of this grand scheme in the long run.

  63. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Dr. Ramesh,

    When I said: “I dont think Bangalore IT guys on this forum are unsympathetic to your problems.”

    I didnt mean Vinay. He does not like you for some reason :)

  64. Jayashree Prasad Says:

    Again the Indian Tax payer money was looted by UPA…old scam in new bottle as Aadhar..made for failure…

    Unraveling the ‘Uniqueness’ of UIDAI
    What was supposed to be a unique identification number providing identification and access to a host of government benefits and services, ‘Aadhaar’ has almost unvaryingly been extended to anybody residing within Indian territories.
    Almost anyone, be it Indian or an illegal immigrant can get an Aadhaar Card made without any proof of identity. More importantly, they get a numbered identity.
    The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the nodal agency that issues Aadhaar cards however seems oblivious to all this. Cobrapost, exposes the underbelly of Aadhaar, which was for long touted as Government of India’s most ambitious programme.
    The Inside Story: Posing as a conduit or an immigrant applicant, our Cobrapost correspondent, Md Hizbullah, poses as a benefactor of refugees from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and approached a dozen Aadhar enrollment offices.
    He tells them that these immigrants have no proof of identity or proof of address but need help in getting an Aadhaar card.
    The convenience, with which almost each of the Aadhaar enrollment officers gave assurances to not only provide the Aadhaar Card but also a proof of Indian identity, wasn’t surprising. Without a prescribed rulebook for the fraud, it was up to these officers to make their demands. Most of them were reluctant initially, but gave in when the applicant agreed to the prescribed fees.
    The negotiations happened and a time was fixed for the applicant to come. Almost in all cases, the Aadhaar officers asked for a photograph and address written on a piece of paper for the purpose of making an affidavit, as proof of identity. The affidavit had to be countersigned by the local MLA or a gazetted officer thus making it valid. No one bothered to check the antecedents of our immigrant applicants.
    From charges as low as Rs 500 to as high as Rs 2500, the ‘Aadhaar officers’ agreed to make Aadhaar Cards for applicants without any proof of identification or proof of address. These are the same people who have been entrusted to securely collect and send the biometric and demographic data of an individual to UIDAI’s data collection centre in Bangalore, Karnataka.
    In a recently filed RTI query by a former defence scientist and RTI activist, Mathew Thomas, it has been found that UIDAI has not cared to check the antecedents of the companies that have been enlisted to collect biometric data. He alleges that the RTI made it clear that the data is being made accessible to foreign countries as these companies are owned by former CIA and FBI officials. Thus, clearly enough our personal data may just be sold to these companies who may use it in any manner they fancy.
    In an interview published on 14th January, 2011 in the Hard News Magazine, Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Chairman UIDAI, on being reminded that biometrics have been known to malfunction when such a large number of people are involved said, “I think it will work despite the problems. Obviously, when you implement a brand new technology, there will be challenges. But, fundamentally, it will work. In a context where many people have no identity and the ways of authenticating identity are not very robust, the fact that we are taking this to 99.99 per cent of the population is in itself a huge improvement. We must look at the programme’s progress in terms of where we are and where we are going.”
    With no or extremely feeble privacy laws in place, it has become imperative for India to declare ‘Right to Privacy’ as a fundamental right. A draft bill, which was introduced by the then law minister, M. Veerappa Moily in 2011 has still not been passed by the parliament. Indian citizens cannot defend themselves in the wake of a loss of privacy.
    For now, agencies like the UIDAI, who have vast deposits of the biometric and demographic details of billions of Indians can function without any trepidation.
    Evidently, the Government of India is not bothered about malfeasance and neither does it care if common citizens like us, who have unknowingly given their personal details, have any right to disclosure.
    UIDAI knew India had a population of more than a billion and with a growth rate of almost 1.5% per year, it was bound to increase. Providing a unique identification number is not wrong but the manner in which UIDAI collected biometric data and proof of identity was.
    With enrolment centers functioning as fly-by-night operators, charging varying amounts of fees for manufacturing Indian identities for non-Indian applicants, capitalizing on their nexus with their local MLAs in generating a parallel line of business, Aadhaar has failed on all parameters it was based on.
    It has yet again proved that populism oriented, government mandated schemes do not work in a country with such humongous demographics. Perhaps, Nandan Nilekani should first accommodate more questions to justify UPA’s most ambitious programme than to blatantly promote his candidature for the Lok Sabha 2014 elections.

  65. dr ramesh Says:

    A shoe how so expensive it may be ultimately at the end of the day belongs to the shoe rack not the kitchen…..
    a leader or a govt. Should know where to keep the corporate …….kitchen or shoe rack…..

    ITS UNFORTUNATE THAT extended night life, disco has become synonymous with IT WORK CULTURE…
    IT TSARS openly lobby for that….. they have exposed themselves ….
    Couple of days back….MARATHALLI in Bangalore where IT species freely move about……. HOLI…rain dance was arrenged for youths mostly techies…. obscene activities in public…..
    Where is the end ?

    AADHAR—-most unscientific, illogical govt.scheme ever in independent India was given go ahead to accommodate a TECHIE CORPORATE, what’s the result?
    I harbour no hate towards any individual or a group. Govt should stop treating IT CORPORATES as above constitution.

  66. Mukunda Says:

    Before I ask Nandan Nilekani or the others my question, let me first analyze the Pros and Cons of the key players in Bangalore, based on my limited knowledge, some of which may not be true, specifically in the 1.6-million strong Bangalore South, a constituency that has caught nation’s imagination!


