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Been there, done that, and got my tongue tied

8 January 2008

Most sane cricketing heads—Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Bishen Singh Bedi, Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Ayaz Memon, Prem Panicker—say India should not cut short the Australian tour and return because of the long-term ramifications of such a move. Those in favour are career-politicians like Farooq Abdullah or cricketers-politicians like Navjot Sidhu, who say the country’s pride is above that of a lost match, lousy umpiring or a Test match ban on a bowler.

On Times Now last night, India’s best cricketer-turned-commentator Sanjay Manjrekar, who too believes Anil Kumble & Co India should not advance their return journey, launched full-scale into his former colleague, Sidhu alias “Sherry“.  First, Manjrekar, tongue firmly in both cheeks, said the BJP MP had probably seen all the “opinion polls” and then decided to what popular position to take on television.

But when Sidhu wouldn’t relent, and kept repeatedly saying India should walk away, the Mangalore-born Manjrekar delivered a pure gem:

“Sherry, you are a past master at walking away, aren’t you? You have some experience in that area. You walked away from the 1996 England series, leaving us to face the new ball in the first part of the season. So, obviously you would want the team to walk away from Australia.”

The usually garrulous Sidhu was tongue-tied.

Prem Panicker: How India should play Perth Test

7 January 2008

India’s foremost cricket writer Prem Panicker writes that India should not walk out of the Australia tour at this juncture.

“Rather, they should play in Perth under protest. I’m not suggesting black armbands; they should play with one self-imposed rule: Never appeal.

“Not for caught-behind, not for field or slip catches, and not at all for LBWs.

“Never once look at the umpire.

“If the batsman walks after edging to the slips, fine. But if he stands his ground like Michael Clarke did (and later told a reporter that he stood because he is not a walker and was waiting for the umpire’s decision), just carry on with the next delivery. If a fielder completes a catch, just throw it back to the bowler and continue bowling. As for run-outs and stumpings, don’t even bother.”

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