Can NaMo solve Bangalore’s garbage problem?

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To the eternal mortification of the naysayers, Narendra Damodardas Modi has won an admirable election for the BJP and is now firmly installed as the 15th prime minister of India. As an example of one man single-mindedly pursuing his goal and achieving it against a mountain of opposition this is success nonpareil.

churumuri is happy to be proven spectacularly wrong—and humbled. Somewhat.

That said, the difficult part is meeting the ocean of expectations that Modi channelised into his victory. In urging voters to vote for him by voting for BJP candidates, Modi deftly turned a parliamentary election into a presidential one, in which all the nation’s hopes were somewhat irrationally invested in one man.

As if members of Parliament don’t count.

As if members of Legislature don’t count.

As if members of city corporations don’t count.

A good test of the new prime minister’s supposedly omniscient powers and abilities is in supposedly “high-tech” Bangalore, where sights such these is today commonplace in a City governed by the prime minister’s party; in a State governed by the Congress.

Is it reasonable to expect a “municipal” problem to be solved by the PM, whose MPs also represent the City? If yes, how precisely would Narendra Modi go about this? And how many days should it take for “Achche Din” to dawn on the hapless residents of Bangalore who voted for him and his party?

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41 Responses to “Can NaMo solve Bangalore’s garbage problem?”

  1. Vinay Says:

    You dishonest folks, the right person to address this question to is our “secular socialist CM” Siddaramiah. Yes, that same person the likes of you voted in en masse.

    Anyway its a bit preposterous to campaign against him for years and ask him to clean your trash now.

    Even more preposterous to expect your blog to have any relevance when you have all but given up on your blog, not uploading new articles or moderating comments for weeks on end.

    I would recommend that you sell churumuri (the domain and the blog) to someone who has the dedication and inclination to actually maintain it.

  2. Communal Award Says:

    Wake up your Corporator/MLA/MP/Minister/CM

  3. Nastika Says:

    > Modi deftly turned a parliamentary election into a presidential one
    More precisely, Modi turned 2014 elections into a referendum – Do you want Modi as PM or not?

    About garbage, it seems Bangalore is the unique city in the world that has this problem. Just a simple Google query on how other cities have solved this problem will give 100s of solution.

    You don’t need Modi for this :)


  4. ramanath maiya Says:

    Keep on ‘SHITTING” & expecting this man to resolve everything is another grave irresponsible thinking from Churumuri’s part.

  5. asha Says:

    Finally Churmuri has recovered from the mortal shock of NAMOs victory which I had foretold in these forums and eaten a humble pie :) Nevertheless, garbage disposal is the issue to be tackled by the state government and the city municipal corporation both of which are run by Churmuri’s favorite secular KKaaangress party headed by the goonda turned land shark turned opposition leader turned Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.. Churmuri please redirect your question and clever by half challenge to Siddanna who is more interested in floating secular programs like “Shaadi Bhagya” and clearing ban on Cow slaughter than keeping the hi tech city clean. It would also be a good idea to find out where that Mr.Aadhar Nilekani who boasted he is committed solving bangalore’s issues is hiding and ask him to take some initiative to clean up the mess..after all he has a huge chunk of money he earned by selling the snake oil called Aadhar card

  6. Concerned Bangalore Citizen Says:

    Let him not poke his nose here! We don’t want someone to push for waste to energy projects through incineration. We don’t want Rajanikanth magic here!

  7. Sumitra Says:

    NaMo can solve Bangalore’s garbage problem, but I doubt the ‘socialist CM’ and his bunch of corrupt ministers allowing that.

    Our Mandur and Bangalore garbage crisis has been making headlines for so many years, with politicians promising everything to helpless citizens of Bangalore. Coincidently, Modi’s ‘Clean Ganga Plan’ is all ready in matter of days, with five ministries coming together to pool their resources to draft a blueprint for the Prime Minister’s project. The representatives of environment, power, tourism and shipping, besides water resources, will take part in the inaugural brainstorming session.