    • Veteran BJP member who is street-smart, excellent organizer with a local kannadiga and a middle-class image
    • Very popular with die-hard Hindu’s and lower-to-upper middle class populace in Blr south
    • Has been closely associated with the most-hated figure in the new-age BJP, Viz., LK Advani
    • Been vocal supporter of his never-retire Guru’s personal opposition on Narendra Modi
    • The most-loyal flunky of the long-ago retired-old man and Jinnah-fan’s unbridled ambition to be a PM for a day, while being hand-in glove with his mentor’s ‘tantrum throwing’ melodramas to retire from politics
    • Is a leading member and canny representative of the inner coterie of Advani, along with Sushma Swaraj, Jaswant Singh, Nitin Gadkari, Sudhir Kulkarni, Shatrughan Sinha, Harin Pathak..etc. A bunch of retarded liabilities that should have been sacked from the party long ago.
    • Has not done anything for anyone, including the vulnerable and the un-organized garment workers in Blr, while the infrastructure is in shambles
    • Alleged involved in illegal sanction of loans of over Rs14,500 crore by Hudco when he was minister in the NDA government as well as in the Civil Aviation scams exposed by the Nira Radia tapes
    • A long time rival of former CM, BS Yeddyurappa yet hugged and became pseudo friends yet again due to personal-political compulsions and need to grab the Lingayat votes in his constituency
    • Shamelessly continued to be a modi-baiter, later a crooked fence-sitter and finally a Modi supporter after the anointment of Modi as the party’s PM candidate.
    • Was appointed as the party spokesman as part of a ‘shady-deal’ brokered by trader Gadkari to placate Advani.
    • Has absolutely no moral ethics and will fall in line for his own political survival
    • Is now seeking votes from everyone, under the garb of voting for Modi. A pretty shocking proposition from one of the most vocal anti-Modi isolated camper in the BJP!


    • Excellent project manager and well-known IT tsar who had made a fortune (personal wealth is around 2 Billion USD!) exporting Indian talent overseas
    • Ex-IIT Engineer and suave while being a complete elitist out-of-sync with the hardships of middle-class locals in Blr South
    • Popular among non-kannadiga IT/BPO folks in Blr and among the secure, upper luxurious gated communities in black-money infested posh areas like Indiranagar, Defence Colony, Jayanagar and Koramangala, the areas where majority of the city’s NRI billionaires call as home
    • Has absolutely no development work to speak of while the most controversial, mega-expenditure/scam tainted Aadhar project is now getting completely exposed by RTI activists as well as the Supreme Court
    • Part of #10, Janpath’s inner circle of scamsters/opportunists and a recent loyal fan of Rahul Dumbo-Pappu Gandhi. No-wonder he is shying away from talking of any achievements (a.k.a mega scams) of the Congress-led UPA
    • Has not done an iota of tangible work in Blr or Blr south, despite having massive power and finance, including a Cabinet rank. Has anyone benefitted from UID, except the Bangla’s, Nepali’s..etc?
    • Almost zero-knowledge of Kannada, helplessly uses his wife as a translator. Both children are well-settled in the US
    • Talks about green Bangalore but not an iota of protest at the disappearance of the biggest lake of Bengaluru, Bellandur lake to land sharks led by two senior Congress-I ministers in Siddu’s Govt.

    • So-called social activist that no one has heard of in the constituency.
    • Was herself surprised when AAP’s lone decision maker and leader Kejriwal nominated her as a MP candidate instead of other better know personalities.
    • Suspected to be a sacrificial goat and pseudo opposition, placed by the AAP high command after close consultations (match-fixing dealings) with Nandan Nikelani, Digvijay Singh, S M Krishna and #10 Janpath, in order to weaken BJP’s prospects.
    • Born in a rich Chennai household, her father retired as the Tamil Nadu DGP. Completed her Masters in Social Work from Stella Maris College. Has worked in Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi, finally settling down in Bangalore, like all other non-local settlers, who now call themselves Bangaloreans.
    • Some of Nayak’s controversial views, like demanding for a cap of salaries in the private sector and mandatory reservation in the private sector too have shocked intellectuals and the public.


    • In search of an accountant job, migrated to Bangalore in 1988 from Tamil Nadu. Ended up becoming a member of the goldmine called Infosys Board.
    • Like his ex-Infosys board colleague now, Balakrishnan is also rumored to have safely stashed away 100s of crores of American Depository Receipts of Infosys Limited.
    • Incidentally, among his fixed assets are multiple-residential properties in Chennai
    • Like all other AAP candidates in Blr, is a non-kannadiga
    • An elitist, is out-of-touch with the lower and middle class common man of Bangaluru
    • Lives in Blr South and is actively campaigning in the constituency along with his nominated constituency of Blr Central

    Well, I am actually disappointed that none-of-the-candidates (or supporters) are truly deserving of my vote. However, I do not want to waste my precious vote. Thanks to a bad selection of candidates or suspected fixed-match, sadly the AAP is now an ‘also ran’ in Bangaluru.

    Hence, like thousands of others, especially first-time voters, I am caught between voting for Modi’s governance (regretfully through a most-hated, canny 5-time local MP) and an elitist, non-kannadiga IT Billionaire, nominated by personally by the incompetent Rahul Gandhi.

    Well, I will decide based on the answers from both Nandan and Anant along with the feedback from Churumuri’s enlightened readers.

    Instead of ‘Imagining India’, mere talk about urban governance and white elephant projects like Aadhar..etc, what are your precise solutions and tactical plans to solve the desperately crying issues of pathetic roads, public transport, crime, acute corruption, water supply, education and power in Blr and Karnataka as a whole?

    Considering that it is going to be a Modi-led Govt in the center, we have a golden chance for some landmark projects in Bangalore, so you are perhaps lucky to ‘shamelessly ride piggy-back’ on the Modi wave.
    Assuming you win, you will need to accept Modi as PM and manipulate your anti-Modi mentor for a cabinet role. More importantly, after 5 terms, can you at least now: tell us your plans to tangibly improve the pathetic roads, public transport, crime, acute corruption, water supply, education and power in Blr and Karnataka as a whole?

  67. Sanjeeva Says:

    The topic of legitimacy of Nilekani’s candidature, his possible contributions if he is elected as an MP, his claim of having done a great job of Aadhaar, which the Apex Court and a large majority of populace consider as Niraadhar, has travelled across M.G. Road, Church Road, IT world, gullies of old Bangalore and appears to be culminating at celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava! What a fruitful and educative discussion! So much of Social media!

