What Master Murty should tell Narayana Murthy

Vinaashakaale vipareetha buddhi pretty much explains the decision of the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka to send out legal notices to three newspapers, seeking legal damages of Rs 2,000 crore (that is a little less than a third of Nandan Nilekani‘s net declared wealth of Rs 7,700 crore), “for loss of reputation and goodwill due to circulation of defamatory articles” in the said publications, presumably following the executive meltdown following N.R. Narayana Murthy‘s return to bossmanship.

Hopefully, the laundry list of impugned articles that have caused Rs 2,000 crore of damages, does not include this spoof letter, from one “R. Murty” to Dr D, published in Panache, the newly launched Friday supplement of The Economic Times.


Respected Dr D:

for loss and reputation and goodwill due to circulation of defamatory articles

Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/india/infosys-defamation-suit-why-media-should-fight-for-its-quick-disposal-1564273.html?utm_source=ref_article


I am a good son. I did what was expected of any South Indian Brahmin boy. I stood first in class (to nobody’s surprise) and I learnt the subtleties of the pre-Trinity and post-Trinity composers of Carnatic music by the time I was 10. I went to Cornell to pursue my degree, to MIT for my master’s and then to Harvard. Aced all of them. Didn’t even have to try.

I worked at Microsoft, which I would probably have headed if I weren’t called back, and I shall have more to say about that later.

I married the daughter and heiress of the TVS family (she’s a hottie). Can a son be more perfect than I have been? So far so good, and you must remember that I was not yet 30 before all of this happened. Then the fall. All right, not so much a catastrophe, but certainly a diversion from all of the world-conquering and giant-killing I had done after leaving Bengaluru in my teens.

My father returned to his old firm, ostensibly because it was in trouble, but, some whispered, because he was also at a loose end. I don’t want to say which is truer, but the fact is that he did return to take charge of something that he had given up. And he took me with him. He did not really ask me, so much as inform me. “Son, let’s set this thing right together.” I was made his assistant. Seriously? I thought.

What the heck kind of job is that for someone of my skills and background? Set up meetings and get the coffee? Nonetheless, I reported for work and have endured the drudgery of working with and reporting to my father.

I am bored out of my brilliant skull.

I want to head Microsoft and Apple and want to run start-ups that take on Google and Facebook. But, I’m managing this gigantic call centre instead. Not even managing it, mind you, merely drawing up timetables for the old man to do it. I don’t know what else I’m expected to do. It’s been a full year now and there seems to be no end in sight. How do I tell dad that I’ve had enough?

R Murty executive assistant to the chairman, Infosys


Dear Rohan,

I feel your pain. Here are five ways to get your father to let you go:

1) Show up for work on Friday in your Speedos. 2) Interrupt his speech at the AGM with the question: “Why did you come back, dad?” 3) Include slides of your family holidays (dad in his shorts!) in his next PPT presentation to the Americans. 4) Repeat everything he says at board meetings. 5) Send out from his ID a message to all employees on the dos and don’ts of topless sunbathing.

I hope this helps. If it doesn’t, be strong. Go to your mom.

Dr D


Text: courtesy The Economic Times

Also read: Is Infosys becoming Narayana Murthy‘s property?

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9 Responses to “What Master Murty should tell Narayana Murthy”

  1. asha Says:


  2. hkollar Says:

    At times I wonder if Infosys magic happened due to NRN or Nilekani. NRN used to be a great motivator, moral compass – both of which seems to be in doubt now.

    Nilekani on the other hand was the most suave businessman, who could network & negotiate – essential skills for building a company.

    The other founders were – well – weren’t really the foundational pillars and couldn’t provide the leadership needed.

    Today, I am wondering why NRN is doing back in this company! He has done his life’s work. He should have got some dynamic leader and left it to him. Instead he is trying a DYI approach in an entirely different world/market place than what he was used to.


  3. ERR Says:

    Murthy ‘Angadi’ inda retired from June 14th.

  4. harkol Says:


    As Churumuri was panning Mr. Murthy, he has just resigned from all executive roles, and Infy has named Vishal Sikka as it’s CEO.

    Effectively Rohan Murthy is out of the company as well. Murthy has shown that he meant business when he said he was there to transition the company. I think his plan was to find an inspirational outside leader, who can change the direction of the company. And he seems to have achieved that.

    Vishal Sikka is hugely respected for having built SAP to its current stature, especially as it’s CTO, he was responsible for building it’s cloud based services. This could be a big thing for Infosys.

    I did not like Narayana Murthy’s return go INFY. However, I can’t be disparaging about this man, who thru the grit of his lifelong work has shown he is a tough nut and is an upright man.

    Hope things go well for Infy, afterall, we haven’t had many companies like it in India (non-crony capitalist success stories).

  5. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Pretty insightful spoof which is near accurate on the state of affairs in Murthy Angadi !!

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Please bring our vibrant churumuri back. Murthy Angadi’s goods are not breathtaking.

  7. Shemej Says:

    Okay, it appears everyone NOW AGREES, Infosys has ended up a Murthy’s family owned company. (to borrow Churumuri’s phrase – skkappate important Murthy petti angadi ) Otherwise, why so many of top executives quit the office, in short span of time?

    This raises an important question. Who owns those acres of land which were allotted to Murthy Company earlier?

    We have discussed this here–


    I dont think, a single line that I had written earlier had gone wrong.

    I also wrote these lines then —
    “You wont find big riots and strike in a city, when there is a lot of liquidity in a system. But when the crisis becomes serious, and when people start losing, there will be massive violence in Bangalore.

    Honestly I am waiting for that. Though, I really wish, if I have the power to avoid it.”

    Some warnings here—

    This happened in Indonesia in 1998-

    This happened in Argentina in 2001-2002 –

    This happened in Mexico in 1994-

    Remember, all these Nations were aggressively carrying out financial reforms and implementing Neo-Liberal policies. The middle class of these countries truly believed Socialism is an outdated evil idea, and that Capitalism is the future. These countries were hailed as success models of that time. And noone expected there would be any crisis in the near future. But no one remembers them today. No corporate media discusses about them now. Some of these nations are trying to raise once again from the ashes.

    If Bangalore is met with same fate, will it be able to raise itself from the ashes, or rather, from the heap of garbage, once again?

    No country can progress by focusing on Outsourcing business model, for Outsourcing would kill itself in the long run. Read this 2010 write up – http://moronsview.blogspot.in/2010/10/it-outsourcing-blue-eyed-mafia.html

  8. Jayashree Prasad Says:

    The day has come!

  9. Srinivasa Says:

    Slight factual issues. Murthys are from Hubli/Dharwar area. They generally tend to be Hindustani music fans there, especially post 1947. But another point however. I have it on authority that the elder Murthy is quite tone deaf as is the younger one though I hear that the latter does listen to pop music.

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