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Everybody gets a nice fig leaf in the sting parivar

5 May 2010

As the B.S. Yediyurappa government bends backward to show that there is one set of laws for the aam admi and another set for the kama admi caught with their pants down, the State’s most acerbic political cartoonist captures the privileges that comes with membership to the knicker lobby.

Cartoon: courtesy P. Mahamud/ Deccan Herald

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Thodo-phodo, hum sab tumhare saath hain

The BJP is now just the ‘B team’ of the Congress

4 May 2010

The Karnataka BJP’s response to Hartalu Halappa‘s kamakanda, as the TV channels call it, is only the latest example that God’s Own Party with a Difference is joined at the hip (and the lip) with the Congress in its “unthinking responses and shabby afterthoughts”.

In declaring the “satvik” minister to be innocent even before the probe begins, in stalling his arrest, in throwing mud at the accusers, in frothing at the mouth at the shadyantra—and in supping with the Reddy brothers, in aligning with Shibhu Soren, etc—the BJP tells its “sincere middle-class admirers” that it is no different from the Congress, like it or lump it.


Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr writes in DNA:

“In these post-ideological times, when political right and political left do not make sense, it should not come as a surprise that the BJP does what needs to be done in terms of practical governance without bothering too much about ideology.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee had a clear notion that what matters in politics is to be in power. If ideology is needed to achieve power, then let there be ideology. If on the other hand, ideology becomes a liability, then push it to the backburner. The other leaders in the party accepted this implicit Vajpayee line.

“Interestingly, this is also the Congress line, and hence the convergence. It is not surprising then that starting with Vajpayee, the political icon for BJP leaders is Indira Gandhi more than Shyama Prasad Mookerjee.”

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And the milk man is pure, positive and virtuous?

4 May 2010

As it is, there was little to be said about the suspected virtues of God’s Own Party with a Difference when an MLA’s wife (Raghupati Bhat) was “half-kidnapped” and the State’s home minister V.S. Acharya was promising she would be reunited with her family in a “matter of hours” only to report her death in a matter of hours.

As it is, there was little to be said about the suspected values of God’s Own Party with a Difference when another MLA (M.P. Renukacharya), whose public display of affection with a “nurse” were plastered all over the front pages for months, was promoted as minister in a tradeoff to keep a tottering government alive.

It stands to unreason, therefore, that God’s Own Party with a Difference should see a minister (Hartalu Halappa) caught with his pants down with a friend’s wife, not as a further affront to women by the shameless snakes who earn their votes in the name of Lord Rama, but as a political conspiracy aimed at weakening  an already beleaguered chief minister.

But not for nothing does B.S. Yediyurappa continue to be the chief minister of Karnataka.

Shortly after Halappa resigned, even though Vijaya Karnataka, the newspaper that outed him did not name him, Yediyurappa was dipping into his pocket dictionary to offer an extraordinary defence of the scum from his home-district Shimoga, calling him a loyal party worker—and a satvik” person.

Satvik, as in noble?

Satvik, as in pure, positive, beneficial?

Satvik, as in virtuous?

Satvik, as in a true devotee?

Any wonder, why politics is no longer the last refuge of scoundrels but the first, and any wonder why politicians engender such mistrust and cynicism (for which they then blame the media)?

Photograph: Chandravati, the housewife allegedly molested by minister Hartalu Halappa, with her husband Venkatesh Murthy at Vinobhanagar police station in Shimoga on Monday to file a complaint (Karnataka Photo News)