    Every single day, BBMP dumps 1,800 tonnes in Mandur; 1,000 tonnes in Gundlahalli village, Doddaballapur; 500 tonnes in S Bingipura, it is well known that the Govt can make crores of revenue every week, by installing advanced waste-processing units and garbage-to-energy conversion plants. Regretfully, the powerful garbage mafia led by the Congress-I politicians stands to lose! Karnataka Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy has admitted many times that many BBMP corporater’s are part of the illegal garbage mafia, the same corrupt politicians who also run the illegal water tanker , sand and granite mafia in Bangalore!

    While the entire Karnataka cabinet in water-starved, power-starved, garbage-ridden, moon-cratered Bangalore is now recognised as completely inefficient and corrupt to the core, the guessing game has already started in Delhi, as to who will kick-start the first mega-scam of this new BJP Govt? Any bets on the former petty trader and corporate fixer from Nagpur (his car driver was a Director in 11 shady companies) or the party hopping most-opportunistic politician from Bihar or the canny, Advani-flunky and former Modi-baiter from Bangalore South or the 12 class pass HRD minister or the cabinet minister from Vidisha or one of the noted MPs from UP, among so many others?

  8. Whoisit Says:

    Yes, he can also make your toilet clean. Thats the power of PM

  9. Gaampa Says:

    Churumuri’s new posts had disappeared for almost three weeks. I was left wondering if “swalpa Sihi – Swalpa Kahi” was engulfed by “Thumba Kahi” news of NaMo’s stunning victory. It is good for Churumuri’s health to eat the humble pie too.

    Be that as it may (ack-ing KBG), coming to the present story, why and how can NaMO solve Bangalore’s rubbish? Kannada pride would be deeply gashed if our local leaders cannot solve this and we need central intervention. What are local governments for ? Giving permission for extra medical seats?
    It is time Bangalore’s growth is stopped in its tracks. The city has started to crumble and implode. Garbage issue is more or less garbage.

  10. H.S.Subbaramaiah Says:

    There going to be a change in living style and administration in every nation as generations change. There existed small states in our country which were ruled by Palegars (territorial administrative and military governors appointed by the Nayaka rulers of South India) and kings. There were Navabs, Sulthans, Governors appointed by King and queen of England. Monarchy gave place to Democracy since 1956 which is modelled and based on British system. Who know in the future what type of Government our country going to have.

    Whatever the way this time in Parliamentary elections BJP Party came out with formidable majority and formed the Government in centre. To retain their Party as ruling party BJP M.P.s, M.L.a.s, Municipal councillors and Party workers should work hard with all honesty for a long term.

  11. harkol Says:

    >churumuri is happy to be proven spectacularly wrong—and humbled. Somewhat.

    And churumuri seemed to have gone in to mourning for over a month! Introspection perhaps? ;)

    All the talking heads were proven wrong! I wonder where our friend ‘simpleton’ who used to swear congress/UPA will win big disappeared!

    Anyway, it isn’t absurd to expect a leader to set things right, but muncipal problems take structural change in governance. What India needs is administrative reforms that put people back in control of bureaucracy.

    Govt. should not provide blanket protection from prosecution to govt. servants for their personal negligent conduct. The reason why our ‘babus’ behave the way they do is there is no institutional or personal accountability. If Modi govt. changes our laws to provide the right for people to sue and get redresses easily, then governance will dramatically change even at municipal level.

  12. Sanjeeva Says:

    Please don’t try to act innocent. Discerned readers can see that you are being mischievous and sarcastic for no reason. In our country or for that matter, in politics, elections have always been individual-centric. Neither politicians seek votes in the name of party nor do the people vote for parties. It has always been Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Modi, Amma, Ayya, Thailaivar, Gowdru, Lalu etc. Which politician works for the party? Modi didn’t say that he will transform the country overnight or in a fortnight. What he was emphasizing was providing good governance and it needs the cooperation of people as well, which in our country is less said the better. You can see on the roads, it is mostly the educated people who have scant respect for traffic rules or civic sense. And if any harsh rules are brought to control, media will be the first one to cry hoarse. It is not an easy task to clear the mess created over a number of years.