  68. JayaPrakash Narayan Says:

    Vinay is a example of Macaulay kid who will go onto defend anything and everything for the sake of keeping his ‘job creator’ at top because it gives him money which he can again spend on their own trap of malls multiplexes foreign tours and so on. so money just circulates there in their own banks with the same software and a major part maintained by America.
    This was the mark of government Brahmins from couple of centuries. The genes are well established in their kins and they are continuing the legacy. it’s a misconception that only Rahul symbolises dynasty – it’s inclusive of most Brahmins.
    Be it now trapped Srinivasan who is still clinging despite supreme court’s notice or
    brahmins on top ( yes most brahmins control top in infosys management ) arbitrager Nandan doing a token publicity stunt – aadhar is a third grade unencrypted mongodb database which even a failed engineering student can dump into if all information was provided – from just a year before elections!
    None of media again full of brahmins dictated by ambani who call kejriwal a stunt attack them
    Again supporting Anant Kumar is again supporting Neera radia and ambani and again the same issue.

    No wonder Brahmins are anticipating Jewish climax here.

  69. Dr. Saladin Ahmed Says:

    It is probably a great ride to go around on a 4WD Range Rover Evoque costing a few crores, while you are in and out of the padayatra show in Bengaluru. Can you also ride to Koramangala and visit the Ejipura’s EWS slum quarters, to experience the rubbish dumps that have been a major breeding ground for so many deadly diseases?

  70. the colonel Says:

    Ah Ha!!!!

    The Vultures now Flock and Demand from the Man How Much He will Spend from His Personal Wealth On The City Of Bangalore.

    Envy, Whoring and Prostitution in Full Swing.

    Are YOU a Vulture????????????

  71. Rastrakoota Says:

    Daakur Rameshappa,

    solpa jaastine aytu nimdu ansolva? Holi rain dance and all that crap, what is/was obscene abt that anyways?! be specific rameshappa dont generalise things to suit your own point. Anyways why r u soo aginst IT folks? perhaps ur hallin daakur kelsa is getting a fillip with the growing IT resource population! dont u think so? or may be u r not getting any and hence ranting! Get a life man! ….as evidently pointed out by Vinay, you are full of double standards, when rasjyotsava celebrations happen, all this loud mujic and all the taapanguchi is fine is it in the name of kannada where as so called IT youth doing it under closed doors u have a problem? …..swamigale nimma tondregalige devre kapaadbeku .!!

  72. Shemej Says:

    “Anonymous Guy Says: I didnt mean Vinay. He does not like you for some reason :)

    But there are people who likes Vinay for sure. If I have to be honest, I dont dislike him. I dont think I like him very much. Some times I feel sympathy for his NOT SO ENVIABLE ability to comprehend the issues at hand. That is a very difficult situation. In their own mind, they understand the issue very well, but what they understood is just one side of the issue, and NOT THE CRITICAL ASPECTS OF THE ISSUE. But somewhere in the heart of heart, he feels, there is something wrong with his understanding. To overcome this inferior complex, he indulges in personal attacks. That, it seems, gives him a false feeling that he is able to “defeat the opponent” at least in one way.

    See here for some examples of how he tries to win online debates–

    Another person who likes him/sympathise with him, other than myself is Churumuri editor himself. He is so generous to publish all abuses by Vinay. Obviously, these abuses would stir angry reactions by other participants, and hence encourage more people to participate.

    In general, most Hindutva fans have this inferiority complex. They are found, shouting down the other participants in online forums.

    Even in this forum Churumuri, there are posts with same paragraphs (without a difference in coma or a semi colon) posted with different names.

    Kindly search using Internet search engines for the paragraph given below:

    “bout 1.50 crore Bangladeshi “intruders” have been quietly getting badly needed Indian proof, Viz., ‘aadhar’ cards to avail the benefits of the Cong-I government schemes”

    And see different results you get and see by what names they are posted.

    I can give thousands of such examples, how Narendra Modi fans are filling online pages with propaganda text without even understanding the real issues. I dont say, all what propagate are wrong. But they are just propaganda materials.

    Read here –

    And this —

    And there are many

    People and organizations are paid by political parties and Narendra Modi to campaign for him.

    Most of what you see online are fake. Just paid campaign.

    There is no point debating with them. They will simply abuse and run away.

  73. Ravi Bhat Says:

    @ colonel

    No one is interested in his personal wealth or how he made it. But having blown Rs. 30,000 crores of tax payers money for a royal smoke called Aadhar, you will agree that every tax paying citizen has a right to demand a refund.

    It is not surprising that he is in the party that has been practising the oldest profession for the last 60 years!

  74. dr ramesh Says:

    So called IT YOUTHS supporting dirty corporates, their corruption, their crimes, their transgressions, their sleaze just because they Dole out incentives —is a clear cut indication of WORK CULTURE IT,BT companies are encouraging.
    RAJYOTSAVA CELEBRATIONS are happening since decades, not once have they extended beyond 11 pm.
    Kannadigas are cultured lot, clearly drawing line between good and bad.

    CORPORATE LOBBY lobbying for SEX – ALCHOHOL TOURISM IN BANGALORE is more dangerous than ANTI-NATIONAL FORCES, when corporates link work and alchohol it becomes doubly dangerous.

    come out, ask ant ordinary person in jayanagar,basavanagudi, jp nagar is NIGHT LIFE an indicator of development………. in their answer lies the truth.

    THERE was a false notion…. TECHNOCRATS Should become PM, PRESIDENT …India will super power..
    Now A BIG FIASCO when they were given an opportunity to give identification number….

    CORPORATE is not a license to transgress, sleaze … is a license to be more responsible.

  75. Vinay Says:


    You are the only one who has a complex here. You have so much idle time on your hands to trawl the forum for any abuses that I have typed over the last 5 years, but you couldn’t use basic common sense to see which part of the political divide I lie on. You call me a “Hindutva fan” because your sense is clouded. Read some of my posts on the Mutalik incident, and my debates and arguments with a person called “Palahalli”. Anyone who calls me a “Hindutva fan” is either misinformed, or a dishonest lout.

