How Bangalore looks from the edge of a crane

jameskingstonHow Bangalore looks from up above. British professional adventurer James L. Kingston climbs up a crane to come up with dramatic pictures of a city which, increasingly, doesn’t quite look like this from down below.

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4 Responses to “How Bangalore looks from the edge of a crane”

  1. H.S.Subbaramaiah Says:

    Is it Hebbal Lake which is visible from that hight? Which is that multi-storey building under construction? Is the building under construction is by the side of Lumbiny Garden in the ring Road?

  2. Shemej Says:

    I just looked back to see if you have commented on UR Anantha Murthy.

    It is painful to see that you come with “crane-view” etc when the whole media is discussing about Ananthamurthi’s demise. Reports appeared in media that Anantha Murthy’s death was celebrated by
    Hindutva extremists in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh strongholds.

    It is the greatest tribute to Ananthamurthy in a way…. According to Sardar Patel (in his letter addressed to Guruji Golwalkar), RSS the mother organization of BJP had celebrated Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. What other great glory Anantha Murthy can dream….. now the same RSS is celebrating his death. Ananthamurthy, though known for his contribution to “Navya” movement, was also great admirer of Gandhiji himself.

    Unfortunately, even the section of media which reported this news items fail to differentiate between Hindus and Hindutva groups. It is well established fact that Savarkar coined the word “Hindutva” which he himself explained that is different from “Hindu”. Savarkar was the first person in the whole world to use the word “Hindutva”.

    See this link-

    How can you stay away from discussing about Anantha Murthy and his contributions? Yesterday whole night I was watching this —

    Please stop acting frivolous….

  3. Lobo Says:

    Thank God, the most unhygienic garbage stench is much less at this height!

  4. NS Rao Says:

    Atlast !!
    Churumuri has got from the temporary grave with a beautiful photo of namma ooru!
    Where were you all these days?

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