  13. RaoWords Says:

    Garbage problem is the problem to be looked after by local municipality and State Government and yes to a certain extent the local MP’s, but shouldn’t expect anything to come directly from Modi. People should put pressure on local leaders to resolve the issue. I read in Churumuri about a initiative to turn garbage into electricity, and should let private / foreign investors to enter this domain, without any cap on foreign investment, than I sure the issue would be resolved to a greater extent.

  14. AKGaur Says:

    How Namo can solve Garbage problem of Banglore?
    It is the responsibility of citizens to keep clean their CITY.
    Law&Order is state subject.Politicians must allow Police to
    Electricity is state subject.Local Govt should not give free Electricity.
    List is endless.Till we Indians become responsible citizens
    our problems cannot be solved.

  15. Ullasa Vadan Says:

    Wow!!! Churumuri proving itself once again that its a Congress Chamacha. How come the PM of India is responsible for garbage cleaning of Bengaluru? Is BBMP and State government dead? I was observing that once NaMo became PM churumuri was silent. And suddenly it comes with such rubbish things….. When will churumuri and its team mature?

  16. Truth Says:

    Does it not come to your mind Churumuri (Hari Hari) that this question should be asked to BBMP, MLA`s & your beloved CM (of course Sickular).

  17. Ravi H Says:

    Heard the CM, his Home Minister and Speaker are sending another team of MLA’s along with their families on a major official tour of European cities, “to study” how they treat and actually profit from garbage.

    Meanwhile, the Garbage City of India has hit global headlines. An enterprising businessman from Gujarat has already offerred to buy the garbage landfill, promising to turn it to gold but the Cong-I fixers are apparently ‘demanding advance’.

  18. ERR Says:

    Welcome back :)

  19. Deepak Says:

    Poor Churumuri was busy applying burnol after May 16th and finally was relieved from the severe burning angst and could post today. And what a post, wow!! The PM of the country has to come to Bangalore, drive a garbage van and clean the city. And the Chief Minister can sleep peacefully and continue planning on casteist and communal politics while the PM can shift to Bangalore to satisfy wise churumuri. Looks like we are destined to see such more and more such wise posts in future on this site. Lucky us!!

  20. gowdara gowda ! Says:

    the only soulution for the garbage problem to be solved is govt should buy the garbage from the residents and garbage should be created a great value so that no one throws it .

  21. pmysore Says:

    what is the state government of Karnataka doing ? You don’t need the PM to intervene, Yes NaMO will have to do the inevitable when he realises the lack of common sense on the part of the responsible sooner than later.

  22. Srivathsa Joshi Says:

    :-) Sarcastic it may sound, but let me say this:

    This post and, in general churumuri blog’s anti-Mondi stand, stinks much more horrible than the garbage in namma Bengaluru!!!

  23. Vinay Says:

    gowdara gowda:

    Very innovative and out of the box thinking. Not sure if it can be practically implemented in reality, but very interesting thoughts. :)

  24. Shree Kar Says:

    NaMo has already taken a

    NaMo has already resolved to clean up Ganga river.
    Compared to that, cleaning up Bangalore may not be so difficult for him.

    @Shreevats Joshi: +1

  25. Gaby Says:

    Thank God this election is truly over, dried and dusted.

    Churumuri should stop indulging in politics and return to what it does best- carry stories and facilitate discussion on Mysore, Bangalore, Kannada, Mylari Dose, Malleshwara, Saraswatipuram, Marimallapas etc etc.

    These are far more interesting things than electoral triumphs and routs- both impostors!

  26. Ramesh Gowda Says:

    After taking stealth revenge against a honest officer like ADGP P Ravindranath, successfully attempting to sideline his career and finally shunting the professional doctor (IPS officer)) to far-away Dharwad our “secular socialist CM” has now entrusted the all powerful Malayali partner of ‘The Embassy Group’, and another “honest-secular leader” hailing from Karnataka-Kerala border with the noble task of ‘closing Siddu’s exposed misdeeds’ with the help of the local CID!