    You talk about “churumuri editors sympathizing with me”, which again shows your complex. They have blocked so many of my comments, including a couple on this page, but people with a persecution complex like you, will always play victim. Nothing surprising here.

    Well, who can argue with you – you have all the idle time in the world, it is quite apparent. Most of us don’t have that luxury.

  76. Vinay Says:

    Look at the crap spewed by so-called “Jayaprakash Narayan” about “Brahmins”.

    You don’t know whether I am a “Brahmin” or not, nor do you know if I attach any importance to the moronic concept called “caste”.

    Casteist thugs who look at “brahmin angle” in every issue instead of looking at issues are the worst enemies of the country, and of society.

    You speak of things established in my “genes” – what is established in your genes? Casteism, blaming some “Brahmins” for ills of society while yourself discriminating and abusing so-called lower castes “lower than you on the scale” – that is what your genes contain, and that is what has been passed on to you. Unfortunately, India will have to deal with the likes of you till you give up the mortal coil and leave India to the next generation, enlightened and free of the vile baggage called “caste”.

  77. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Well said, Ravi Bhat!

  78. Avi Says:

    Nilekani is asking what Ananth Kumar has done to Bangalore. He should probably know that just 3-4 days back their own government has increased KSRTC bus fares by 20% silently. Can he answer about this?
    And why should not Ananth Kumar rake this point up?

  79. asha Says:

    Mr.Nilekani, who supplied you the rowdies who walked out with you after the debate at NMKRV college last week…you have hit a new low from a corporate honcho to a street side rowdy…

  80. Mahesh Says:

    Considering the proven benefits of the ‘Aadhar card’ to illegal’s and all those with foreign pedigree in India, why has Rahul Gandhi not got a Aadhar card?

  81. Kiran N Says:

    Churumuri: Pardon me for a small background before the obvious key question…

    In a rare interview today with Suverna TV, famously arrogant (previously) film star & extraordinarily controversial personality in the local cinema industry in Karnataka: Sri Ramya and 2nd time wanna-be MP said that Rahul Gandhi is most qualified to be India’s PM, despite all recent news she actually has no differences with Ambareesh, Congress-I is the only saviour for India, she is not an emerging power centre, Siddu is ‘not that’ corrupt and also ought to let G Parameshwara be the Dy CM, DKS is not an underworld figure, SMK is like God but is ‘miffed, so staying away’ from campaigning, …et al…

    While 90% of her answers in the pretty popular Kannada TV Channel was regretfully in English, the MP (supposed to be a Kannadiga) from the Vokkaliga and more importantly, the Kannada heartland called Mandya, is known to insist on select-food exclusively from 5-star hotels (although she accepted that she can now eat ragi-mudde too).

    To persistent queries, Ramya accepted that she has ‘really mellowed-down’ and become ‘mature’ in the last 6 months, she also insisted that residing almost all-the-time in an ‘exclusive suite’ in Blr’s high-end West-End hotel is her personal choice and freedom.

    An unknown fact to the innocent, helpless, poor, rather ignorant and caste-influenced voters in Mandya!

    When questioned on the increasing farmer’s suicide in Karnataka, the so-called ‘central rep of our farmers’ and the key farm-belt MP, said that she tried her best :-(

    Significantly, Ramya had no comments on CM Siddu’s shocking rudeness, in sensitiveness, bluff and arrogance on his statements (recorded on TV) regarding farmer suicides..etc

    Finally, the meek journo who did the interview did not even ask the most basic question!

    Dear Ramya: Do you have an Aadhar card?

    I guess instead of a question, that key answer is reserved for our Congress-I icon from Karnataka: Mr. Nandan Nilekani.

    Answer pls?

  82. Shemej Says:

    “You have so much idle time on your hands to trawl the forum for any abuses that I have typed over the last 5 years,…”

    Kindly search for the phrase vinay says: asshole

    And at each result page Click on “Edit — > Find” command and search for “asshole”

    Does it take more than 2 minutes to find out all those what I have quoted?

    But my good friend Vinay came to the conclusion that I took hours or perhaps weeks to search all these instances of posting foul words.

    There is something Hindutva fans have in abundance, but often fail to use…. Guess what it is… We leftists never claim we have “more” commonsense or intelligence than anyone else. Nor I think the Hindutva fans are inferiour in anyway. (to be inferiour is different from having “inferiority complex” ) In fact, some of them are brilliant in their professional field, or in academic records. However, we human beings are sophisticated animals simply for the fact that, humans are rational animals. When people are guided by impulses and anger, they forget to use that one important organ that God has gifted to us.

    A Hindutva fan is the one who admires Hindutva ideology or politics. Just because Narendra Modi dislikes LK Advani, Modi doesnt cease to be a Hindutva fan.

    This is exactly why a Jayalalitha with just 20-25 seats can become the Prime Minister of India and A Hindutva leader makes it so difficult even if they get 220 seats. A blind Manduka may reach at the height of Himalayas… A Sarvajna using his rational and logical skills may end up in the depth of a Koopa. Still, there are no substitutes for sound reasoning power and the ability to foresee what is ahead, by rationally analysing the data at hand. That is why Hindutva leaders stumble as they proceed. Think of it— Why a shrewd Narasimha Rao waited till the Babri Masjid was brought down… I am not talking about morality or Dharma in politics… But think of the strategy… How miserably these Hindutva political leaders fail…. See the present height of stupidity, when all surveys are predicting a hung parliament, announcing a divisive and polarizing election manifesto, which would provoke sections of people to vote strategically against such manifesto by supporting the main opponent in each constituency. And still they dont understand…. Oh Dear ! Oh my dear !!

    The question is NOT WHO WILL WIN the election. I have written 3 years ago that BJP would emerge as the largest political party in 2014 Loksabha election. BJP may form the govt if one or two parties either support it or strategically abstain during the voting.

