To Narendra Modi. From the Maharaja of Mysore

As the words I, me and myself trip off the ads, lips and trolls of the man who thinks he will rule India soon, a sobering blast from the past. This, here, in his own hand, is a plaque commemorating Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar‘s note to his subjects upon completion of 25 years as the maharaja of Mysore.

Dated the 8th of August 1927, the choice of words is revealing. While the English part of the letter has the King speak of himself in the first person singular—four “I”s and four “my”s—the Kannada part is replete with the collective “namma” (our), with not a word screaming “main” as is now the wont.

The man who thinks he will rule India soon may like to remind himself that it was in Krishnaraja Wodeyar’s reign that Mysore became the first state to have a democratic system of governance.

And as the man who thinks he will rule India blithely watches his minions spew words of exclusion in 2014, it’s also useful to remember that Mysore, under Krishnaraja Wodeyar, was the first State to provide reservations for the weaker sections of society in government jobs.

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8 Responses to “To Narendra Modi. From the Maharaja of Mysore”

  1. Vinay Says:

    The author sounds like… Sanjay Jha.

    The way you people are magnifying and amplifying petty nonsense like “he refers to himself in the singular many times” is a sign of desperation and viciousness on your part.

    The more I see Modi and get to know about him, the more I am convinced that the anti-Modi self-proclaimed “secular” cabal has been demonizing him and presenting the nation a distorted picture of the truth. They have sold us the “Modi is devil” story just like they have been selling us so many more lies over the years such as socialism.

  2. Deepak Says:

    The rant of a frustrated paid media who knows his ship is sinking!! Good riddance to paid rubbish after May 16th. And lets see if you have the guts to publish this comment.

  3. Sanjeeva Says:

    Too much of is being made out of ‘I’ s and ‘We’s . Don’t you know that the kings and seers usually pronounce themselves as “we”. Just by saying we, one doesnt become a great statesman and a servant of the masses and by saying ‘I’, one cannot be termed as an arrogant person.

  4. harkol Says:


    What exactly this post is about? How what Maharaja did is relevant in a democratic Setup?

    Referring to oneself in plural was restricted to Maharajas and Swamijis in Hindu tradition. It was in reality an exalted sense that they are more than ‘singular’.

    Someone like Modi saying “hum” instead of “mein” would sound ridiculous.!

  5. asha Says:


    The MSM is having its last throes before it finally dies for good..let them have their say for some more time..after all we need to give the last wish of a dying man..:)


    Have you observed how the star TV anchors like Barkha,Rajdeep and Arnab (BRA) are shitting bricks now a days…the writing is on the wall for the MSM…their days are numbered..finally social media has shown the place MSM the dustbin

  6. RC Sharma Says:

    A non sense topic.

    But for information, rpyals refer to themselves as WE, US, OUR etc.

  7. PK Says:

    Agreed with harkol. Though we can be proud as Kannadigas, the reason why “Namma” is used the context of the letter is that the royal people referred to themselves in plural. Karnataka had various rulers. I admire Krishnadevaraya more than the Wodeyars, simply because of his valor. And under his rule Karnataka was not only powerful but also prosperous. Wodeyars were kind rulers and promoted Kannada culture. Don’t forget we had an intelligent Diwan like Sir M V under the Wodeyars who built the KRS. But sad to say they lacked valor and never stood up against the British or for that matter other forces like Nizams.

  8. Shreekar Says:

    >>>> But sad to say they lacked valor and never stood up against the British or for that matter other forces like Nizams.”<<<<<

    Shall we say today's Congress leaders namely, MM Singh and S and R Gandhis also lack valor because they have not stood up against Pakistan despite many provocations?

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