    It is well-known in police circles and among all officers in the state executive that the ‘secular socialist’ leader’s well-known flunkies like Auradkar with able help from friends like Ravikanthe and Ravi, targeted the honest cop (shockingly arrested and locked-up ruthlessly for a so-called clicking a snap incident!) because of Ravindranath’s past decision and actions in the “secular socialist CM” constituency, including suspected involvement in arresting the noted son Rakesh, while the then Mysore police commissioner KL Sudheer himself, had initially justified the arrest due to a genuine attempt to murder charge filed by KJP candidate Ka Pu Siddalingaswamy .

    Rumours floating in the corridors of Vidhana Soudha is that instead of solving the crucial problems of the state and plugging the acute corruption in all departments and ministries, apart from urgent matters like the Garbage crisis in Bangalore, the “secular socialist CM” is now trying his best to check-mate KPCC President Parameshwara, who represents the traditional loyalists, from becoming the Deputy CM.

    Well, since the “secular socialist CM” can’t stand to smell the garbage stink for even a minute, he has conveniently passed on the blame for obvious inefficiency, irresponsibility and the garbage-mafia nexus on BBMP commissioner and Bangalore in charge minister Ramalinga Reddy.

  27. Ranganatha Prabhu Says:

    If NaMo has to solve Bangalore’s problem, then what is the use of Siddu? Huh! Stupid article.

  28. parijataka Says:

    and is dear nidderamiah doing about namma bengalooru’s garbage…

  29. GowdaFan Says:

    why dont you ask the secularist shikamani deve gowdroo to fix this ? I guess he and his no good cronies and sons and grandsons can only crap all over the place but cant clean up after themselves.

  30. Mithila Says:

    Yes, the Bangalore BJP MP’s who are cabinet ministers will surely take up the garbage issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, especially after Modi made is mind know during his talks and while taking a round around PMO premises. Remember, Modi had directed the bureaucrats to dress smartly and keep their office premises super clean. And anybody found spitting pan on the walls will be punished.If that is the line of thinking then garbage piling up in our garden city will get top priority.

  31. the colonel Says:

    ” After taking stealth revenge against a honest officer like ADGP P Ravindranath, “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. asha Says:

    Gaby Akka,

    After a long time…apropos the electrocal debacle to the “Wonly” secular kangress party..I am reminded of Fox and the sour grapes :)

  33. Nagabhushan Says:

    Instead of solving the Garbage crisis on top most priority, the canny CM is busy diverting the public and media with long term, controversial issues like Kannada as the medium of instruction in primary education or the Cauvery water sharing dispute with Tamil Nadu..etc

    Regretfully, Siddaramaiah-led regime is now turning out to the most-corrupt and also the most inefficient among all previous govt’s in Karnataka.

    While the JD(S) influence has dropped to 16 from 40 in the last Assembly polls, in just one year, the so-called Socialist CM’s regime has lost its clout in more than 50 seats. The lead the Congress had has dropped sharply even in the Assembly seats held by cabinet ministers. In Bangalore city, ministers Dinesh Gundu Rao, Krishnabyre Gowda and Ramalinga Reddy have totally lost the game and are busy fleecing their department of all funds.

    Political insanity, spectacular corruption, internal chaos, power and water shortage, inflation, denial of reality is now the accepted hallmark of the Congress-I leader who ironically, was earlier one of the strongest critics of the same Congress-I!

    Siddaramaiah who is frequently lambasted by the media as well as his internal opponents within the party itself, as highly casteist, greedy and communal, came to power being extremely vocal on illegal mining. His Bengaluru to Ballary padayatra, his speeches over the years as the leader of Opposition, mainly focused on illegal mining in Karnataka. In fact, he was very vocal on sending to jail all those involved.

    After becoming the CM, one year down the line, DK Shiva Kumar accused of illegal mining (cases in Supreme Court) is his Power Minister. He had Santosh Lad who was seriously accused of illegal mining as his pet Minister but the lad had to step down only when the public, academics, BJP and others vehemently protested on the streets. Siddu has not implemented any meaningful Lokayukta recommendations. Shockingly, Illegal mining continues unabated per SR Hiremath and other social activists as well as numerous TV reports. And no one prominent from BJP, JDS or Congress, went to jail as he was “thundering” before. Not just illegal mining, but Siddaramaiah supporting Roshan Baig (co-accused in Telgi Scam), Qamrul Islam and many others tainted with Haj scam also.