    If that ever happen, then, they owe their victory to Manmohan Singh. I agree, Narendra Modi is a tall leader in the North India and West India. But for a significant number of South Indians, he presents the image of a comedy artist. Children, while playing in my street, mock him by imitating his “Bayiyoom bahanooon” speech.

    7000 paid/unpaid commenters and social media workers would never tell him that he is a comedy star; simply because, many of them (if not all) get paid… and what they are interested is the payment. And not the victory of this poor guy ! Same is true about most of his fellow leaders… Each one has own vested reasons to be at his side. See a clever Chandra Babu Naidu formed an alliance with BJP and TDP at grass root level would never transfer a single vote to BJP in Seemandhra. But the so called “Modi wave votes” would go en-mass to TDP. And after the Loksabha election, can TDP take a suicidal step to support a Govt which would be more influenced by his erstwhile speaker Chandrashekar Rao? Same thing in Tamil Nadu– forming an alliance with Vijayakant– for what purpose? Annoying Uddhav Thackeray by hoping to transfer negligible number of votes and possibly one MP seat of Raj Thackeray?

    At least Arun Jaitley could have told him that there is something seriously wrong with his plans. I have an impression that no Sanjaya is giving the right narration or commentary to this DhritaRastra, the intellectually blind man. Instead Sanjayas are guiding this blind guy into some deep gorge.

    What a tragedy !

  83. Murthy Says:

    Vinay caught again after long years. Thanks JP whoever you are.
    First of all he says if JP knows he is brahmin. every comment displays the casteist connection if there is and that again is overwhelmingly proved by trying to justify it in reply.
    Obviously castes were built by brahmins and I dont criticize it- its very scientific. i respect brahmins in science – take cnr rao , sir mv , shankarnag and so many legends in our soil. they knew where exactly they have to flourish
    not only brahmins – look at rajkumar, kuvempu , tejaswi – they all had awareness of their space.

    now look at today’s srirampura brahmins like nilekani , ananta and pranab and all gandhi family and chidu and even ananda sharma who brought cow slaughter into full force to make india top in beef exports – i mean a brahmin at that! shiva shiva, ( i am stauch opposer of bjp malfunctioning . my roots are very well in my awareness)

    I have always maintained caste is a science – be it freud , jung , manu , marx or mendel – it needs greatest thinkers to even visualize by global scientific outlook and neatly wrap it under covers for strictly study purposes only. that’s where the wisdom lies – not by corrupting it into very dangerous spaces such as polity.
    its simple – a female marries a male and what’s the progeny. what’s the behaviour and what’s the outcome and what are the ways he/she should brought up and where all child needs more guidance – its simple fabulous science of child upbringing.
    things such as these were used for study purposes which now by dragging them into political field have grouped each one and the whole politics has become some kind of huge scientist dictating everyone of which one part is media (can we have more drastic scene)! we dont need this.

    I have always said brahmins/scientist or anyone should mark their territory by awareness and not bring everything to everywhere.
    even if they try and try and try they will not only fail themselves but everyone surrounding them.

    today let’s say someone having nandan’s wealth – how would he proceed – he would have formed a total foolproof idea related to lowest and poorest requirements – like popualtion control, water, solar power and education and given full attention to it – these things no one can oppose of any party.
    he could have done what tata’s are doing in himalayan conditions – spread education through video conferencing and IT – saying this I still strongly agree Nandan is not as brilliant as Tata.
    He could have taken such major challenges and solved them. But what is he doing! He is going down the hierarchy where there is no space for him and trying to build a God out of Congress (mind you he is totally incompatible with that space of poojari also) which is turning out becoming a ghost.
    Just turn pages of chanakya and see what happens when 7700 crores of supposefly arbitraged forex enters a relatively poor greedy space – the lakshmi turns slut,

  84. Nastika Says:

    @Kiran N,
    Maybe you are not from Mandya. Being from film-land, can’t she even sell dreams? People of Mandya have realized their utopian dream ;)
    check this:


  85. Govindappa Says:

    Dear Jayaprakash Narayan,

    “arbitrager Nandan doing a token publicity stunt – aadhar is a third grade unencrypted mongodb database which even a failed engineering student can dump into if all information was provided – from just a year before elections!”

    You have a great name all right, but you reek of pettiness. You possibly are sitting in a comfy job created by someone and haven’t taken a gutsy decision ever in your life. Give credit where its due. You are like one of those eunuchs guarding a harem. You know how it is done, you see it being done, but can’t do it yourself.

    Grow up man

  86. Kiran N Says:

    @ Nastika

    Congrats to your promo of the slick video done by the media cell of Congress-I. After languishing in YouTube at only 150 views, you can now be sure it will get more views. Well, if only the amount was spent on the poor ‘star-stuck’ farmers in Mandya. Indeed, as you mentioned, like all the crooked Cong-I MP politicians, she too is ‘selling dreams’, while Team Modi and AAP folks are all in principle: guaranteeing growth, development and anti-corruption.

    Well, Ramya is already preparing for the results, just in case the farmers get smart-wise while voting.
    Interacting with the media yesterday at Krishnarajpet, she mentioned that simmering differences between the rival factions of housing minister Ambareesh and former Union Minister SM Krishna, is exposing the party unnecessarily. Srirangapatna Block Congress president Lingaarju will be issued a show cause notice for publicizing her famous arrogance, impatience and controversial 5-star lifestyle. She said that while earlier she was jittery, now she at least knows the names of the various villages! Also it is not just her colleagues but canny, opportunistic authors and part-time politicians like U R Ananthamurthy and Girish Karnad too will campaign for her. She added that Housing Minister Ambi will end his vacation in Kuala Lumpur, after the month long, Central Govt paid 7-star treatment in Singapore and return to Maddur on Fri. He may campaign although he has been advised to follow ‘certain lifestyle’ modifications.

  87. Vivek Shenoy Says:


    Heard your savvy PR team did a so-called ‘flash mob’ at Royal Meenakshi Mall on Bannerghatta road yesterday, for songs like Rang De Basanti, Babli Badmaash, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Lungi Dance! Impressive choice indeed.

