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T.S. SATYAN: Small, simple, casual, basic, humble

12 December 2012

T.S. Satyan: The man, the memories, the awards

19 December 2011

T.S. SATYAN Memorial Awards: the winners are…

14 December 2011

T.S. Satyan memorial awards for photojournalism

14 December 2011

The compassionate humanism of T.S. Satyan & Co

28 December 2009

T.S. SATYAN: Once upon a time with C.V. Raman

13 December 2009

By T.S. SATYAN: Once upon a time in our Mysore

13 December 2009


13 December 2009

T.S. SATYAN: The genius of the Indian villager

5 April 2007

T.S. SATYAN on the elements of photography

10 February 2007

T.S. SATYAN: The R.K. NARAYAN only I knew

10 October 2006

T.S. SATYAN: What your mango says about you

10 May 2006

T.S. SATYAN: Early morning, once upon a time

25 April 2006


25 April 2006

T.S. Nagarajan, a legend and a gentleman: RIP

18 February 2014

T.S. NAGARAJAN: The Sharada Prasad only I knew

4 September 2008

How the Maharajas shaped Mysore & Mysoreans

11 December 2013

An image and an icon worth their weight in gold

12 April 2012

A home that housed four generations of genius

9 October 2011

CHURUMURI IMPACT: A train for R.K. Narayan

24 September 2011

S.M. Krishna revives Churumuri’s RKN campaign

23 August 2011

It isn’t a pretty sight when a giant walks no more

10 August 2011

‘Where is Malgudi? Where we all wish we lived’

9 June 2011

Time to pull out the words ‘world-famous’ again

6 September 2010

The 13 who stopped and supped at Indra Bhavan

18 August 2010