    But what did the so-called socialist, honest and clean leader really do after becoming Chief Minister?

    1. Free rice (almost… at Re 1 per KG) – Literally bleeds the Government a massive amount of Rs 5,500 crores per year, plus rampant illegalities and corruption reported regularly. Result: 90% of the bad quality rice ends up in hotels and pvt canteens.

    2. Loan waiver on caste/religion basis (vote-bank politics) – Rs 1368 crores bleeding of Government.

    3. Interest free loans up to 2 lakhs – Offered selectively to people recommended by Congress-I MLAs and MPs. Bleeding Government.

    4. Milk support price, widow support and a long list of crazy, populist schemes bleeding the helpless middle class and all tax payers.

    5. Government money splurged by Siddaramaiah’s Ministers in SUVs, foreign jaunts, lavish renovations of offices, vastu, astrology, homas and home interiors. In fact, one Minister Anjaneya went to the extent of breaking a wall itself inside Vidhana Soudha, the historic secretariat! Such is the ruthless arrogance and wastage of crores of tax payers money by these congress-I leaders and so-called public servants.

    6. The support to liquor lobby is being discussed on the ground, generating controversy. Well known liquor magnates have openly admitted to paying the cartel led by the ‘socalist CM’ crores on demand. JDS talked about this openly.

    7. Illegal water tanker mafia and more recently sand transport issue are all attributed to local Congress-I goons and corporaters.

    8. Areca Nut pricing and shocking possibility of total ban: topics are hotly contested by the BJP and the Congress. Karnataka grows lots of areca nuts and hence, this is a big issue in the State, seeing no end to allegations and counter allegations. In South Kanara, 90% of agriculturalists depend on Areca.

    9. A bullet train was talked on and off as soon as Siddu came back from Shanghai trip. Meanwhile, the people suffer potholes and craters in all cities. The socialist leader continues to promise and repeatedly announce’ a 6-lane super highway between Blr-Mysore, while his son has now become a Tier-1 category, stealth-mode, real estate developer.

    10. The socialist CM said “no compromise on Kaveri”. But Congress Ministers quietly dropped the most important Meke Datu Hydel power project (to help the power starved state), probably due to pressure from High Command and fear of Tamil Nadu government.

    11. Siddu started a highly communal project called Shadi Bhagya for Muslim girls. The government was going to give everything up to pillows and beds for Muslim girls for marriage. After massive protests it was “extended” to all minorities. Even Muslims spoke against this project that has caused them humiliation. Congress government’s projects like this Shadi Bhagya or the hostel for nursing female students are tainted with communalism and casteism.

    12. While the BJP was in power, lot of noise was made by the Cong-I leaders, on how Garden city was becoming Garbage City. Now Siddu’s government, after more than 1 year in power, has absolutely nothing new to solve the garbage crisis. When we walk on the areas affected by garbage problem, the problem remains much worse than before.

    13. Karnataka saw Metro rail construction move from 8% to about 45% completion before Siddu’s rule. Even the second line which was running trial already before Congress came to power, took 10 months to get operational.

    14. Kannada Prabha ran a series of articles on Shiradi ghat’s outrageous condition to get the government pave just 25-30 KM stretch. Just imagine the cabinet ministers from Congress-I, for transport, highways as well as the MoS in railways were from Karnataka. Yes, while Oscar, Karge and Muniyappa made billions on the side, their own contractor sidekicks pocketed all the massive contracts and funds with zero work ever done (not even mere asphalting), not a single major fly over, under pass, traffic building, airport, river linking, dam, port, highway plan, power plant has come up anywhere on our state, in practical terms. And even the execution of ongoing projects is slow and unsatisfactory. There have been no new investments seen on the ground in any part of the state from Indian or Foreign companies, except the usual IT investments that go on in Bengaluru without any involvement from the government. Hyderabad Karnataka (North East) was hopeful of lots of development project from this government and people there are terribly disappointed. Even the capital Bengaluru is now seeing big power cuts after “no load shedding” promise while ‘water tanker mafia’ has doubled its rates. Power situation is worse in the rural areas. No new power generation, no new drinking water made available, no new employment creation project on the ground…