    One shopper, who ran out of ‘The Body Shop’ on the 1st floor, said “It’s great to see Nandan Nilekani inspiring the people. I wish him all the best.”

    Question is:
    Is this your final desperate push and ace-card to salvage the situation?
    Why so desperate, when Rahul Gandhi said to media today morning after casting his vote at the Nirman Bhawan polling booth, that the Congress-I is absolutely confident of sweeping the pools nationwide, with a 7/7 in New Delhi!

  88. Vinay Says:

    Murthy going full retard, after nearly 1.5 years of complete hibernation. Applause.

    If anyone can make any sense of this fellow’s comments, please let me know, I stopped following this chap’s comments back in 2012, where he had the habit of making weird aliases like “Navollasa”, “kaadu Manushya”, “Bengloor”, etc. It is incredible that one person can generate so much nonsense.

  89. Vinay Says:


    A person like you ought not to teach the rest of the world how to Google. Here is a tip for you. Use the following search string in Google for even more accurate results (use the quotes exactly as specified here): “Vinay says:” asshole

    No one has the time even to do this nonsense and keep pressing crtl-F, copying the text, pasting it, and generating a 2-page post. Do you have a life? The rest of us just cannot compare with an idle mind such as yours.

    Coming to Hindutva, as I said in my previous post, only a dishonest lout will call me a “Hindutva fan” if he has read my previous posts on this blog, where I have been commenting since 2008.

    My support for Modi in this election has nothing to do with Hindutva, it has to do with my belief that the nation’s economy is best served by Modi at the center, as of today. This might change in five years – if it does, we will see whom I vote for.

    If BBMP elections or Karnataka state elections are held tomorrow, I will vote for the AAP, no doubt at all. But at the center, we need a stable and experienced government.

    The need of the hour is to decimate Congress in these elections. Allowing them to come back to power will set a terrible precedent, and can just not be allowed to happen. We can think of voting for Congress sometime in the future, if required.

    I have no agenda other than economic growth and economic development for the country. I don’t care about Hindutva or secularism or pseudo-secularism or whatever.

    A person like you pretends to be highly “intellectual” by typing pages of text, which only 1 out of 50 people would bother to read. But you have such a closed and one-track mind, that anyone who does agree entirely with what you say, is immediately slotted into a category by you, be it “Hindutva fan”, “communal”, or whatever. If you read my old comments on this blog w.r.t. Hindutva issues and other issues, sit back and ponder for a while, you will understand clearly why I find your statements and comments so infuriating.

  90. Vinay Says:


    Wonderful comment about eunuch guarding the harem. Well said.

    Poisonous casteist people like this Jayaprakash Narayan on this thread are the worst enemies of the country. They need to be mocked and ridiculed at every opportunity.

  91. JayaPrakash Narayan Says:

    thanks for calling me eunuch – that makes me neutral ( i do understand the dearth of english vocabulary for a non native who has picked up most english through extravagant , HD and performance oriented porn ).
    you have called me budhdha and supreme court at one go – what else do i need on a wordpress space. as a commenter you ought be a observer.

    people who think of inflating their egos even while typing will end up in blue balls , acid – the realm of sura and asura – lust and anger and we always knows what’s running on their other tab of browser . even thoughts follow the rule of karma – rule of newton – for every karma there is a opposite karma happening.
    for every profit there is a loss happening somewhere – that’s what a great eunuch sees.

    profit cannot build a country else manmohan (from indraprastha) would have accomplished that by now. profit is just a perspective ego not a vision.

    well i leave you with mulayam’s quote – rape is a mistake!
    he is equivalent of nandan .looks only profit. his subsystem is man and woman. tries representing the profit making body as head and delicately rules over their egos. loss subdued is loss eliminated! logic works in UP. just a bit of ego and just that acidic realm.
    take nandan – eliminates kannada , does not talk about uncontrolled immigration but says he will fight for bengaluru! he inflates city with workers and their egos and now tries to look over their profits , and eliminates the losers – he is more dangerous as the field he plays to eliminate can backfire very strongly.

    now tell me, don’t you think you need to grow less/none in this space?

  92. Shemej Says:

    “People of Mandya have realized their utopian dream”

    See this video-

    It is created by none other than the candidate herself. Also note that none of the characters are moving their lips. The commentary is given by some one else/ or by same person later. In short, this is what is called cooked up propaganda material.

    Well, this is one problem with Internet. If you really know how to use internet, you can find out a lot of concealed truths.

    For example– there was a controversy about a particular candidate not filling up the column where they have to specify certain names.

    When we type the phrase in google, for the term “actress XXXXX father….” the Google autocomplete algorithm throws up certain words. However the google knowledge graph (the brief note provided on the right hand side top corner of the page) talks about the parents. (and not father and mother).

    I dont want to comment further, as it will be cruel to touch such topics. That is why I omit names here. This is only a useful tip to those who are interested to find out such concealed information.

    A similar example is related to Narendra Modi’s personal life.

    When the media in India revealed the second part of the name of his alleged girlfriend (snoopgate contreversy – Father’s name is Pranlal Soni) , I was curious to find out her actual name or orthonym. (Media gave the name a pseudonym “Madhuri”)

    The simple way to find out the truth is to search for “Narendra Modi * Soni” within quotation. I got results which clearly shows the real name of the mysterious woman who stayed with Narendra Modi during Deewali days, according to the revelations.

    Next, I searched for that name (I dont want to type it here) and found more interesting information. I have just done a Google image search and even found Narendra Modi holding one woman’s hand.

    See this article —
    This shows how crony capitalism, Sxx, Lies, and Videotape go together.

    Interestingly, at an average, there were 1900 searches were made for the name “xxxx soni”. But just 390 searches were made for the name “Jashodaben”. This shows very few people in India knew the name of Narendra Modi’s real wife even after Open Magazine and Indian express publishing her story. (However 12100 searched were made for the phrase “narendra modi wife”). No major newspaper published the real name of mysterious woman in Modi’s life. Still more people in India knew her real name. Major newspapers published Narendra Modi’s wife’s name. But very few people know her name. What an irony !

