Bhavana, Bhavya, Radhika, Ragini, Shruthi, Tara…

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The 2014 election campaign saw Karnataka taking some giant steps towards emulating the cinema-obsessed politics of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with film actors (and actresses) of varying waist (and goggle) sizes turning up to campaign for political parties and candidates; some officially, many not.

Sadly, reality just kicked in.

The stars were only for the “road shows”, to provide some box-office glamour to the beauty parade of the not-so-beautiful, which is what realpolitik is. The real hard-bones electoral work at the booths tomorrow will be done by these folk, some of whose names, if you are lucky, could match those whom they leer and cheer.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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2 Responses to “Bhavana, Bhavya, Radhika, Ragini, Shruthi, Tara…”

  1. babuds Says:

    When the stars and starlets descend on earth, it is an opportunity for Aam Janatha to have a closer look at their screen idols, nothing more than that. Whom to vote is decided by peer pressure caste and other affiliations. People would like to vote on issues but they have found by experience that issues are only raised for vote gathering but never followed up.

  2. anitha_shetty2219@gmail,com Says:

    If only these rich and so-called film-stars,,,pseudo-stars can help…

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