    15. Have you heard of any nation in the world where the toll for a particular road goes up by 4.5 times at one go? People expect 10 to 20 per cent hike, but 450%? That’s the level of irresponsibility, the Congress State Government has displayed when the toll to Kempegowda international airport was raised. Siddaramaiah has not been able to solve this, and to make it worse, he initially justified it!

    16. Siddaramaiah infamously proclaimed that he made a minority (Christian Mallu) as the Home Minister to instil confidence in minorities. That too a controversial politician who is a partner in one of Bangalore biggest property developer! Such a communal statement and deed has eroded the confidence of public. Someone recently asked the crooked and rude CM – Will you make a different Home Minister for the majority community too?

    17. The CM himself admitted sometime back that in politics no one is honest and that there was massive corruption and pilferage of JnNURM funds in the state including his own Mysore district!

    18. The current financial crunch in the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has hurt even its bus acquisition process. The ‘noted’ transport minister (who bought a Chinese BYD Auto made electric bus for a shocking price of 2.25 crores) said yesterday that BMTC is unlikely to purchase new Volvo and air-conditioned buses in the near future.

    Overall, just like Rahul and Sonia Gandhi did at the Centre for the last decade, the ‘Socialist Leader’ is going to leave the State treasury totally empty and in massive loans very soon. Never has the state seen a ‘pseudo-socialist’ obsessed with cronyism, ruthlessly open corruption, mindless freebies, foreign junkets for his cronies, and populism schemes with zero new income generation schemes, no development, freebie politics, communal/casteist Government projects despite getting admonished by the Election and Planning Commission, rewarding instead of punishing the corrupt Ministers/MLAs, making life of a common, helpless civilian difficult due to all kinds of unscientific price hikes…

    Finally aside to the pinching blot of corruption, lack of governance & inefficiency all round, we now have the unbearable stink all over India’s globally renowned ‘Garbage City’!

  34. Praje Says:

    Churumuri is showing the same arrogance that congress is still showing.

  35. NS Rao Says:

    None of the problems can be resolved by any Daddaramaiahs of Mother and Son party! Of all the people in the world, we voted for them to come to power in the state and even supported them partially for Lokasabha Elections. We should be ashamed!
    BTW, coming to election results, I had seen a gentleman belonging to Churumuri mentioning a day before the elections on a TV Channel that AK49 was leading by 4% in Varanasi as per informal surveys! I rolled and laughed that whole evening!!

  36. Prasanna M Says:

    you want him to wash your bottom as well? what’s Siddaramiah for then?

  37. John Dennis Says:

    The question Churumuri editors needs to ask is whether NaMo can help clean India of the Secular garbage that has been piling up for the last six decades.

  38. Jayashree Prasad Says:

    A renowned Garden city is now Garbage city!

  39. Ahobala Says:

    Mr.S.R.Rao,IAS,the newly appointed dynamic Municipal Commr. got entire Surat City,once babonic plague infested,in a jiffy,by motivating the entire Surat community into ACTION to make Surat the 2nd cleanest city in India.He may be in his 70s,retired & enjoying well deserved rest now. Bring hm to Bangalore & get his expertise to solve the garbage crisis. Sure & certain he will turn the tide & show
    a quick way out to make Bangalore the 3rd cleanest city in India.

    Ahobala,San jose,CA, US

  40. Williams Says:

    Another BS headlines from bunch of “secular” liars. Take your complaints about garbage in Bengaluru to Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike or to your beloved secular Chief Minister Siddharamiah.

  41. Communal Award Says:

    Tell your MLA/MP/Minister to clean streets/drains every day for 1 hour.

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