Meanwhile, in parts still not hit by the Modi Wave


Election time is one of most exhilarating periods in the life of the less-than-aam aadmi, when politicians (and the media) suddenly descend on earth, files move, officials respond, there is food on the table, water in the taps and a freebie around the corner.

After the election—and till the next one—it is another story, which is why we are like this only.

Exactly a week after polling day in Karnataka, it’s back to square minus one in Belgaum as the familiar mid-summer sight of girls and women lugging empty pots to collect water, when they ought to be studying and playing and having fun, dot the landscape in village Alataga.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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If we can send man to the moon, why can’t we…?

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11 Responses to “Meanwhile, in parts still not hit by the Modi Wave”

  1. Yella Ok Says:

    Isn’t the photo exactly why we need Modi? 60+ years of the family still leaves them in this shape.

  2. Vinay Says:

    Now I am beginning to realize what the right wingers mean when they say that the self-proclaimed “secular liberal” crowd in India is on a Modi witch hunt. It is getting more and more obvious,

  3. naaga Says:

    I rather migrate to the fabled Gujarat now than wait for Modi sarkar make rest of India like it.

  4. Niranjan Says:

    Meanwhile, in Bangalore and outskirts, after a few days of BWWSSB’s Cauvery water supply, now that voting is all over, helpless residents once again depend on private tankers (owned by Cong-I and JD-S corporater’s and two noted, powerful MLA’s belonging to the ruling party) paying exorbitant rates. In fact, the illegal water tanker mafia, have doubled the prices have suddenly!

    To add to the citizen’s woes, the infrastructure minister (a former associated of Telgi) considered to be among the CM’s inner-circle, has ‘proposed’ a very high speed railway line between Bangalore & Mangalore as well as expansion of the tiny airport in Mysore..etc, knowing fully well that while Mysore has no commercial air connectivity the so called national highway, NH48 to Mlr, is potholed and extremely dangerous to travel, especially in the ghat section.
    All this neglect of our state’s key infrastructure, when the Cabinet Minister for transport and highways as well as the Railway ministries are run by powerful, yet corrupt politicians from Karnataka!

  5. the colonel Says:

    and now 60+ years without the family will keep them in this shape.

    That IS 120+ YEARS

  6. asha Says:

    this is another too clever by half post by Churmuri continuing to do the hatchet job for congress…Isn’t supplying water to Belgaum the Karnataka state problem..why is MODI being dragged into this..the headline should read something like this..”Where congress/Siddu skullduggery still rules the roost..people suffer without water”…but then who is going to get the MNREGA money if suddenly MSM became honest…no?

  7. Vivek Vijayan Says:

    The title of the post could have been:

    “Meanwhile, in the country ruled by Priyanka’s mother, father, grand-mom and grand-dad”


    “Meanwhile, in the country where the ever-secular Gandhis ruled for 60 years’


    “Meanwhile, in a place other than which did not have the fortune of being served (not ruled) by Modi”

    Does Churumuri need recognition from intellectuals that it is the most secular blog? Or just a few more readers by using “Modi” in the title. You guys owe royalty to Modi.

  8. Truth Says:

    Shame on you churumuri, you don`t have guts to speak against Congress dynasty

  9. Prof. Gopalaswamy Says:

    Meanwhile, in parts of Karnataka tragically bonded to the Cong-I, none other than Siddaramaiah has gone back on the tall budgetary promise (Rs 400 crore) to provide free laptops and notepads to around 12 lakh pre-university students.
    The reason: no budgetary allocation has been made for the purpose.
    The unofficial reason: Cong-I is staring at an unprecedented defeat nationwide and a major setback in Karnataka, while the treasury is almost bankrupt, thanks largely to ridiculously massive expenditure on populist corruption-ridden ponzi schmes like Re 1 kg rice project.

    Asked about this on Monday, CM Siddaramaiah said: “We still have four more years. We may consider this later”. He also tried to downplay the major failure by stating that he need not fulfill all his poll promises!
    Incidentally, the Cong-I government has also deferred the implementation of its promise to provide sanitary napkins to girl students.

    For an “outsider” who crossed over to Congress from JD(S) and was rewarded with the top job in the May 2013 assembly elections, the so-called ‘socialist’ CM is fast losing his control and influence over his MLAs, much before the election results on the 16th ! Unable to coax and cajole or persuade anyone in the party except his inner-circle to drop personal issues. In fact, sources close to the high command, say that despite the mandatory, massive monthly daksina to the family at #10 Janpath, Siddu is now on the negative list of the Congress leadership. A green signal swiftly grabbed by the former real estate mafia-don, openly ambitious and all powerful D.K Shivakumar who immediately stated publicly that Siddaramaiah was surviving at his complete mercy! “I have promised him I will be with him. I am not going to do anything right now. But if an opportunity comes soon on its own, I ask you to be with me,” he told a predominantly Vokkaliga audience in an event on Monday.

    Constitutional experts are outraged at Energy Minister D K Shivakumar’s public instructions to Vokkaliga officials to help his cronies and his own community and ignore the rules! Former Supreme Court judge and Karnataka Lokayukta Justice N Santosh Hegde remarked, “It is shocking, unacceptable and completely against the concept of secularism in the Constitution.”

    Well, talking about governance, despite several assurances from the Energy Minister, power cuts and shortages continue in several parts of the state, in fact they have increased immediately after election day! The only difference is that, this time, none of the officials are ready to call it ‘load-shedding’ or ‘power shortage’ and instead attribute it to technical issues, apparently under strict orders from DKS and the CM.
    Industrialists across the state have been complaining of crippling 4-5 hour power cuts every day. The situation in villages is worse as the supply of drinking water has also been affected. Sadly, there is no official acceptance of any power shortage!

    Finally, Govt machinery is also getting desperate! With the impending BJP Govt, expected to be friendly to the middle-class and the definite possibility of lifting a lot of pseudo and ineffective regulations imposed by the finance ministry under P. Chidambaram, including the much condemned and misused rule to restrict genuine passengers getting in personal jewelry (just Rs 50K for men and 1 lakh for ladies), the desperately-corrupt customs officials seem to have become laser eyed vultures in the Kempegowda International Airport. The day-before-yesterday, my daughter who returned from abroad for a family marriage event, was taken to a corner (away from the CCTV camera) harassed for an hour and repeatedly asked for a bribe of Rs 20,000, for: wearing two bangles and a necklace (which she had kept in her personal handbag) along with her mangalsutra, the total cost of which was around 1.3 lakhs! Instead of catching the professional mules and smugglers (who actually reward and dutifully grease all the key customs personnel), these crooked, insensitive officials in all white, with a no-one can touch us attitude, are ruthlessly harassing the helpless public, especially the innocent women!

    Not absolutely sure if a new Govt. will change our daily lives for the better, decrease the physical and psychological torture of innocent citizens, at least help decrease the acute corruption, inflation, cronyism..etc, but for now: we can pray that change will indeed come and the future will be better than the current hell.

  10. Shetty Says:

    Probably the most efficient Govt in India, led by the pseudo ‘socialist’ CM!

  11. Shetty Says:

    You are most welcome to our Rahul led Cong-I ruled Bangalore!
    (cant attend the last super since he is on overseas/Italian vacation…sorry Media folks).

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