    When I type the sentence “Yeddyurappa wife” in google, google autocomplete gives interesting suggestions.

    This indicate, it is very difficult to hide something in the era of Internet. And the collective search trend is more correct compared to published facts in reputed news media.

    Note: I have cautiously omitted women’s name here. The information provided above may be useful for thousands of people who actually want to find out the truth. I dont think, by publishing this write up, I tarnish the image of any respected persons. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, I apologize, and please note that, these information is anyway available in the public domain. I am only discussing the technical aspects of the issue and not the sleaze. Please try to understand.

  93. Nastika Says:

    Well done on your Google skills !
    No point beating around the bush – here is Mansi Soni’s photo –


    @Kiran N,
    I am sitting in my armchair with 2 monitors. In one monitor I see Ramya’s video. On other monitor I am seeing your comment. Can’t make out which one is true.


    @Vivek Shenoy,
    Great to hear candidates are using latest fads for campaigning !!


  94. Vinay Says:


    The fact of the matter is, you are a novice when it comes to technology and IT and don’t know how to use it. You think you are a great expert, but you are in that category of people who say, “Oh, it is on the internet, so it must be true. My uncle’s wife’s brother shared on Facebook that Narinder Moody is a mass murderer who ripped out Muslim women’s fetuses with his bare hands”.

    Anyone who quotes propaganda sites like “truth of Gujarat” for their purposes, like you have been doing, is either pushing his own devious agenda, OR is clueless about technology & the internet. Your beloved Teesta Setalvad is now going into jail for using money intended for riot victims, for her personal expenses. She is accused of “sexing up” riot stories and fabricating tales of gore and violence which never actually happened.

    And we have people like you who will search for some string in “Google image search” (what a revelation that must have been for you, congratulations), come up with an image of Modi bowing down to Sonia Gandhi and triumphantly broadcast it to the whole world.

    There is really such a photo online, of Modi touching Sonia’s feet. Do you know that there is a software product called Photoshop which is used to create a variety of morphed and fake images?

  95. Dr. Ramesh Gowda Says:

    I have a crucial question to my old friend Nandan Niekani, if this renowned website/blog and readers can wait?

    With the most obvious and I think expected annihilation of the UPA and Congress-I (around 90 seats or less according to recent opinion polls that are of course, merely predicted), I think it is high time, one needs to ponder on the next most crucial BJP CABINET that everyone expects to hopefully ‘recover India from the ruthless loot and dynasty-vote bank based politics-corruption-governance, remote-controlled by a single family, much worse than what our parents and forefathers suffered under the British for 100 years!

    Before I ask Nandan a key question in this web site that has suddenly become so famous on the Web (thanks to recent exposure in Facebook and other global media), let me request the ex-Infy icon and all Churumuri readers to swiftly add (carefully after a lot of thought) to the key “master-list” below.

    Before all that let us have a small preview:
    Considering the fact that all the cabinet ministers in the UPA/Congress-I are now perceived (apart from SC cases, convictions, jailing, commissions…etc) as the worst possible looters and mega-scamsters that any common man could have ever imagined in his lifetime, moving forward constructively: I am restricting the master list to the would-be MPs and ministers in the next Govt expected.
    We all need to move on, right?

    Agreed it is most probably going to be a Modi-led Govt.
    And all parties have really bad eggs. Right?

    Considering this, it will help if reader of this post and every voter can collate a list of the most canny, crooked betrayers, pseudo’s, opportunists, loan sharks, real estate goons, corrupt and all other most likely to be really corrupt in the new ruling party called BJP or UPA?

    • If you are a congress-I fan, here is the much awaited opportunity to hit back!

    • If you are a Modi fan, here is your one last opportunity to ensure NaMo maintains his impeccable reputation and really delivers all that he promised to India! We all need to ensure that Modi has no one crooked or controversial or tainted is a minister!

    • If you are a Nandan Nilekani fan, time to add some extra votes that will crucially matter in this one of the most prestigious constituency of India.

    • If you are an Anant Kumar fan in Blr south, perhaps you may ignore this….or counter act with your fiercest emotions.

    Churumuri fans all across the Globe: My initial list is below:

    Obviously there are many in there (elected MPs) from the Jinnah-fan Advani’s flunkies gang and pseudo BJP A-lister’s, all of whom, if you recall, tried ‘their very best’ to scuttle NaMo being nominated to the PM post but are right-now now shamelessly fighting the elections (including the petulant-retired patriarch himself!) on the Modi brand, NaMo’s psyche of growth-honestly-rule of law, zero tolerance to corruption, ruthlessness to injustice to woman, prosperity for all, zero community appeasement, making life for all poor Indians easier, education and health for all, nationwide aggression to Paki’s and Infra projects for tangible infrastructure..etc and of course his extraordinary personal and poorest chaiwala-to-PM background!

    India’s Prayer and Master Wish-List for “Next Cabinet that has NONE OF THESE”:

    L K Advani
    Sushma Swaraj
    Uma Bharti
    Anant Kumar
    Varun Gandhi
    Kalyan Singh
    Venkaiah Naidu
    M G Vaidya
    Yashwant Sinha (Sacked)
    Govindacharya (Sacked)
    Sudheendra Kulkarni (Sacked)
    Jaswant Singh (Sacked)
    XYZ (pending)

    The above list already has some of the most crooked- chameleons within BJP considered to be persian-cats backed by well-known global & Indian corporates (who may win riding high on the unstoppable Modi wave)

    We perhaps also need (arguably) to add Rajnath Singh (yes, the party Prez but considered ambitiously canny by all unlike a dedicated-sincere-impulsively-honest Modi)
    Obviously, there are many more key figures (some are VERY POWERFUL FINANCIALLY) missing in this initial list!

    I am told that there are many MPs in the next parliament (villains and extraordinary hyena’s in goat’s skin,) some say while criminals from parties like SP, BSP, TMP, DMK or NCP..etc will be marginalized, these crooked- chameleons within BJP are caste-driven persian cats who may win riding high on the unstoppable Modi wave, nationwide.

    Pls help, so that WE ALL CAN ensure the Hyena’s in Goats skin, will never ever spoil Narendra Modi’s name ever again, not just the TRUST that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF VOTERS are now placing/will have placed on a globally historic election.

    After all, it may make a difference to every not-yet decided voters like me, who is actually sort of confused in Blr south, due to the past, current situation apart from conflicting news and public opinion…etc


    I have been a fan of yours for ages, not because I am also a fellow Brahmin, now settled in Blr.

    I am not sure if you will remember that we last met at that old Blr airport (single conveyor belt, helped Infy, Wippro, Satyam and many others as the global magnet for the cheapest IT and BPO meta-tag), when that early morning-first flight to Mumbai was cancelled, we had a cold-paid by me samosa together (your wife was repeatedly acting like a shrew on some financial matter) and when we were about to dart ‘from the public waiting area on foot to the aircraft’, we briefly discussed the rot in India (old airport, acute corruption..etc.
    Later I was impressed with the maco-level thoughts in ‘Imagining India’ (considering you are a billionaire, I think 15 $ was a bit high for middle-class Indians like me).

    Well, I was really disappointed by your decision to attempt becoming a MP via the most-hated party in independent India!

    While I will wish you the very best around and hope you do win the race, my gut-fell says that any educated or aware Bangalorean will say that you will be a sure winner if ever you had stood for Parliament as an Independent!

    We may never know, if the BJP wins in the center, Blr may be a total loser, based on the past or recent research, not just considering the hatred and ill-will from all in power towards AK, Advani’s #1 flunky and most-hated, crooked persona in BLR and Karnataka!

    Just imagine, we don’t even have a proper highway from BLR to Mangalore, the #1 and now considered most strategic port Mangalore in the west coast nor do we have a so called Bullet Train from Mlr to Blr! Speaks volumes of the repeated promises by All politicians!

    With so many magnetic billions in cash, where was the dire need to be a flunky of Pappu Rahul or Cong-I?
    Unlike the other parties, so far you were never raided, right? Is that the only reason?

    Anyway, considering the fact that a smart-wise Modi and his advisors will hopefully isolate the most crooked Advani gang when it comes to the all powerful Cabinet, Ministries and all key departments..etc, it may actually makes wise-sense (Yes, I too am opportunistic like all the first timers) to vote for YOU!


    YES, Sir, I will still vote for you. Provided…you at least bother to reply a single sentence.

    Meanwhile, if you can specify the tactical plans to make Blr (and India) much better, it will be awesome!
    Your website is at the moment all promises, hype and nothing is really black and white (silly pseudo 5 priorities and all that) to someone who has patience for a max of 2-3 pages, while I am afraid your core advisors actually have no serious initiatives or foresight, if I may say.

    For example, can you make Blr better than Singapore?
    It is a promise your party colleague, peer and #1 supporter SM Krishna promised for so many years (the local TV channels say that he is now promising the same for Mandya city!)

    Meanwhile, lets us all, hope Karnataka and Blr too has the highest voting % across all of India, if possible defeating Kerala ;-)

  96. Anita Says:

    I voted for BJP in 2009, but this time, after a lot of thought, around mid-afternoon at the booth near the Gangadhareshwara temple in Jaraganahalli, I reluctantly voted for Nilekani.

    Key reason was that I really wanted to punish Anant Kumar and his well-known anti-Modi stand, in particular his futile yet determined efforts (along with the other Advani led Modi-baiters) to prevent Narendra Modi as the PM candidate.

    Well, Nandan may or may not win but it is indeed regrettable that his ‘elite campaign team’ did not even take inputs from the man on the streets and capitalize on the high and noticeable anti-Anant Kumar sentiments within the most loyal BJP voter base in Bangalore South.

    Well, the 16th will reveal the future.

  97. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I like Holi Rain Dance (whatever that is as Dr. Ramesh says) more obscene the better! plus many bars which are open till 2 AM; Love hotels for youth! These should be encouraged! When implemented correctly trust me there will be no rapes in Karnataka.

  98. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dr Ramesappa, neevu GMT-ge hogi banni! GMT aka Gand Makkla Thavaru! Youth have changed they are restless and aimless and frustrated! We must make sure they get plenty of education, be open and honest w,r.t. drinking and sex (safe sex habits).

  99. Gaby Says:

    While I wholeheartedly support rain dances ( whatever that is) love hotels ( whatever that is) but please dont be one if those who assume that rape is only a consequence of sexual suppression. We know that rape is much more about power than about sex.

  100. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Even consenting adults have no place to fornicate! Did you know that some surveys say even Delhi Metro stations and other public parks are favourite places for lovers to mingle! Rapes happen because many consenting adults are found in open public spots and are often taken advantage of or coerced! You are thinking at a very high level! It is not about power just sheer sexual gratification. IMHO every man woman jack jackie should be able to get off at whatever station they are in. Love hotels help! Just don’t be blind to the obvious fact! rapes will happen even in the West but rarely though! Sexual suppression in India is a FACT! That is a prime cause for mental illness in India! and also a lot of humbugs thrive on this sexual frustration! Look at Idly_Baker and Fish_Monger in India! It is clear they are sexually frustrated! Look at Raje she looks happy!

    I don’t know what a rain dance is but try following Dr. Ramesappa’s imagery which is a tough task! I thought it meant women and men getting drenched under some artificial rain and dancing and carrying on:) Of course knowing Dr Ramesappa his DVD rewind button would have worn out or popped off after repeatedly playing his God Shivanna (that cretinous dwarf) doing the rain dance with a good looking heroine!

  101. captainjohann Says:

    What is Mr. Nilekenni doing now? He promised a constiturency wise set up but he just dissappeared. I think an ordinary politician is better

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